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    I haven't brushed my teeth in a few days. I broke my habit.

    I had looked up COVID data on the CDC website yesterday. the numbers are still fairly down but there is still an uptick on the end.

    This is what is shown in the entire US. In this graph, the level we are at now is under what it was in August of 2020.

    In Washington state, however, the current level of hospitalizations are similar to what it was in August of 2020.

    In Oregon, it is actually maybe a bit higher in hospitalizations right now than it was August of 2020.


    I used the outhouse for the first time since a couple days ago. That's because one night I went to walk into the outhouse and I saw a widow spider on a screen next to the entrance door. I changed my mind and just peed outside. Then, I was able to use public restrooms yesterday because I was in town. Then today, I had peed outside twice, which I can only get away with not because there is forest out here, but because everyone else left for town, so I am here by myself. But eventually I had to poo, so I used the outhouse and just tried to be cautious.

    Yesterday, I got a text from mom asking if I could water the garden this morning, which I initially agreed to, but then sent another text that the cat needed monitored and that I had a class in the afternoon. Then not knowing if mom got it this morning, I told it to mom in person. And she got angry at me, saying how the cat was able to be alone at that moment because my sibling left his hut and I was sleeping (I had just woken up). But lately, my sibling has been basically trying to monitor the cat 24/7 after it got neutered because the cat is not supposed to jump on things or lick themself. Also, it probably takes like an hour to water everything. Anyway, I got defensive and was arguing back, and mom was talking about how no one wanted to help her with stuff even though she does stuff for everyone else. Then she was telling me to forget it and not water the garden. But I don't know, how the events rolled out It was weird. Like, my mom wasn't just acting irritated, but actually like she had something against me. Even how she phrased trying to point out that I wasn't watching the cat right now was weird. Because I don't live with the cat, and she's not my cat. So of course I wouldn't be watching her first thing in the morning before I had even gotten out of bed, my sibling would. And I started escalating, too, where it went from just arguing back to the point I was basically shrieking hysterically at her. Besides the irritability of the situation, I guess I didn't get why I was getting attacked and I was concerned that she would leave with this being our last interaction before she leaves for town and I thought she would take my action to mean that I'll just throw a fit every time she asks me to do things which isn't what I wanted her to think, so I tried watering anyway because arguing over it wasn't worth it. But I still don't quite understand why I got angry so quickly, I know it was chilly this morning, and this is the second time I would get emotionally reactive in the early morning, which I have chalked up to breathing in smoke all night.

    Anyway, at the end she gave me a hug and told me to eat breakfast before I started watering. So I did, and when I checked on the cat later, she was fine, she was just lying on my sibling's bed. I texted mom "I love you" later, and she texted it back, but also said the vehicle got a flat tire, so she had to take it to Les Schwab, which I am sure is adding to the chaos of the day because she also has a dentist appointment, and takes her cousin to work, and takes my sibling to counselling.

    I have just been thinking since yesterday how you have to normalize all the new craziness in the world. Like the pandemic, and how it is technically still going and how this may not even be the last one in our life time because there will likely be a more spread of disease do to global warming and globalization. And how we are getting used to wildfire and smoke being our new normal, and there are large fires all over the world. And how freak weather events won't even be a one time thing to experience, new things will just keep happening. And it gets me to think about what new things might be our normal ten or twenty years from now? That the normal up and down of life won't even be enough, we will just be bending our lives around climate disaster and other things. Like how the other day, I was doing my biology homework outside in the smoke all day, with a level 2 evacuation, and we don't even blink an eye or prepare to leave just in case. Then again, we live off grid, so our situation is already a little weird. I guess, we keep thinking about the apocalypse and the world ending. But the truth is, most likely we will try living a normal life AND dealing with all the extra crazies as well. There is no time to fully process what is happening, we don't have time for disaster or even disaster preparedness. We will just be in this weird conjunction between reality and our own agendas.


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    hope your mom never gets another job and also gets covid since yall obviously don't care about it

    We actually did get it. Everyone was okay, including my sister (immunocompromised) and my grandma (older, and also immunocompromised). Fun fact about covid, the most effective way to avoid it and keep people safe is to have good ventilation in a room and to wear masks. My mom has said that she thinks people who are older (those the most at risk for the disease), should get the vaccine. The unknown long-term effects of covid wont ever happen to them and so it is a net gain to have it. We never try to stop people from getting the vaccine, which is the point yk… You should be free to make that choice for yourself, you should be allowed to get it or not… What if someone already has antibodies for it? Why do they need to get the vaccine when their body can already defend itself? Is it fair to them not to let them places in that case? Its hard to make the call that the vaccine is for everyone, which applies to everything in this world. Especially because the vaccine doesnt stop someone from catching or spreading the disease.

    Either way, I hope you’re feeling okay, I hope you are able to live a long happy life, and I hope you can maybe understand where I’m coming from.


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    BLM is a political opinion because plenty of black people say their race hasn’t held them back at all in this country. White people get killed by cops too but we don’t riot and blame it on our race. If they really just cared about police brutality and not pushing the narrative that white people are oppressive then they wouldn’t get so triggered when people say all lives matter which is a fact or when people bring up victims of police brutality that aren’t black but they sure do.

    1.BLM is not a political view its a calling out to social justice

    2.When white people get killed by cops its not based on their race but in basic situations where a man had apparently forged a check the cops didnt look at him as a person but more as a threat because of the color of his skin. You can ask many white people and they’ll say that when they get pulled over they dont get scared ask a black person i doubt theyll agree

    3.BLM doesnt stand for black lives are more important it stands for obviously all lives matter but rn we arent being treated as such. ALM was just a respons to black people and people who support BLM. just like mens right activists to feminism.

    4. When people who support BLM see a person who has been injured by the police and isnt black they dont just say i dont want to see that (or they dont say fake news like you republicans) they say yes i acknowledge that and i think we should bring awareness to police brutality in all cases.

    At this point the police has done more harm than good.

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