I just finished masturbating to the thought of you and it was fabulous

    One night I was laying flat on my back next to you just watching tv and you wrapped a hand tight around my neck and with another aggressively touched me almost everywhere. 

    You groped my breast, slid your hand up my thighs, and caressed my hips. Making sure to touch everywhere but there until I was breathing so heavy I could pass out.

    When ever I tried to touch you, you would pin my arms down.

    I smile because i knew you were dirty but not like this…

    And I loved it. You then smashed your mouth into my neck and then spread my arms and kick my legs apart and aggressively make out with me.

    And then so quickly you flip me over and say “lolana you are a bad girl what are you doing” in a raw tone.

     And then you grind on my ass a bit and whisper in my ear “your hair is so soft” as you take a handful and pull back and kiss my neck once more, you let go and spank me and say I think we’ve had enough fun for the night.

     I left after so wet and deprived but very happy3

    you are welcome.

    (this is a true story)

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