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    As a matter of fact, if your employer fires you for anything relating to forming a union, that’s retalition, and it’s illegal under federal law. If this happens to you, vontact the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

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    Employer Rights and Responsibilities

    How to get in touch with your local EEOC office


    Steampunk was the weirdest moment in fashion/nerd culture because it was like everyone just suddenly decided that “Victorian Britain but with wildly anachronistic steam machinery” was the coolest concept ever and it lasted like two full years. It was so specific. It was so, so specific. Usually fashion trends that come in are “florals” or “high waisted jeans” not “entire alternate history timeline,” like what was up with that… can we make a new fashion trend based on some weird alternate history concept like “the 1920s but everyone is a mage?”


    Shut the FUCK up about Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts is a shitty, boring, unimaginative series restricted by its source material. I’m talking about COOL MAGIC. I’m talking about rum runners getting into a magical car chase, throwing fireballs over their shoulder at the cops. I’m talking about the fae holding court in a lavish underground speakeasy. I’m talking about a lycanthrope mafia. I’m talking about detectives using a spell to make the fingerprints on a weapon glow for further inspection. Stop dwelling on past terrible franchises and start opening your minds


    Fun fact in addition: Cary Elwes wasn’t allowed to be part of that scene because he kept laughing. The Westley on the table was dummy.


    This is AFTER he broke a toe riding Andre the Giant’s ATV, and got concussed when he and Christopher Guest tried to make the scene where Count Rugen knocks Wesley out more convincing. Mandy Patinkin busted the rib trying not to laugh, and also accidentally stabbed Guest during their fight scene.  About the only person who didn’t get some form of overenthusiasm-induced injury or illness during filming was Robin Wright, who had to repeatedly get her dress burnt up in the fire swamp scene because Goldman ruined one of the takes by screaming “Oh my god, she’s on fire!”


    i swear the princess bride movie was just a bunch of cast and crew deciding to dick around and film it.

    it was Jackass before Jackass


    The guy in the giant rodent costume got arrested on his way to the set and they had to delay production to go bail him out


    He also has a book that is amazing and he narrates the audiobook

    September 21, 2020 - Ron Cobb, best known for being the production designer for several major films, has died at 83 years of age. Cobb brought to life several cantina creatures for Star Wars (1977) and came up with weaponry and sets for Conan the Barbarian (1982), the exterior and interior of the Nostromo ship in Alien (1978) and the earth colony complex in Aliens (1986), and the DeLorean time machine in Back to the Future (1985).

    More interestingly, to me at least, is that in the 1960s and 70s he was a great radical political cartoonist, and sadly, many cartoons of those days are still just as relevant today. A small selection:


    Rest in Peace, Ron Cobb. Find more of his cartoons here: http://roncobb.net/cartoons.html

    L'Inferno (1911)

    "L'Inferno was italy's earliest feature-length movie. Mostly set in hell, the movie is full of shocking (for the 1910s) imagery, such as a decapitated man carrying his own head, the torture of people buried up to their necks in the ground, and demons whipping a bunch of scared naked people. all of those scenes pale in comparison to the final image of satan sitting on the horizon and munching on the bodies of Brutus and Cassius."


    i’m really so annoyed I suffer so deeply from insomnia. if I don’t have a schedule it takes me three days to become nocturnal and it’s almost impossible to fix and I have EXCELLENT hearing and notably good night vision so BASICALLY in like 30,000 BCE I’d have been invaluable to my family group, defending us against night predators, but now I just have depression


    There have been more than a few times where my predominantly nocturnal schedule has aligned directly oppsite my Diurnal Husbands, which lead to an occasion where I had decided to stress clean/rearrange furniture/open and put up the home decor I’d been too depressed to interact with for months so he went to bed one night and woke up in what he was certain was someone else’s appartment.

    It’s 30,000BCE and the fam wakes up one morning to discover I have gone ABSOLUTELY HAM with the paint and handprints all over the cave walls but there’s a hot moment of confusion at waking up in what must be another clan’s cave


    I’ve been stuck home off work for 2 weeks due to a fucky shoulder, so my bed time’s been closer to 5:00 AM to 3:00 PM for the past 10 days, no matter how hard I try to fight it

    I have baked, cleaned, sang [1], and drawn more than I have in months

    Tomorrow I have to be up at 8:00 AM

    [1] I am alone in the basement, and everyone else is asleep on floors 2+, so I’m not a shitty person