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    Hard work was something you were getting used to. You had gone from a chubby man and you were loosing the weight. Your goal: jock status. Your phone was littered with the types of bodies that you aspired to be like. You were walking home when you noticed a pop up alley way festival. You had bene good with your diet for the past year and lost so much weight. A corn dog couldn’t hurt right ? He detoured through the festival and was shocked by how many people were there. It was packed ! Even in the middle of a pandemic. You found your corn dog and was walking out of the alley when you seen a small vendor table set up with an ancient looking man sitting behind. Wearing a turban with a long with beard. He looked to be asleep but as soon as you gaze lingered a few second too long he popped awake and ushered you to come closer. He was a mystic. You walked over to the man and took a seat in front of his little booth. “My dear man I hear the spirits tell me great things about you ! All the hard work you’ve put in is paying off ! But the spirits say you’re defeating yourself with that !” And pointed to the corn dog. You drop it to the ground shocked at what the man has said. “Now dear boy the spirits want to know …. Do you want to be the best version of what you want ? My spirits are willing to help!” You swallow the corn dog and nod your head. A yellow tobacco stained smile creeps across the old man’s face and laughing he says “my spirits will be in TOUCH!” You were so shocked by this old man’s response that you fell backwards out of you the chair while the old man laughed. You shuffled to your feet and hurried away not wanting to be around the creepy old man any longer.

    When you got home you got ready for your shower. The workout you just had at the gym was tough but it all had to be done. Goal:jock status.

    You were running the water for your shower and looking at yourself in the mirror. You flexed making the forming muscles tense in your body. You were excited to see that all the hard work was paying off. “The spirits say you’re defeating yourself!” The old man’s voice rang in his ears. “It’s just a corn dog ! It couldn’t do any damage!” You got in the shower not paying attentions to the slight tickling that had already started to begin on your back. As you showered you weren’t even aware that your biceps and pecs were starting to slowly get bigger. Being messaged into prefect by the invisible force. Your feet tensing as your toes got slightly bigger. Your feet thicker. Slowly changes were starting to happen to you. Getting out of the shower your bathroom was steamy and so you didn’t even see your reflection in mirror. If you did you would have seen that your body was slightly bigger than before. Tired from the day you walked to your bedroom and got in bed falling quickly asleep. But as you sleep is when the magic happens.

    You dream of being in a gym. Working out. Goal : jock status. You dream of lifting weights. Intense cardio. Non stop workouts to give you the body you always wanted. As you dream your body changes more. Invisible hands massage your body. Tugging on your nipples pulling your pecs out. Messaging you stomach making the day melt away as abs start to pop up leaving you completely muscular. Your arms start to feel the strain of the eights in your dream while in real life you arms explode with muscle. Thick corded muscle. The invisible hands push your waist in making you skinnier than ever leaving you looking too heavy from your thick muscular frame. Your legs start to bulge with muscle when you dream of leg presses and running. You’re sweating in your dream from all the workouts that are being you closer to being a jock. And in reality your body is dropping thick salty sweat all over your bed. The first time you’ve ever been able to see yourself in your dream you look and mirror and see the jock body you always wanted.

    In the morning you wake up and your realize just how uncomfortable you are. You eyes shoot open when you feel how wet everything is ! Panicking you jump out bed afraid a water pop broke in the ceiling but when you did you realize just how much something is off. Just that little effort to get out of bed sent you flying across the room into the wall from all the power you put behind it. You look down. And you can’t believe your eyes so you run to the bathroom only to see the Body that you dreamt of. Muscle from head to toe. Thin. You were a jock now. Or at least you looked like one !! You can’t wait to show your body off at the gym. At the gym you are able to push yourself harder than every before. “Damn I never want this to end !” You say to yourself. You’re checking yourself out in a mirror when you see a body builder walk by with a beard. Thinking to yourself you wonder what it would be like to have a beard now on your jock body. You feel what feels like hands start to tickle your face. Then you started to see hairs forcing there way out of your face. As long as they are long enough to grab you feel what feels like hands grabbing the hair and pulling a beard of your face. It was painful and you were brought to your knees a beard was forced to grow on your face. When you looked at at the mirror you were shocked to see that now a beard adorned your jock body.

    You had to get back to the mystic. What seemed like a fist of jockdom didn’t see like much of a dream. A meat thought forced a beard in your face. What happened if you thought of something else ? At the fair you quickly found the old man who was smiling when he seen you. “Well hell jock. How are you doing today ?” You tell him what’s going on and he just starts laughing at you. “My dear jock. I told you the spirits were willing to help and would be in touch! Not just a mere touch from them will result in a permanent change for you. A near thought of the jock body you want and they will make it happen! Be grateful !” You bed gin to make them stop. On hands and knees. But he laughs again. “They aren’t going anywhere. They are stuck with you now so get use to it ! Just try not to think about ….stuff..” said the old man with a wink. The man turned away for you. You got up to leave. M you are panicked with what is going to happen to you. But the old man said be careful what you think. Try not to think about stuff. But how could be not. He was heading home trying to remain calm when it he bumped into someone by accident. “What where you’re going ya brute !!” You started thinking about how big you had to be to be considered that and immediately regretted it as you could feel your muscles beginning to get larger. You felt the inviolable hands of the spits pulling you taller. You make it you apartment having grown enough that your gym shorts are not above your knees instead of being below like they were before. And the bottom of your tight abs are now showing since your torso has gotten longer. You try to calm down but your feel hungry. A brief thought about what jocks eat and you were now stuck eating nothing but baked chicken and rice. You try to relax after the chicken and rice but against your will you body is shoved out the door back to the gym. Weights are placed in your hands against your will by invisible forces and you’re forced to work out. Again. “This can’t be happening !” You tell to yourself in the vacant gym. You can’t stop working out as you are forced to go through rep again. Working up a sweat. A commercial comes on the tv when you are completing your 5 mile run. “Tired of those sweaty feet ! If you an athlete you must have this issue !” You didn’t even have time to process the commercial when the hands tickles your souls and forced sweat to start pouring from them. They were sweaty before from the workouts but now they would never be try again. Constantly dripping sweat and stinking. When you are done with your workout you take off your shoes jusy to see how sweaty and dirty your feet have become.

    Someone walks by you with tattoos and suddenly some form on your right arm from you hand up to shoulder. You start to realize that you’re losing control of your life and you feel your feet being pulled longer and wider going from 12s to 26s when you see another gym goer come in with flip flops. You scream internally please stop. Please stop thinking! And just as you commanded. You felt a hand on your head. Inside your head and you felt shah could only be described as finders combing through hair. Only it was combing through your brain. Dimming that’s once bright light. You soon take on the look of a dim witted muscle jock. It looks like you blew a fuse as you sit there slack jawed. The next commercial comes on talking about body Oder and how to fight that stink. It wasn’t too long before you body followed suit. Before forced to change bit by bit by the helpful spirits that refused to leave you alone.

    Getting Even with My Bully

    School can be hard enough when you're a skinny nerd. People see you as different. Your smart. You pretty much remember everything the teacher tells you and learn.

    Some people call that a nerd, a know-it-all, a geek. And the name that my parents gave me doesn't quite fit. my name is Dawson.

    Far from being a jock or any sports skills so that makes you a victim to a bully. And yes I have one. And that is Matthew .

    You can hand Matthew a ball of any kind. He is off scoring points for his team. I'm glad I not there we were playing dodgeball. For sure I be his target as so many time before.

    He pulled many stunts on me over time. Locking me in a Janitor's Closet to miss classes.. To putting me in a sleeper hold and I'm waking up naked on the front lawn of the school.

    I try not to cross his path to make my day easy going as possible.

    A few days ago,, I fell asleep one night at my computer doing my school work. When I woke up, I found myself on a website called: "Getting even with your bullie".

    A very detailed site written by some amazing fellow nerds. There you can post what going on in your life, and they are there to help you.

    I could post my ideas and when I get even. My success story.

    What I going to do to Matthew is a bit detailed

    Some of his days are like clockwork. I know when and where I find him.

    First I have to get his attention and get them to follow me. From there the wheels will be in motion and hopefully everything will go smooth. He not that bright. Hey Matthew. 👋 Over here man

    I have to get you follow me into a storge building. He so focus on me he will not notice anything else. And in that build I have everything all set up to go. Having a few days to get it ready.

    Matthew watch as I went into the storage building thinking I am running and hiding from him. As soon as he enters and goes in a few feet. I went out a different door. Time to trap him inside. I closed and locked the door on him.

    As I went through the building I turned on these mist machines that fill the room up with a fine mist of homemade choreiform to take the fight out of my little bully buddy. He's pounding on the door and tell me the open it. Do I look dumb to you. I could tell it was taken an effect on him, he was slowing down pretty soon everything went quiet. I turned off the machines and waited a bit before entering the building

    Matthew was out cold.

    The hard part now is to drag him across the floor. and I'm getting on the table and get all his clothes off of him. I pour a formula I got off the website down his throat make sure you swallow every bit. I drink a different vile and stripped off all my clothes.

    I watched Matthew's body change. His muscle got soft and his cock got hard and his balls swallen. My cock and balls where just as swollen. Instructions was to drink and suck everything out of his body. Then I was to release my load and to Matthew until I was dry.

    Matthew's body as shrinking in height and size. He was getting shorter. And hus hair changing color.

    I was growing and getting taller. My hair grew long and dark.

    My old life started to faded as Matthews life took its place. Within no time I had his face his body his skills his knowledge his abilities his mannerisms fortunately I got to keep my IQ cuz he was dumber than a box of rocks.

    I looked over at Matthew as his body turned into mine the funniest thing as he turned into more of a nerd than I ever was.

    I watched him transform as I got dressed in his clothes. . Once dressed I left him be naked on the table.

    I leave him here and get away. Starting to live Matthew life. I better head out front. My mind is still a bit if foggy so I bet get back to his room and rest

    Just think. I am now in the body of my bully. I going to live his life from now on. That site help me out great. And from now on I leave my old self be.

    He me now Ha Ha

    If you only knew he was once one of the best Jock's on campus that I am now and he's just a stupid old nerd I got everything from him that I needed,, but what he got from me is pretty much just my body a my life but not my IQ.

    Shit, I didn’t sign up for this. They told me I could make a lot of money as a model providing I changed my appearance. They chose my new appearance and implanted my brain in a new body.

    Shit, he’s just put his arm around me an has started kissing the other one. The lady on the desk told me not to kiss anyone for at least 24 hours. She said I’d either swap into him or be trapped in this body if I did.

    Well it’s been about 2 weeks now any every model I kiss I become them, my first day I didn’t have a clue what was going on. I had been in all 3 models bodies and left for the day in the body of the one on the right.

    Is the Grass Greener on the Other Side?


    This is harder than I expected. I guess you don’t realize what you have until it’s gone. I always wanted to be a jock type. More than anything. I gave up my comfortable life to live like a real man. Now though, I’m working 12 hour shifts for nearly minimum wage. Money is tight and there’s not much time for working out. Some days I really have to force myself because I’m so tired from work. 

    But it’s not all bad. Last weekend I met up with my old body. I ordered the cheapest beer on the menu and he ordered some over-the-top cocktail. He seems to be fitting right into his new highlife. I can’t believe how tiny I used to be. I could see him looking up at me in awe though. As he looked at me, his eyes kept flicking from shoulder to shoulder. I guess I am pretty broad now. Was a nice feeling for someone to appreciate my physique. It was a brand new feeling for me. I did a little pec bounce to entertain him too. 

    We exchanged tips about each other’s lives. You see, while I was jealous of manly men, he was jealous of rich kids with an easy life. I explained to him how to manipulate his family to get more money out of them, where to shop, how to flaunt his entitlement and belittle people. He wanted to become the spoiled rich brat in every way. He explained to me how to act more alpha, more aggressive. He complimented me on not having showered after the gym, manspreading at the table and talking in a low rumble but short sentences and simple words. “Yeah, I’m not some entitled pussy like you. I could fuck you up really bad you know” I snarled at him and flexed a bicep.

    “Ha, you dare touch a hair on my head and my Dad’s lawyers will fuck you up so much worse, big boy.” He retorted. We both smiled, content in our own ways.


    Cumming Into His World

    While most people his age were out spending their Friday night having a blast getting drunk at some tailgate party, Richie Garcia was doing none of the sort. Due to having such a busy schedule as a bioengineering major, the 19-year-old Latino man had neglected to reach out and make plans with any of his friends. Although he was understandably annoyed to watch his friends go out without him, he couldn’t deny that he honestly felt no desire to leave his dorm room. So, attempting to relax while ignoring the fact that all of his final assignments were beginning to stack up, Richie opted to spend the entire evening wrapped up in his bed while snuggling up with his laptop. For hours, he did a marathon of several shitty streaming shows to just turn his brain off and watch the basic premises that required very little of his attention span.

    But just as Richie watched the main cop on one of these shows begin to reveal his feelings to his gorgeous partner, a ding of an email notification caused Richie to pause the program and shift over to his open email tab. Given the late hours of the night, Richie couldn’t help but be curious about seeing what had popped into his inbox. As he read the subject line “William Seed Has Sent You A Private Message” though, Richie was understandably excited by the concept of being messaged by one of his favorite porn stars. So given his franticness to read the message, the man wasted no time clicking the hyperlink to pull up William’s OnlyFans page. For years, the tattooed hunk had been the apple of Richie’s lustful eye as he not only was buff as fuck, but he had an attractive face and an even hotter cock! Despite having an incredibly low salary as a part-time student worker, the twinky 19-year-old wasn’t afraid of shelling out the $20 a month price tag for the stud’s OnlyFans page.

    Given how many years he had been submitted to the man’s OnlyFans, Richie was quite relieved to see just how consistent the updates to William’s page were. With a plethora of nude images and kinky sex videos available for instantaneous viewing, it was safe to say that Richie was always well-off in terms of wanking material! As the webpage continued to load, Richie couldn’t help but grow more and more excited about what the message from William would include. Hell, just the thoughts running through his head were enough to get him firming up immediately and smirking as he imagined anything from nude photographs to the (most likely impossible) scenario of William declaring his love for the nerdy student and asking when and where they could meet.

    As the page finally opened and Richie read the message thoroughly multiple times, these thoughts only flew into overdrive. William’s message was short and sweet, yet still entirely erotic while remaining quite cheeky in terms of tone: “wanna cum into my world? click here to get a better look! ;)” Although just the message on its own was hot, the addition of the hunk’s nude body while lying in a leather chair was enough to send the adorable and sweet student into a horny frenzy. Without even thinking about it, the man clicked on the link and prepared for some sort of porn video to suddenly begin playing. He didn’t give a shit if it was some sort of VR scenario or POV porn, Richie was just desperate for anything to appear on his screen.

    But as Richie continued to stare at the computer screen, the man’s eyes began to turn against him as they began to quickly slump and close completely before sending the student into a deep state of unconsciousness as his head fell back against his pillows. While it only lasted for seconds, the sudden shift into unconsciousness rightfully alarmed the man to the point where he gasped and sat up to a seated position as soon as his eyes were allowed to part once more. But as he sat up and looked around his room, Richie instantly realized that he was no longer in his bedroom.

    Instead of his small dorm room adorned with superhero, horror movie, and music memorabilia, he was now in a plain and simple room that lacked much personality besides some standard mass-produced paintings hanging off of stark white walls. While he writhed around in bed while trying to figure out what the hell was happening to him, Richie was immediately able to recognize that even his sheets felt different. Now, the sheets had a smoother sensation to them rather than the simple cotton and starchy sensation of his old sheets. As he peeled back the sheets to get up and try to have a better understanding of what’s going on, Richie audibly gasped in shock as he took in the sight of the thick cock springing to life and proudly standing straight up into the air. It clearly wasn’t his cock given its lighter complexion, but it was definitely one that he could instantly recognize…  It was William Seed’s!

    Immediately, Richie jumped to his feet in awe while his vision finally moved beyond William’s infamous cock and he began to stare in awe at the rest of his body. Searching desperately for a mirror, Richie walked around with shifting eyes until he eventually stumbled upon a full-length mirror positioned in the entryway of the apartment he now found himself in. Looking down in disbelief, Richie’s thoughts were confirmed as he watched William’s gorgeous body reflected back at him. His well-trimmed facial hair was impressive, especially when tied with his impressive facial structure that had him looking like a real-life manifestation of the hunkiest version of a Greek warrior statue.

    While his gorgeous face was enough to get Richie’s new cock at peak hardness, the way his tattooed hands explored the rest of his body certainly didn’t help him maintain control over his thirst levels. It was incredible to not only feel up William’s hunky body but be the one in control of it too! Richie wasn’t the biggest fan of tattoos, but the way that William made them work to help add to his badass himbo image was making him a believer. Flipping his arms to the side to stare at all of the gorgeous ink that ran up his limbs, Richie’s focus soon began to shift towards squeezing more of his body to feel the man’s muscle definition.

    Clearly eager to explore every inch of his body, Richie continued to spin around in the mirror while admiring the incredible new physique he possessed for some inexplicable reason. Lifting his arms up, the man smirked into the mirror while he flexed and watched the thick ball of muscle tighten and bulge out in such an erotic way. Hell, the way those tattoos shifted and warped with that bulging was hot as fuck to witness as well. As his hands moved further down his torso, Richie felt like a slight creep for enjoying every inch of William’s body like this. But as he cupped his pecs and felt the tight muscle be perfectly cupped into his broad hands, those thoughts quickly flew out of his mind. He wasn’t sure how this was happening, but he certainly wasn’t going to look a metaphorical gift horse in the mouth!

    With his fingers trembling as he moved further down his torso, Richie was understandably in awe as they rippled along the trail of his abdominals and felt the toned yet not overly defined muscles. Although this kind of defied his fantasies about William’s body, he was nonetheless still enjoying himself while in William’s body. As he moved each leg out and tensed the muscle, he was quite impressed by the intense bulging that also occurred in the man’s beefy thighs. With legs like these, Richie was sure that the man was a beast at an elliptical and strong enough to keep any man stuck taking care of his engorged manhood.

    Although Richie was clearly excited and desperate to explore more of the body of one of his biggest crushes, there was still a part of him that was unwilling to fully embrace it until he figured out the reason for the apparent body swap. Luckily, as he looked around the room for some sort of sign, Richie’s eyes quickly picked up a folded-up note resting on the bedside table next to where he woke up. With haste, he walked over to the table and grasped onto the note, but on the way there, he smirked to himself as he picked up on a strange sensation between his legs. Looking down, he watched in both awe and intense lust as his thicker and longer manhood bounced wildly with each step he took. While he certainly wasn’t underperforming in that department prior to getting William’s body, Richie was still quite excited to see the new and enhanced cock continuing to bob and sway until he reached the table and sat onto the edge of the bed. As he grabbed onto the note, Richie quickly began to read the message out loud.

    Dear Richie,

    Welcome to Quebec and thanks for your continued support of my OnlyFans! I’ve been quite busy lately with a shit-ton of hectic porn shoots and OnlyFans content, so as a result, I decided that I needed a bit of vacation. While I was eager to get away, there were events already planned out in advance that there was no way for me to get out of. As a result, I began to look through my paid subscribers and reward one of the most supportive fans (you). So congratulations, you’ve become me for the next month!

    Now I’m sure you have many questions, but let me just try to answer as many questions as fast as possible. Firstly, yes, magic exists and I used it. To make a long story short, I helped some old lady carry in her groceries and she offered me three magical wishes in return for my “kindness” (even though I was really just there to hook up with her hunky college-aged grandson). 

    But anyways, we will swap bodies for an entire month to allow me to properly relax and you to get the full experience as William Seed. Now, I’m sure you don’t have the high libido and insatiable lust on your mind 24/7 like I do, but don’t you worry. One aspect of the wish made it so you’ll gain all of the necessary personality changes and information to properly execute my career (the same will happen to me, so don’t worry about me torpedoing your life and turning you into a horny thot ;) ). In fact, by the time you’re reading this, those changes should already be occurring!

    Given that I don’t have much time left before you click the link, I just wanted to say thank you once again for helping me out. I hope being me is everything you could ever dream of. Talk to you soon!


    The Former William Seed

    Dropping the note to the floor, Richie was understandably still confused and shocked as to what was going on. Not only was he in the body of William Seed, but the hunky porn star had actually willingly given up his body and picked the Latino student to be the recipient of what Richie viewed as the greatest gift ever! While that in and of itself was incredible, the concept of gaining mental changes was not. In fact, while it was somewhat intriguing to the man, it mostly left him feeling quite terrified. As he looked up to the ceiling while continuing to try to grasp the situation he now found himself in, there were a few questions running rampant in his head: Would he lose aspects of his original personality? Would William’s persona merge with his own? What would happen once he was filming content as William for his OnlyFans

    Although these were all valid and important questions, Richie’s mind quickly ran off the rails as he began to think further about that last question. However, instead of his normal anxieties about being in the lens of a camera, he soon found himself growing more and more excited about the concept. Not only that, but he was quickly finding himself incredibly horny while thinking about plowing some petite twink and making him worship every inch of his well-sculpted body! As those thoughts continued, the somewhat reserved student finally began to realize that those personality aspects of William Seed were already merging with his own identity to turn him into a fascinating hybrid of two starkly different personas. In fact, the more that he thought about it, the more his knowledge was shifting away from grammar rules and film techniques to interesting sexual positions and the best way to perform and emote heightened expressions for the camera. 

    Speaking of the camera, these new personality aspects also brought forth brand new information to the new hunk: there was a porn shoot occurring within the next hour! While the real Richie would be frantically rushing around to be ready on time, the new Richie was doing none of the sort. Instead, the man was moving with a strut-like gait that worked perfectly with the cocky smirk on his face. The reserved man was quickly blossoming into a full-blown narcissistic hunk, but who could blame him when he was in the body of an absolute sex god!? 

    So, as he finally walked into the bathroom to get ready and tidy himself up for the impending shoot, the reflection of the mirror had an obvious effect of making the man’s thick new cock throb. Stifling a moan, which now resembled something closer to a grunt, the man wrapped his meaty and callused hand (which Richie quickly learned was due to the hunk’s intense gym regimen) around his impressive shaft and playfully slid his dry hand up and down along it. All while this was going on, Richie’s attention was completely transfixed by his reflection as he began to turn into the most stereotypical narcissistic jock. Lifting his right arm up and flexing to show off his bulging biceps and sick tats, the man devilishly winked at his own reflection and felt his body pulsating in pure lust. With feelings like this, there was only one thing on his mind: he needed to fuck someone and fast!


    Chronic Reversal

    Sam: Shit Jake, give it back! What did you do?

    Jake: Nothing you weren’t just about to do me. Your should be feeling it any sec…

    Sam: Dammit Jake it’s not a toy! If you’re turning me into a girl or some cheerleader I’ll… uh… Jake? are you sure you had that set to me?

    Jake: Huh? Yeah. I mean… fuck my chest feels tight. No… wait…. Oh shit!

    Sam: Haha looks like you got your settings wrong. At least getting some color to your pasty skin

    Jake: Aww fuck. No. Like dude, how do I uh.. make it stop… ugh feels so…

    Sam: Haha Jake too late now. But you’re really swelling out. And wow, what’s with the speedo?

    Jake: Mmmm fuck man. Ya like? Check out my chest, and these fucking arms- getting so big. Aww and my dick… it’s totally growing into a full on cock. Need to fucking pound some ass with this thing

    Sam: Shit dude. You set it to gay? You were going to turn me into some dumb horny muscle dude just for laughs? Well serves you right.

    Jake: Huhu whateva brah. Look at me. Feels sooo fuckin goooood. Dumb and hung huhu. So fuckin hot now. Not too late for you bro. Just gotta change this setting to ya… click and…

    Sam: Fuck wait! No!!

    Jake: Huhu gonna be so hot watching you grow. Now we’re gonna have some real fun

    Lunch of Revelations


    “Uhm Brady… what the fuck are you doing?” Jordan looked on as his best friend had suddenly started flexing and admiring himself.

    “Huh? Oh nothing. Just… eh.. wanted to check if I could crush these chopsticks with one hand. Out of fun.” Brady returned his attention to his friend and give him a slight unhinged smile. The eyes that had glossed over a few minutes earlier were now its usual deep brown.

    “Ok, weird, but whatever. Anyway back to what you were saying earlier. Your creepy obssessed neighbor broke into your apartment and injected you with something, right? What a creep. You should call the cops on him.” His friend tried to resume the conversation they had had just prior to Brady’s sudden behaviour. “What do you think was inside it?”

    “Nanobots. Eh… I mean… I have no idea. Did I really say all that? Haha… ehm.. I was just joking with you.” Brady looked down for a second and quietly swore fuck. “Actually, the neighbour’s cool man. You should totally give him a chance. You two would be a cute couple y'know.”

    “What the fuck man? You’ve hated his guts since the moment he moved in next to you. And now you’re suddenly playing wingman for him? Also, when have you ever been interested in who I date? You usually just tell me to stick with hooking up with girls.” Jordan, now mighty suspicious, began to wonder if the neighbour really had done something to his childhood friend. Scrambled his brain would certainly make sense.

    “Guess I’ve been a bigger douche than I though, huh? Well, I’ve changed now. I genuinely want you to be happy, y'know. Give him a shot, will you?” Brady gave him a sincere smile, with pearly white teeth and dimples on his cheek that could melt even the coldest of winter. At least it worked on Jordan, as he found himself blushing.

    “Uh… yeah, maybe. Although he’s not really my type. My type is… ehm.. well..” Jordan scratched the back of his head as the turned his blushed face away from his friend.

    “I thought so. Well, if you don’t want him what about… me?” Jordan suddenly felt Brady’s rugged hand slide up against his thigh under the table. After all, I AM your type… isnt that right… bro.”

    “Eh… w-wha… Brady?” You’d never seen a more beet red person than Jordan with his flushed face right now.

    “I care about you. A lot. I just didn’t realize it until recently. I want you, Jordan. More than anything in the world.” Brady grabbed Jordan’s hands from underneath and held them firmly. And his eyes said the whole truth. He was dead serious.

    “W-wha, wait! I-Is this a date?!” Jordan looked down at the table, the surrounding, their clasped hands. It all made sense now! “Shit! I should’ve changed into something else before coming. I haven’t even showered. I fucking smell!”

    “I don’t mind. In fact, your smell riles me up… real good…” Brady couldn’t help but tease the flustered man in front of him. He suddenly grabbed his smaller friend at the back of his neck and pulled him real close. Being cheek to cheek, as Brady took a deep inhale of his friend’s scent, before whispering something into his ear.

    “R-right now?! But we haven’t even finished our food?” Jordan said, his face and body all hot, definitely not by the chili.

    “Who cares about the food when I got my snack right here!” Brady had already pulled his friend up from the table and lovingly wrapped one of his huge tattooed arms around the other’s waist. “Now what do you say we go back to my place and I’ll show you just how freaky I can be in bed…”

    “W-what about the neighbour? What if he comes storming in again?” Jordan gulped, though the weird neighbour from next door was the least of his problems. No, it was the rumored monster in his hunky friend’s pants that so many woman before had praised.

    “Don’t worry about him. He won’t bother us ever again. In fact, I think I heard he’s moving out tomorrow. Scrapping all his equipment and moving far far away. It’ll be just you and me.” Brady gave his soon-to-be-lover a smile and peck of the forehead before they left the restaurant in a hurry.

    Of course “Brady” knew. He knew that the creepy obssessed neighbor finally achieved his “Great Transcendence” through the use of his consciousness transferring nanobots, and that he had no intention of ever coming back…

    Modeled Life

    “Alright, you can do this Alex. Just focus, you belong here right? Of course you do! That’s the only thing people even remember about you! No more awkward Alex or nervous stuttering Alex. No! You are Alex the model! The actor! The-“

    “Um… Alex. We’re ready to shoot are you ok?” the photographer said apprehensively.

    “Y-yeah! I’ll be right there!” And with that Alex removed his shirt.

    A week ago no one would even know who Alex was. A middle child in a family of 10, an average sized man in an above average part of town, and a recluse of a person amidst a pool of socialites. All these mundane descriptors and more could be used to describe Alex, to anyone who would even care to know. He was just an ordinary man in his early 30s, still trying to find his place in the world.

    So it was to no surprise, when the dreary guy working multiple jobs happened upon an oddity throughout his daily life. During the evenings he worked as a waiter serving fancy finger foods to beautiful men and women at lavish parties. Half the time he wasn’t even aware of the event of the evening. They all had the same thing in common. Just people with two much money surrounding themselves with people who looked amazing.

    As he wandered around the fancy halls of this building, he noticed a section roped off. One of the best things about being so unremarkable like Alex, was that people didn’t notice him, even if he was off sneaking into a place he shouldn’t. He quickly found the area to be filled with paintings, sculptures, ancient pottery, and antiques. One at the center of the room caught his eye though. An egg shaped sculpture that looked entirely carved of marble. Under its pedestal were a few words in latin “votum ovum”. Not really caring for the lengthy historical description beneath the egg, Alex merely sighed, realizing all boring stuff in here was considered more valuable than him.

    “I wish I could life like those people inside. No… even better I wish I lived a life people like that only dream of.” Alex said absentmindedly admiring the expensive works of art. At that very second, his phone buzzed with a message that told him to get back to work. It was so sudden that the very vibrations caused Alex to jump and stumble right into the egg. It was falling to the ground fast. He dove for it, as by mere inches it slipped through his fingers. When it smashed to the floor Alex knew his life working at this place was probably over. He had no idea how right he was.

    The egg fell to the ground and smashed to pieces in a blast of bright light. Alex squinted. Barely a second had passed, but Alex felt his body alight with some unknown heat. As if fire had burned through every vein of his body, stretching him out a little taller. Adding some mass to his chest, arms, and ass. His hair tingled as it styled itself into an effortless yet fashionable cut. Even his clothing morphed from simple waiter’s outfit to a full on suit that framed his new body well. Abs now peaking through his unbuttoned shirt and a disheveled tie loosely hanging from his neck.

    When Alex’s eyes finally adjusted and he got to his feet, he was shocked to find no evidence of the shattered statue. He was even more shocked with the sudden change to apparel and muscles!

    “What the hell is going on?” Alex said in a deep sonorous voice.

    A cute female giggle could be heard behind one of the art installments as he said this. “You always say that after you enjoy yourself big guy?” Standing up in a gorgeous black dress was the owner of the building and hostess of the party. 

    “Um… Sorry mam. I don’t-” 

    “You don’t leave a girl waiting right? Well then get back here tiger, we’re just getting started.” 

    Before he knew it Alex was tugged by the tie into one of the most intense experiences of his life. And this was just the beginning. He soon found his entire world had changed. He wasn’t just an average waiter at this party. He was an honored guest. Models, actors, and local celebrities all praised him for his attendance and joked about his latest escapades. Alex’s awkward laugh now came out as a sexy chuckle, that drove people wild. 

    His phone was now abuzz with social media updates as people were liking hundreds of his shirtless pictures. Each more thirst catching than the next. Alex certainly recognized his face, though it looked like it was put through a handsome filter. But the body was nearly entirely new!

    It took a few days for Alex to realize his friends and family had always remembered him as the successful one in their lives. The young adult who moved to the city of socialites and now runs the place. He had modeling gigs nearly everyday, while every night he was invited to new lavish parties.

    Back in the present Alex was still getting used to his modeling gigs. He had to spend several minutes hyping himself up just to get his shirt off. However, it wasn’t like anyone minded. To the photographers and other staff, they simply thought this popular stud was in reality really modest. This humility only served his new salacious reputation, as did the many tame nights of partying where he only drank water and didn’t bed the first person he saw.

    Whoever he was or is, it’s certain that no one will be forgetting the name Alex Crockford anytime soon. 

    You’re right. I didn’t look like this a week ago. I wasn’t even half this big. But you don’t care about that. You wanna know how to become an alpha like me. Well it takes hard work. Hard work inhaling my thick tasty musk. Look into my eyes. Breath it in. Want it. Crave it. And there you grow.

    What happened to me? How’d I get this hot? Well I was just sitting around the library or somethin and this mindless bro comes up to me and was like started talking to me bout jock life. Like how great muscle is, and getting pumped, and getting shirtless. And how good sports are and fucking around with your bros especially when you got a jock cock. Whole time he was just sitting there watching his hot body and starting to sweat. You listening? You sweating? Nice. Cause there you grow.

    I had the weirdest dream. There was some hot guy in it. I mean he looked like the typical dumb fuckboy but admittedly hot. Well he was starring at me, like really eyeing me- I can’t pull off that look but just like I’m staring at you now, really intensely- sure that sounds hot but a guy like that never pays attention to me. Then he started to pull his shirt off, all slow and seductively, without breaking eye contact… kinda like this. I mean I guess if does feel good to getting my shirt off. What was I saying? Oh yeah. His body was hot, like lean and muscled, with nice round shoulders, and pecs.. and abs… mmmm he was running his hands up and down himself up like this. Yeah that feels good. Over each round muscle. Fuck it feels good to have muscle. He didn’t stop there. I mean like why would I? I mean don’t you like what you see? Why don’t I slide these jeans down like he did and show you more? Just watch this body move, I’m such a fucking dream hunk. Yeah watch me. There you grow.

    For being the body-shy out of shape introvert that he is, he really followed through with the dare and agreed to put on the costume all night. Does he realize his body has been getter hotter and bigger as the night has gone on? He’s still just as annoyed as ever that he has to wear it, but that’ll change once the dumb cocky personality that matches the outfit comes in.

    Why would I change your buddies back? They’re over there happily doing a bro workout, busting out bicep curls and flexing in the mirror. They look happy to me. But why don’t I do you a favor. Enough of these yoga mobility stretches you’re doing constantly. Time for you to join the bro life too.

    Golden Years


    It was 9 in the morning when I woke up. I turned around and saw my nephew laying in his bed and on his phone. He noticed me waking up.

    “Good morning Tío.”

    “Morning Mateo,” I said to him. He turned off his phone and walked to the hotel bathroom with clothes in his hand, presumably to get ready for the big day ahead of us.

    We were on a trip to San Diego for the weekend. Mateo wanted to check out a couple of colleges down there before he starts applying to transfer in the upcoming term. His mother couldn’t get the time off work, so she asked me to take her place instead. Though Mateo was already 20 going on 21, his mom didn’t feel comfortable with him going all the way to San Diego from San Francisco by himself. 

    Luckily for both of them, I was available to go down with him. Admittedly, I had to pull a couple of strings at work to take the time off. Normally, I’d just say I can’t go and end of story. But… let’s just say I had my motives. You see, my nephew is real good looking. He was an ugly kid, but puberty hit him like a truck. He grew up to be a fine man. He can thank the family line for his good genetics. I remember I used to be quite the looker back in my day. But now I’m pushing 50 and time has not been as kind to me this time around. 

    “You ready to go soon, Tío?” Mateo stepped out of the bathroom dressed and ready to go. 

    “Yeah, just give me a minute,” I answered. 

    I quickly got dressed in cargo shorts and button shirt. We were out the door within 20 minutes. We then walked down to the hotel parking lot and walked to my car. It was pretty dark out despite it still being the morning. I tossed Mateo my key as we approached my car.

    “Pretty cloudy,” I looked up at the grey sky. “Hope it doesn’t rain.”

    “God I hope not,” Mateo said as he unlocked the car door. He sat down into the driver’s seat and unlocked the passenger door, to which I slid in right after. 

    “You know the way to SDSU right?” I asked him as he pulled out of the parking lot. 

    “Of course I do, I got the whole map memorized,” Mateo said with a grin on his face. I loved seeing his smile, it was contagious. 

    We drove for about half an hour when we finally arrived at SDSU. Unfortunately, half an hour was all it took for the rain to start pouring down. The bad weather put Mateo in a visibly bad mood. We sat there in the car for a while, just watching the rain come down. Well, to be more accurate, Mateo was watching the rain while I was admiring his young, handsome face. Mentally, I was preparing myself for why I wanted to take Mateo to San Diego in the first place.

    “The rain’s not letting up,” Mateo said.

    “I know,” I responded. 

    “We should try to find a store or something, we’ll need umbrellas.”

    “Actually, I have a better idea.”

    Mateo turned to face me with a look of bewilderment on his face. That was when I transformed myself into a gaseous form and lunged myself straight to Mateo. He opened his mouth at the sight of what I did. He made the next part that much easier by opening his mouth. 

    In my spirit form, I directed myself to enter Mateo through his mouth. I wanted to do this as quickly as I could before Mateo could resist possession. Luckily, I was able to get the jump on him. His body was getting filled up with my spirit. There wasn’t much Mateo could do once it started.


    His chest puffed up as more and more of my spirit filled his body. His grip on the wheel tightened too. Soon enough, enough of my spirit was inside Mateo to start taking control. I could feel him flexing my soon-to-be bicep. His body was expanding to make space for my spirit. Body possession takes a lot out of the body. His entire body was sweating now; muscles flexing as my spirit inserted itself for a tight fit. 

    With one final slurp, Mateo took in the very last bits of my spirit.

    “WOOOO!!!!” I shouted in Mateo’s voice as I took full control over his body. I felt Mateo’s own spirit go into sleep mode now that I was in charge. 

    “Fuck yeah!” I shouted as I flexed my arms. All the body swelling from me entering began to cool down. Even without the extra mass, Mateo was a very lean and strong young man. God, how I missed being this strong and young. 


    You know, one thing I didn’t expect when I possessed Mateo, whose half my age, was that my libido would shoot back up. I’ve been incredibly horny ever since I possessed Mateo in the morning. My new dick keeps pressing against my jeans. It reminds me of when I was a tween and getting random boners out of nowhere. 

    No matter. It’s midday now. The rain has cleared and the sun is shining bright now. Feeling the sunlight in Mateo’s body just hit different compared to my original body. It feels warm, and I could stand sunbathing without feeling like I was burning after just a minute. 


    I still have two more days until it’s time to go back to San Fran. His mother will kill me if anything happens to her precious son. But nothing will happen to him so long as I’m in control. I’ll take good care of him. In fact, I’ll make sure he gets a first hand taste of the college life. Good thing SDSU is so close by too, time for Mateo’s first college party!