Gay Smoke Fetisher
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2020-09-21 08:16:53

    Jake looks at his Red with pleasure as he inhales the rich smoke. He thinks back over the past year.

    He used to think smoking was awful and he looked down on the kids who smoked. He thought they were trash.

    Then his older brother Tom came home from college on break as a smoker and convinced Jake to try it.

    Jake was addicted quickly. He was up to a pack a day after one week.

    He’s no longer stressed out. He makes straight As, which earned his parents’ permission to smoke in his room. He smokes and strokes often, admiring his cock, which has grown 2 inches in length and one inch in girth since he started smoking.

    His mind drifts to Billy, the quarterback of the football team… Jake is headed to Billy’s house tonight. Billy’s parents are out of town, and Billy has told Jake that he has stolen 2 of his dad’s big cigars. Billy has added inches to his own cock thanks to the cigars.

    Jake and Billy will haul down those big gars as they fuck each other. Each ass will be bred with smoky cum loads.

    After sex, Jake and Billy will swap Reds smoke and plan to convert the other jocks into hung smoke fuck studs.