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    "I Have The Energy To Improve"

    I can think of a page-full of ways to use this sigil, so I'll put only a couple here, but as always I encourage everybody who uses my sigils to feel free to get creative with how you use it, because the possibilities are limitless.

    You can keep this in your workspace you use to practice the thing you wish to improve on You can keep this on yourself You can put this on a cup of coffee or other drink You can draw or tape this onto a mirror you use frequently


    Why might one worship/pray to Nyx? Like I know Athena provides wisdom some could provide protection and so forth but what would Nyx offer?

    Nyx is the goddess of the night, she’s the literal personification of the night sky. I personally would worship her just for that. 

    You don’t start worshipping somebody for what they can offer, celestial deities like gods or goddesses are not spell ingredients. They are not obligated to give you anything in return for worshipping them, they may help you on your journey if they deem you worthy of their help.

    Before you consider worshipping a god or goddess I recommend you rethink your idea of what deites actually are. They are not an endless resource for you to borrow magic from, they’re vast, living, thinking, feeling entities with wisdom and power beyond your imagination. To consider worshiping them with the initial thought of ‘well what am I going to get out of this?’ is as insulting and disrespectful as starting a friendship or relationship with somebody with the same thought process.


    “Trans Exclusionary Feminists Fuck Off Away From Me”

    Reblog this on main while having anonymous asks turned off, that should more or less do the trick~
    For extra measure, check the notes of this post for angry responses so you know to block them~

    Real talk though, keep this sigil on you to repel transphobic self-proclaimed feminists


    So due to popular request, I did the thing~

    I made stickers as a basic:https://www.redbubble.com/people/strangesigils/works/39426793-trans-exclusionary-radical-feminists-fuck-off-away-from-me?asc=u&p=sticker

    But then I made a more stylistic design for non-sticker things to make for of a statement, since some of y’all wanted that and you know I gotta be extra~

    Colour Gradient Version:

    Plain White Version:

    And I got them on more than just shirts so scroll down below ‘Available T-Shirt Styles’ and click on ‘View This Design On +30 Products’ to see more stuff