Strap It On And Put It In

Another 22 year old guy who likes all the good stuff that comes from sexy women fucking straight men in the ass.

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    “Is that what you’re into, boy?” He said

    I wear my headphones every day while I ride the bus home from work.

    I just recently graduated high school and can’t afford a car yet. I’m finishing up the summer break, working, saving up and plan to have one by fall, then maybe college next year. After all, I could use the break from school.

    They asked if I wanted to leave early, so of course I said yes. I worked in the heart of downtown so my bus stop wasn’t far, but ended up sitting at the stop way past when I was suppose to get off.

    While I was waiting, silently cursing the bus driver for being late, I saw I had received a new email. It was a response to my craigslist ad.

    (I was super horny the night before and stayed up early half the night looking for a kinky Dom Daddy)

    I opened the email:

    You sound like a fun boy. 53yo clean and kinky guy with a fetish for a young boys asshole. I’ve got restraints, blindfold, hood, estim with anal attachments, rim chair, paddles,straps and large toys. Here’s a pic to prove it. Very weed friendly here. If ya have any interest let me know. I’ll get a hotel Tuesday and we can play as long as you like.

    Instantly my arousle shot through the roof. I began to shift in my seat and I could tell my cheeks were beginning to flush.

    He sent a picture. I scrolled down;

    First pic shows 3-4 bundles of bright white rope nearly laying on a bed. This instantly peeked my interest further.

    The next shows a large arrangement of toys, he had a lot of stuff. Cuffs, gags, clamps, whips, clips, masks, hoods, blindfold or two. He had collars and bull whips, chains and a sneaky little pig nose barely visible in the corner.

    The next pic was even more, this time it was the buttplugs and butt toys. The not so small to massive undertakers. Some had little buttons, remotes for hands free. A few at the bottom looked to be his e-stim attachments.

    I swiped up fast, the last was a pic of him. Gorgeous cut daddy cock that left my pants tight. Aged in a way only my little boy brain can find jaw-dropping.

    I felt someone looking over my shoulder. I dart my head around to see a older white man, greyed in the hair, not to long in the face, standing behind me. We catch eyes and he looks away, I hush my device and cough.

    I look back at him, he side eyes me and smiles.

    “I-I’m sorry about that.” I say while trying to laugh it off.

    He finally looks at me directly and shakes his head no, I could only imagine the astonishment he must have felt. Or maybe he sensed the embarrassment that was in mine.

    “Is that what you’re into, boy?” He said.

    He smiled again at me. I babbled nonesense, unable to answer.

    “Here’s what you’re going to do.” He said, I gulped. “You’re going to follow me back up to my place, it’s just up the road a bit. We will walk.”

    He leans in closer to me and pulls the headphones right out of my ear, “I’m going to take you through the kitchen and into my little playroom. The moment I tell you to stop, you will.” He pauses.

    I can’t tell if I’m still breathing.

    He closes his eyes and nods his head in approval. “The moment you are stopped, you will undress, everything. Once you are naked, you will bend and spread them.” He declares.

    He then leans back away from me and straightens up. A big deep breath and open smile he say; “come along son, it is getting much to cold out here for a boy like you.” With that, he begins to walk away.

    I look away a moment to think, I can see opportunity fleeting, trudging down W 33rd st.

    I choke-