So, India is dying.

    Look, I know a good number of you are from the US and things aren't amazing there either, but my country is literally on the brink of collapse. So I'd love it if we could talk about that for a minute.

    If you can't do anything else, please just read and reblog.

    A second COVID wave has taken out the healthcare system. There are no more hospital beds. There's an oxygen shortage. There's a critical vaccine shortage. The Central Government has thrown its hands up and is passing the baton to the State Governments to do what they can.

    There are over 16 million covid cases. A record 330,000 new cases reported yesterday - comparable to the US at its peak. 187,000 dead as of today.

    There is no plan.

    Mass cremations are taking place. The cremation grounds are running day and night and they are short on wood. People are watching their loved ones die while waiting for a hospital bed, and then they're unable to give them the proper burial rights.

    Hospitals are overwhelmed. Patients are being confined, two to a bed. They're the lucky ones.

    We are on the verge of people dying in the streets.

    This is the second-most populous country in the world. The largest democracy. A country that encapsulates over 15,000 years of recorded human history and has endured everything from famine to invasion to colonisation.

    We might be at the end. This might be the thing that does us in.

    People are dying.

    People are dying.

    People are dying and there is no plan.

    More good news? Variants are popping up. A double mutation strain has shown up. It is resistant to current vaccines. This will not go away. This is the devastation they warned of when the anti-maskers were out protesting the minor inconvenience of covering their face in public.

    My country is on the verge of an emergency state. Our government has failed us. This is as dire a situation as it ever could be.

    Look. I don't do much with my life. I write fics, some of you have read them and that's pretty much it. I spend my days with my head in the clouds because that's where I like to be.

    But two days ago, my grandmother tested positive, had to be taken to hospital and the ambulance caught fire.

    She barely made it to the urgent care she needs.

    So, here I am, using whatever meager platform I have to cobble this request together. Because I have to do something.

    If you can, donate.

    Or spread the word.

    Help. Please.


    canon: they died

    fanfic: fUCK YOU


    Canon: and so they never met

    Fanfic: here’s a funny story


    Canon: There was tension and pining, but they never even kissed.

    Fanfic: Actually,


    Canon: Torture the cinnamon roll.

    Fanfic: Torture the cinnamon roll.


    Canon: When they traveled they stayed in separate rooms

    Fanfic: AND. THERE. WAS. ONLY. ONE. BED!!!!!


    Canon: … and they were roommates.

    Fanfic: oh my god, they were roommates


    Canon: They were international assassins who assassinated assassins.

    Fanfic: But hot DAMN wait till you hear about this cafe they opened


    Canon: They had a coffeeshop

    Fanfic: but they were ASSASSINS


    Canon: they were mortal enemies and attempted to murder each other on multiple occasions



    Everytime I reblog this has a new addition and it’s the best


    Canon: They were straight

    Fanfic: Lol




    I love fanfic so so so much.


    Canon: Am I joke to you?


    Fanon: No, just a disappointment.


    god i fucking love people like right now someone is kissing their baby on the forehead for the first time and someone just went into a french bakery and is deeply inhaling and someone is dyeing their hair the color of the sky and someone just confessed their love to someone and you’re reading this post but you are alive and you will be okay and you will be happy


    I needed this


    a fools guide to not wanting to die anymore

    by me, a fool who doesnt wanna die anymore 

    • never make a suicide joke again. yes this includes “i wanna die” as a figure of speech. swear off of it. actually make an effort to change how you think about things.
    • find something to compliment someone for at least 4 times a day. notice the little things about the world that make you happy, and use that to make other people happy.
    • talk to people. initiate conversation as often as you possibly can. keep your mind busy and you wont have to worry anymore
    • picture the bad intrusive thoughts in youe head as an edgy 13 year old and tell them to go be emo somewhere else
    • if someone makes you feel bad most of the time, stop talking to them. making yourself hang out with people who drain you is self harm. stop it.

    … 8|

    That’s some pretty good advice. I don’t know what’s left of my humor after ‘guess I’ll just die’ jokes but it’s worth a shot.


    Personally i went from “guess I’ll die” jokes to “IF I HAVE TO BE HERE FOR 5 MORE MINUTES I PROMISE YOU I WILL BUY JUST, AN ARRAY OF CLOTHES.” and other wild hyperbolic stuff. Just replace the death part with something ridiculous and off topic. Its very entertaining


    This also works with calling myself things like stupid, worthless, trash, etc. Even if you do this jokingly to yourself, your brain still believes it, and keeps up the cycle. Seriously, I found that when I stopped saying these things about myself, even jokingly, it made a massive difference.


    Here’s a tip I picked up from a friend that’s helped me a lot — replace self deprecating jokes with ironically self aggrandizing jokes

    Like every time I trip and fall, instead of saying “l’m just a disaster human” I say “I’m the epitome of grace and beauty”

    Or like, when I draw a picture I’m not 100% happy with, instead of saying “my art is trash” I say something like “you know I think it’s time we replaced the Mona Lisa”

    When you do that you get to make a joke, but you’re ALSO getting practice building yourself up, y’know?

    And eventually it becomes a reflex and you get so used to it that you can say nice stuff about yourself even when you AREN’T joking


    This is so important


    That self-aggrandizing technique is no joke.

    I replaced “I’m stupid” with “I’m a God damn genius.” “Move over newton” “another masterpiece”

    I replaced “gross/ disgusting” with “sexy/attractive” “the hight of elegance”

    I replaced “I suck/ that sucked/ this is bad” with “fantastic”, “a lovely time”, “ swell/jolly good”

    Replace every negative with a positive. Say it so sarcastically. Make it complicated make it entertaining have fun with it.

    It will stop your self deprecating and build confidence. And people are more easygoing around you.


    This is exactly what I taught myself to do and it has reduced my suicidal ideation and self loathing so much. Do this. It helps.


    If you call pedophilia a kink please unfollow me and never talk to me again


    Isn’t it disgusting that 23 people just unfollowed me


    Unfollow me too


    this goes double if you call paedophilia a disability. unfollow me twice


    and if you call pedophilia an “orientation” or in any way compare it to being LGBP+ you can unfollow, delete your blog, and set yourself on fire. 


    I just lost 50 followers.. bye


    clearing out the trash






    I’ve seen this circulating forever and genuinely thought “no way do I have any of them following me” until this week when it turned out I had all these fuckin “MAP” (pedophile) followers sad to find out I’m an “anti” (normal person) Please leave and also please get guinea worm.


    you can hit that button for me too


    I love how the search function on this site is absolute garbage. I can look up a post word for word and I will NEVER find it


    Pro tip:

    Wanna find a post?

    Write out what you remember into a Google search.

    After you write that out, end with

    Google will search for your text on just tumblr

    In my experience, it’s way more effective than searching through Tumblr

    (you can use to search any site btws)


    This usually works but for some reason a lot of posts get indexed on google from a person’s URL based on the posts that were recently reblogged on page 1, meaning that this is only a tiny bit more reliable.


    I HAVE a solution to this, you have to write down “ “

    and then write a direct quote (could be a fraction of a sentence) into the quotations, I’ve been doing this for years, and it’s so useful, it works like 99% of the time 

    (the more popular a post is the more likely you’ll find it)


    you’re a genius holy shit


    Just used this to find a post I’ve been desperately searching for, thank you so much


    If you find the military has left out pamphlets, you take them all and throw them away.

    did this at a local comic book store once! Fuck that comic book store, it’s a creepy and bad place


    this goes for if you see anything promoting the Shen Yun dance troup. That is a recruiting point for a cult called Falun Gong.

    same goes for if you see anything promoting Mormonism or Scientology, although I haven’t seen materials for those things personally, I’m sure they exist

    If you are invited to a Christian group that “doesn’t have a name”, something that holds meeting for outsiders in rec centers, “special meetings”- that’s a cult that is know to members only as “The Truth”, but is on Wikipedia as “two by twos”. Please reach out to me if you or anyone you love has been contacted by this group.

    Institutions of abuse are everywhere. Do everything within your power to stop them whenever you see an opportunity. If you see a sign in your rec center that’s some sort of open call to a Christian church meeting but doesn’t have any real info on the church, maybe let me know. Don’t call the number, I can call the number. If you feel the need to do research on your own, all you need to check is whether they refuse to give you a straight answer about the name.


    oh yeah, if you want context for “The Truth” being something I’m talking about that you have certainly never heard of, where I’m getting this information- the source is that I was raised in this cult. I know it sounds, almost fake or something, but it isn’t.


    just want to say it’s decent as fuck of y’all to reblog this. it’s hard for me to talk about this stuff and harder if I feel like no one is listening. Thank you all for making me feel like someone hears this stuff sometimes.

    The world failed Armenia again.

    The blue lands have been taken from the indigineous people by azerbaijani forces during war.

    The red lands are going to be occupied by azerbaijan too after the “agreement”.

    The green lands are the only ones we have left. 

    We lost almost 70% of our land. The indigenous people - armenians, lost 70% of their land in modern world, 2020, just to avoid SECOND genocide and extermination. People lost their homes, their culture, churches and everything they’ve built for so long.

    This is a fucking joke. The international human rights organisations are a big fucking joke. A cruel one at that.

    I’m mourning because the world failed my people again and let a second genocide happen. 

    Please share this information so more people know just how fucked up the situation in Armenia is.

    disclaimer: I am east asian. if anyone who is not white sees anything wrong with my phrasing, inaccuracies, or insensitivity, or something I missed, please feel free to add on. I'm just one person with one perspective; none of what I say should be taken as The Singular way to draw an Asian character. if you havent done so already, please take the effort to expand your view of Asian culture outside this one tutorial.

    if a white person reblogs this and adds something stupid I'm going to bite and kick you like a wild animal

    7 most adhd moods

    –the Only Mood everyone else knows about: i  wanna do THIS and THIS and THIS and THIS and THIS and–SQUIRREL

    –galaxy brain: i was listening to the lecture but the prof said something that reminded me of something else and now i’m not sure how much time i was lost in thought

    –the tutorial only comes in video format: i’m sorry, but you’ve thrown off the emperor’s groove *hurls product & its tutorial video into the sun*

    –damn you hyperfocus: i went to bed intending to wake up and write but this morning i was possessed by a cleanliness spirit and spent the next 14 hours organizing the apartment

    –i dont think u tried at all.jpg: did i seriously spend an entire free day refreshing twitter b/c i didn’t want to spend 10 minutes finishing my hw but wouldn’t let myself do anything else until i finished it???? (yes)

    –patrick star: *unlocks phone* time to check the weather. *opens twitter* the weather. *opens messenger* the weather. *opens mobage game* the weather. *opens facebook* the weather. *opens twitter again* THE WEA–

    –smells like depression: literally everything is too boring. i’m going back to sleep


    not to be That Guy but nobody cried this much when brazils national museum burned down in september, just goes to show how much people favor white history!!!


    to be fair, i didn’t hear squat about this. i would have been just as unhappy about that event as this


    and theres a reason you didnt hear squat about it!

    because people favor white history!

    notre dame got immediate coverage and attention, even though notre dame will be okay. even though the art has been saved and spared, even though it has happened before and will happen again

    when the national museum of brazil burned in september, there was hardly any coverage. even though the majority of what had taken hundreds of years to collect had burned. even though the national museum of brazil was home to art from pompeii and egypt as well.

    am i saying that what has been burned and demolished at notre dame isnt devastating? no. absolutely not.

    but its real fucking telling what people care about when MULTIPLE people now have responded saying they hadnt even HEARD of brazils national museum burning lol


    Y'all… The Museu Nacional (National Museum) held the largest collection in LATIN AMERICA.

    The fire destroyed over 20 million relics. You read that right. 20 MILLION. Dinosaur fossils, mummies, and indigenous artefacts. More than 90% of the items the museum held were destroyed.

    Notre Dame can still be repaired. It was already renovated 2 centuries ago. Notre Dame can be rebuilt. The historical items the Museu Nacional held CANNOT be replaced. The museum was absolutely DESTROYED.

    The Declaration of Independence of my country was signed at this very museum. Throughout the fire, museum employees ran inside to rescue as many items as they could.

    A lot of Latin America’s history fully VANISHED in this fire. This was a huge hit for us. Y'all care so much about white history and are freaking out over Notre Dame, when an event that destroyed much more history got no attention whatsoever from the international community.

    I rest my case.


    It’s okay to be sad about Notre Dame, but we can’t place it above similar and more devastating events such as this.