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    every time rick does something i get more pissed off bc i know most people will continue to support him and like not acknowledge his flaws….they’re like “he’s better than jk r*wling” OKAY BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN GOOD!!! IF YOU THINK RICK IS “THE BEST AUTHOR OUT THERE” AND “THE MOST DIVERSE” I AM BEGGING YOU TO DO SOME RESEARCH ABOUT THE THINGS HE’S SAID AND DONE. YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE TO DISLIKE HIM, JUST BE ABLE TO SEE THE FLAWS IN HIS BOOKS.

    rick.... you didn’t listen to native people the first time around, you had the chance to apologize and grow and move on like you always say you are, and you somehow fucked up even more.

    listen to the actual people you tried to represent in your books, don’t ignore them when they tell you you screwed up.

    Did I just came back to this fandom just in time to see how we go in a Civil War about defending Rick Riordan vs Holding him accountable for his bullshit? 

    Looks like it. 

    (Sighs) Fuck it, is not like I wasn’t mad about the things he had done. 

    Yes I think Rick Riordan should apologize about all the racist bullshit he pull off, I don’t know what comments he qualifies as “bullying”, while I don’t doubt he received some mean stuff (this is the internet, I don’t trust the internet to be 100% nice with each other) is true that he should accept he did mistakes, lots of mistakes. 

    “But he did so much representation! More than JK“ YES HE DID, but that doesn’t mean we cannot criticize when he fucks up. 

    Having some representation should not exempt you of criticism, specially is that representation may have problematic elements. Sure Piper Mclean is not the worst native american character, but it doesn’t mean we should not hold him accountable. 

    By saying “But he tried!” we settling for writers doing the bare minimum about representation, we are saying that they can have characters with stereotypes and is fine because there is “Representation”. People of colour deserve have good, well, round characters without stereotypes; they should not settle for less and just because I’m white doesn’t mean I should be on the side and let this happen. 

    That goes for me as well; if I ever make a post or something that may be racist, homophobic or stuff like that, <>please, tell me.<> A lot of stuff flies over my head so I may not notice, so if I fuck up, I would try to do better and apologize. 

    “Why you can be asking for forgiveness of something you may done, and Rick can’t?!“ I’m not saying Rick doesn’t deserve forgiveness! But thats the thing: You can only get forgiveness if you tried to do better and apologize.

    If Rick had say he was sorry for Piper Mclean and all the other stuff, promising to do better; I would be here to give him a chance to show he had changed and if proved that he did, forgive him. 

    But that’s not why we are in this situation, isn’t it? 

    Edit: OK part of this sounds wrong, I cannot forgive him, I’m not the one he wronged, so I really cannot say “I forgive you” even if I did give an apology; but at least I would be more supportive if he did change. 


    <>‘He was my everything’: Boy who drowned in Brookings pond remembered for smile, generosity

    The body of<> Molu Zarpeleh, 10, who was reported missing last Thursday night, was recovered from a privately-owned retention pond along 12th Street South around 8:40 a.m. Friday after authorities searched the pond, according to a new release from the City of Brookings.

    A tip that <>Zarpeleh had been pushed into the pond that circulated on social media has been redacted by the tipster, said Chelsea Bakken, public information officer for the City of Brookings. Investigators also reported <>that tips they received Friday related to circumstances surrounding the incident were not true but won’t state why. Police are ignoring it and ruling it an “accidental drowning but his mother says differently. 

    <>“A 10-year-old boy would not just take his sandals off and walk into the water,<>” she sa<>id. “He didn’t know how to <>swim.”

    Brookings police and the Brookings Fire Department searched for Zarpeleh until about 2:30 a.m. Friday before <>the search was stopped due to safety concerns, poor lighting and murky water, the release states. Searchers used pumps from Brookings Municipal Utilities and Brookings County to remove about 300,000 gallons of water from the pond during the resumed search Friday morning

    <>“Molu died, but I can’t say ‘was<> yet,” M<>ole said. “He’s my first child. He’s my only son. I don’t want to use the word ‘was.’ I can’t im<>agine him not living.”

    Source / Source / Source

    <>DONATE HERE<> (The local Lutheran Church in Brookings is giving all donations to the family)

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    You know the weirdest fear I have right now?

    Shows will break for the season, and we’ll begin the long wait for the following year to see the next part of the story, especially for the shows ending on cliffhangers. And that used to just be a thing I didn’t put too much thought into.

    So like, I already have fears that Trump is going to kill us all anyways, but the added terror on top of that is what if that asshat really does provoke WW3 out of someone and we’ll just never see how so many of these amazing stories end. TV shows unfinished, book sequels unread. Hell, the long list of Marvel movies we’ll never see if that happens.

    And it seems like such a petty, superficial fear in the face of the larger picture because if he gets us all killed I obviously won’t be alive to care, but it’s an idea that bothers me. It’s so stupid but every time something goes off for its regular break, I think about it lately, because nothing is “regular” about the world anymore. It’s those small details. It’s just the icing on top of the fear cake, you know? 😔😧