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    Modern white girls can have both a white fiance and a black lover as well.


    So sweet how my husband always texts me goodnight even when he knows I am about to spend the night having sex with a black man.


    I love saying goodnight when I know you will be spending the night getting fucked right by a black man, like you deserve.


    My wife always keeps in contact with me while she is on a date with her boy toys.


    Own up, how many of you have this fantasy?

    To be outed in front of a group of beautiful women, exposed for the impotent man that you are.  You’re no danger to any of them.


    Some of my wife’s friends have seen me in nothing but my cock cage. She started by showing three of her friends pictures and later,at their urging,my wife made me strip in front of the same three. Since then there have been more show and tell sessions with more of her friends. It’s embarrassing,humiliating and a turn on all at once.


    Ladies, if his dick is less than 5 inches he considers himself small. And he’d rather you refer to his dick as being small. No mature man with a 4-inch dick wants to be lied to — 4 inches is SMALL and he knows it. It will turn him on way more if you tease him for being small, than try to boost his ego and call him “big”.

    Calling a guy with a small dick “big” is actually a big turn off. Teasing a small guy for having a small dick is actually a HUGE turn on.

    He wants you to refer to his dick as “little” and “tiny”. And he wants to hear you talk about wanting a bigger COCK. So give his little dick lots of attention, but tease him constantly about being small and he’ll LOVE you for it. And want to please YOU more than anything.

    Get a ruler and measure him — and if he’s got a little 4- or 5-inch dick — then TEASE him about it. You’ll both enjoy it. Trust me.

    See, the psychology of guys with small dicks is much different than you probably think. By the time a small-dick guy is around 40 he has embraced his small cock. And is quite happy with it. If a he’s less than 6 Inches he almost definitely considers himself small. He doesn’t wish he was bigger AND he DOES NOT want you to tell him “his size is fine for you”, “size doesn’t matter”, etc. He absolutely would prefer to hear you tease him for being small. Being teased for being small is a MAJOR turn on for small guys.

    His favorite fantasy probably is picturing you with a really well-hung guy. So don’t ruin that fantasy by telling him you don’t need that or wouldn’t want that. He wants to hear you talk about wanting a BIGGER cock. He wants to hear you tell him that the guys you fantasize about have really big THICK cocks. So be your small-dick man’s dream girl and share that fantasy with him…. he will want you even more for doing it!

    Think I’m kidding? Next time you can see his little dick, tell him how you’d “love having a BIGGER cock fill you, STRETCH you, and reach places that he NEVER can” and see if he gets hard. Bet he will. Come on. Try it.


    Very true


    Anything under 6” is small. Face the facts men! We want bigger, thicker, last longer cocks. Not a small penis. Make sure you put on your chastity cage!


    Wish my wife read this


    It’s just true


    This is so true. I get turned on when my wife makes fun of my teeny,tiny dicklet,especially if she does it when we are out in public with friends. Having a small dick sucks but I have accepted it. May23,2017 was the last time my dick was inside a woman ( my wife ). She has plenty of boy toys and is happy and if she is happy so am I.


    ...Right Tony?...How much do you  like my stockings and heels?...wanna show me?...ahh...I thought so...you’re a good NO PUSSY HUSBAND...

    please enjoy our blog….like our pix…reblog them…but please leave our comments attached…that’s what makes it fun….Hubby and I thank you for your courtesy …


    ...Omigosh!...Thank you, Mistress...You are so kind to me...




    Yes Ma’am. No pussy. Thank you for letting me jack off for you, Ma’am. But only to the edge. I remember. Just to the edge. I promise.


    We betas can’t masturbate if we ( or at least me) are locked in permanent chastity.