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    Video of Tama

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    The picture in the background of the second one

    Tama is boss


    Sad update everyone, Tama recently passed away… An estimated 3,000 people, including railway officials, attended Tama the cat’s funeral on Sunday, days after she died of heart failure aged <>16. [x]

    For those who haven’t read articles about it, the local shrine elevated her to a god. She’s now the Eternal Stationmaster and patron god of the station.


    Now I’m crying thanks

    and a new cat was hired right?

    yep! her name is Nitama (essentially ”second tama” or “tama II”) and she served under Tama as an apprentice before being appointed her deputy

    she works very hard

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    I’m crying at 11pm over train cats

    Nitama, already now a mature cat (born 2010), has a protege named Yontama (fourth Tama, b. 2016).  There is no information available for either the physical befellment or tragic self-disgrace which has removed Santama from contention.


    ^Nitama majestic, and below with Yontama




    a legacy

    okay but actually what happened to santama (or sun-tama-tama, which is her name because it’s a pun on santama) was that she was basically sent to train for the position in okayama and they liked her so much they refused to send her back

    “Sun-tama-tama” (a pun off of “Santama”, lit. “third Tama”) was a calico cat sent for training in Okayama. Sun-tama-tama was considered as a candidate for Tama’s successor, but the Okayama Public Relations representative who had been caring for Sun-tama-tama refused to give the cat up writing, “I will not let go of this child, she will stay in Okayama.” [25]

    As of September 2018, Sun-tama-tama is working as the stationmaster in Naka-ku, Okayama and appears occasionally on Tama’s Twitter account.

    Every time I see this post there’s new info and it gets better

    You are only allowed to scroll pass this after you pay tribute to the great Tama Station masters.


    The shrine of Tama Daimyōjin (Great gracious deity Tama), next to the Kishi station where she worked.


    Nitama presenting her yearly offerings to Tama Daimyōjin on the anniversary of Tama’s Death, June 23 (The offerings are presented by the company president, as Nitama is a cat and thus can’t hold the offerings herself) (Not pictured, but also present, Yontama)

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    EVERYBODY knows (or should) that you DO. NOT. STOP. in Vidor, Texas. 

    It’s best to just run out of gas elsewhere. Whatever you do, black folks, DO NOT STOP IN VIDOR, TEXAS. 

    There’s a good chance you’ll get lynched or just come up missing - and I’m not joking.

    also do NOT stop in <>Harrison, Arkansas!!!! (relatively close to OK and MI) a nazi town with a BIG KKK organization.

    Reblog To Save Life


    Okay but like reblog to LITERALLY SAVE SOMEONE’S LIFE

    Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please puHLEAAASSEEEEEEE BE SAFE

    They are called sundown towns and there are a LOT of them in the US.


    This website has a clickable map where you can see suspected and confirmed sundown towns by state, as well as information about whether these attitudes are historical or current.


    Reblog for the link

    reblog for the link


    If you are white, don’t stop in any of those towns either; spend your money elsewhere.

    I’m just gonna add Casar, NC to this list folks. It’s in the middle of nowhere but still

    Vidor, Texas had 150 residents show up for a BLM rally.

    I still wouldn’t say it’s safe, but it’s a big sign that times are changing.

    <>People in their 20s through 40s: I still have nightmares about school sometimes.

    <>School System: This is normal. I see no problem here.

    Two years. After graduation I would wake up with a panic attack if I heard loud vehicles like garbage trucks outside my window because I thought I overslept and missed the bus.

    My younger sister enters high school and one time my mom asked my sister if she had her homework done. And I thought my mom was talking to me and I blurted out "HOLY SHIT I FORGOT." I was shaking for a good 20 minutes from the adrenaline. I hadn't had homework in three years.

    Several years out of high school I get anxious going to the bathroom at my job thinking my manager or supervisor is going to stop me and give me shit for slacking off or not asking permission. I hold it for hours on end. I drink less water.

    Four years after graduation I show up to work with a 104 degree fever. I'm pulling a pallet and pass out from exasution. It doesn't last long and I'm still okay.

    To this day I hear people giggling and assume they're laughing at me. I assume everyone is going to treat me like a highschooler would. Or worse a teacher. When I'm pulled into an office I assume I'm getting into trouble. I'm terrified of people asssuming I'm stupid or lazy or a flake.

    I graduated in 2014.

    Now lets step back and think about how all of this serves the interests of capital. Our formative years are spent making us deathly terrified of lateness, and fulfilling basic human needs at the expense of productivity. It makes us cowardly and submissive in the face of authority. It drives us into work sick and gives a psyche that always pesters us with "why aren't you doing more"?

    Schools are like THAT for a reason

    youth is a social contruct

    or rather the glorification of it is. no one is having a good amazing time ever. life is an endless train plowing through bullshit at every age from 5 to 95 there is no magical point where shit gets more or less fun things just change and you change. there will always be happy times and shit times but there will never be wasted time because no matter how old you are you have the capacity to have happy moments and fulfilling experiences. youth is just a time to be naive and make stupid shitty decisions you can laugh at later. dont regret not being able to experience going to music festivals when you were 17, go to music festivals now. theres nothing actually special about being young. if you arent dead youve got time.

    “ if you arent dead youve got time. ”

    Swords are bougie garbage, spears and axes are the weapons of the honest working man



    I have a Sword and a Spear, because my family makes pottery and aren’t low class farmers like yours

    Lmao this dude doesnt even have an axe.

    I mean, we’re potters, not glass blowers. Look at this fucker talking about owning three weapons

    Halberd gang rise up. It’s like a spear AND an axe.

    yeah well lets see you split wood with it

    Can’t hear you from all the way over there! I’ve got my halberd between us! Poke poke.

    hey hey



    The fuck’s all this bougie shit about? Who the fuck has money for metal weapons in this economy?

    elitist jackass talking abt ‘crafted weapons’ just pick up a rock you fucking snob

    this might be a hard pill to swallow for college students but getting drunk all the time isnt a personality trait it’s alcoholism


    Here’s another pill: companies and ad teams know that your 20s are extremely stressful and they purposely target you because they don’t care about making us all alcoholics as much as they care about profiting off of us.

    cooler pill that I’d wish I’d known about when I was younger: if you’re struggling with alcohol, AA isn’t your only option. AA can be a bit dogmatic and sometimes hostile to certain communities, especially the LGBT.

    there’s a group called SMART Recovery that has free meetings just like AA, but it’s all science-based and secular.

    and here’s the thing for college students: unlike with AA, it’s okay if your goal is moderation and not abstinence. no one is going to make you feel like a bad guy for being young and just wanting help getting healthier, but perhaps not wanting to commit to being totally abstinent. google SMART Recovery, guys. they’re awesome. :)

    Reblog for non-religious version of AA

    Just be careful to avoid these groups. The Church of Scientology loves to use substance abuse support groups as a front.

    Okay Bernie stans.

    I need you all to prepare yourselves to vote for Biden in November.  

    I’m not happy about it either.  I wanted Elizabeth Warren to destroy Trump on the debate floor.  I wanted to watch her shatter the glass ceiling.  I wanted student loan forgiveness, Medicare for All, and refugee and immigrant protections.

    But I’m not going to get that.  So I am going all in for Biden.

    This can no longer be a matter of “well if I don’t get my way THEN I’M NOT VOTING”.  I’d hoped you all learned your lessons four years ago, but from what I’ve seen on social media, that’s not been the case.  Biden is not ideal but he is better than the alternative.  He is a Democrat who will continue Obama’s legacy.  And you have a shot in hell of getting progressive movements like Medicare for All under a blue majority Congress; we do not have that under Trump.  

    Biden is more willing to listen to the progressive factions of the Democrat party than Trump is.  We will get shit done under him.    

    We cannot survive a second term of Trump.  I need you all to hold your noses, put on your big girl pants, and deal with it.  Prepare to vote for Biden.

    Also, I’ve reviewed most of his plans and they are good.  No, they are not as good as Warren’s plans.  But he commits to LGBTQ+ protections, repealing the transgender in the military ban, and his refugee/immigration protections are way better than I expected (he actually has some culpability to the deportations under the Obama administration).

    He is a good choice, guys.  Maybe not the best.  But he will get us to where we need to be and is a fucking return to SANITY in the government, which we badly fucking need.

    Two, TWO Supreme Court justices are on the table for the next president, plus all the other federal judges McConnell has been stacking benches with the past three years. That’s Roe v. Wade, and a whole lot else, for the foreseeable future. 

    The reality is that we live in a two party system and while I do not want Biden, I am capable of recognizing nuance and shades of gray. If it comes down to Biden, as it very likely may he will not do as much damage as four more years of Trump, and that is an ethical imperative. 

    This is also why we all MUST vote down-ticket as well. 

    Biden’s win allows RBG and Stephen Breyer to retire.

    Think about that. 

    Not voting isn’t a protest. It’s a surrender. If we want change, real change, then we have to drag our country to the left. One. Election. At. A time. It’s not an all-or-nothing scenario. So if it comes down to it, vote for Biden. Get on the bus headed away from fascism and the alt-right. If that bus isn’t heading directly to where we want to go, then we ride it until we have a chance to get on a different bus. Not voting is NOT an option.

    I think this is all the more important to emphasize in the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder. Here’s Biden attending a protest in Wilmington, DE over the weekend and meeting with black church leaders to discuss responses to the protests

    And here’s the White House going dark after protests breakout in front

    register to vote, educate yourself, then turn in your fucking ballots like your life depends on it


    <>for the love of god PLEASE vote for Biden even if you think he sucks because you know what sucks way worse? LITERAL FASCISM

    Voting cannot be the bulk of our efforts, but it sure as hell should be part of them. It’s especially important to flip the Senate. Mitch is pocket-vetoing every half-decent thing in the Senate.

    Some tips for those of you who are protesting just to stay safe. Please remember to cover all of your tattoos, piercings, and really any recognizable features you may have. Turn your location off so no one can track you and have atleast two written emergency contacts.

    If the police begin utalizing tear gas use a combination of 50% water and 50% Maalox/liquid antacid).

    For pepper spray use dawn dish soap and water, vegetable oil, or milk in a spray bottle.

    ***edit: please feel free to add more tips and make sure to read the comments for helpful additions!

    Undercover police officers in new york have been caught using white arms bands / ties on their arms and wrist to signify to officers in uniform that they are not actual protestors, they are all armed

    they are using “color a day” tactic, wearing different colors or ties to show other officers that they are cops as well, they are purposefully trying to incite violence within crowds while pretending to be protestors so people can be arrested


    i’m counting at least four dead giveaways and another obvious cop

  • visible vest under his shirt
  • handcuffs in back pocket
  • hideous shoes that literally only cops wear
  • thin blue line wristband
  • backwards yankees cap
  • armband on his left arm almost certainly covering a blue line/punisher skull tat
  • guy on the right side of the photo also wearing a vest and same wristband on both wrists
  • the white armband is to signal to other plainclothes/undercover officers who is also undercover. keep spreading this.

    George Floyd was murdered by police. Just like Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland, and far too many others.

    White supremacists storm state capitals armed with AR-15 assault rifles and are unharmed. Unarmed people protesting murder by police get tear-gassed and shot with rubber bullets.

    Systemic racism is the disease of this country. It must be eradicated. From the white supremacists in the White House to the terrorist vigilantes who hunted down Ahmaud Arbery to the Central Park (Liberal, Buttigieg supporter) woman in New York, calling police on a man who merely asked her to leash her dog.

    In case anyone is unaware of what’s currently happening in America. Here is an article with actionable things you can do and here is a petition from change.org. Please also share with your own following.