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    Michael was your typical 30 year old straight guy. He had a gorgeous girlfriend, Emma, and two small kiddies, Zak (1) and Sarah (3).

    Michael loved his family and was immensely proud of his life. He did however feel something was missing in his life. He noticed how enthralled he was becoming seeing all the lovely toys his children had. In fact, Michael adored getting to go to the store to buy toys or any products for the children.

    Michael’s mind was definitely curious. On a couple of occasions when Emma was out with the children, Michael put himself in their shoes. On one day, he locked himself inside their playpen and began playing with their toys. On another day, he filled a bottle with milk and drank from it. He’d even practiced crawling and sucking on a pacifier.

    Michael knew that he couldn’t talk to Emma about this. No way would she understand. He began researching online and came across an address that gave adults the opportunity to become children. He felt guilty but couldn’t stop himself from getting in contact. A nice lady named Mummy Katie responded and after much over and back, Michael booked an appointment.

    Michael often worked out of town, so Emma wouldn’t know the difference. The big day arrived and Michael kissed Emma goodbye. He looked at his two gorgeous children, knowing soon enough, he’d be just like them.

    Michael arrived at the address, where he was greeted by Mummy Katie. They discussed how he was feeling before Katie brought him into another room. It was an oversized nursery, one fit for a guy like him. Michael walked around the room looking at everything. He saw diaper brands just like he’d buy the kids, onesies in his size and a bouncer like the one that baby Zak adored.

    After checking if he was comfortable, Katie asked Michael to strip. The father of two slowly stripped down to his boxers.

    “You’re not going to need those for a while”, said Mummy Katie.

    Michael took them off before Katie ushered him onto the changing table. He’d changed enough diapers in his time but never been put in one himself. It felt funny as Katie sprinkled powder on him before slipping the diaper under his butt. Soon, he felt Katie tighten the tapes and he was freshly diapered. It felt so odd.

    Michael was then lead by Katie to pick out his onesie. He chose one that was similar to Zak’s. He didn’t know how to feel. It was a very new experience.

    “Off you go and play little man. Be a good boy for mummy.”

    Michael crawled and settled on playing with some building blocks. Katie could see his eyes were being drawn towards a giant bouncer in the middle of the room.

    “Would baby like a go in that?”

    “Yes”, said Michael.

    Katie brought Michael over and adjusted him into the bouncer. He was in heaven. He was so happy as he bounced and sucked on his pacifier, without a care in the world.

    “Man I can see why Zak loves his bouncer”, thought Michael to himself. While bouncing, Michael began to get the urge to pee. He hadn’t thought about it much. He looked at Katie.

    “Babies don’t use the bathroom now do they sweetie”, she told him.

    He knew she was right and he had paid for the full baby experience. He also knew how much diapers cost and not to waste them.

    Michael closed his eyes and began to relax his bladder. He gave a push, which started as a trickle and soon turned into a stream of warm pee filling his diaper. He didn’t know how to feel. It was an unusual sensation.

    He thought that Katie would change him soon afterwards but she questioned him about what he would do if it was his kid. Usually Emma and he would wait for the diaper to be full. Mummy nodded in agreement.

    Time began to tick on and Michael knew Emma and the kids would be waiting for him. He knew Katie wasn’t letting him go until he had pooped. He hated messy diapers. They were a nightmare. Michael closed his eyes and began to push. After some waiting, poop began to fill the young mans diaper. He wetted himself in the process again and embarrassingly began to leak.

    Katie unstrapped Michael and left him off to get changed. Michael felt highly embarrassed but excited upon seeing himself in the full length mirror. He looked like a proper toddler. The diaper was disgusting and Michael had to jump in the nursery shower.

    He quickly dried and dressed, feeling disappointed as he pulled up his boxers. He thanked Mummy Katie and left for home. Emma and the kids were excited to see him.

    This was the beginning of Michael’s double life. How long before he is caught?

    “No need for confusion, I know exactly where that smell is coming from. This one over here pretty much as no control anymore, I find he’s wet or dirty without even knowing anymore. Yeah, I know, super embarrassing. It’s not me going to the bathroom in a diaper, so I’m not fazed by it anymore. We can leave if you want, or I can change him in the bathroom, even on the floor over here, if you want.”



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    Doesn’t she look beautiful? Her kids are gorgeous!