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    Worship has no boundaries. There is no place for self in worship. No room for pride. Worship is a physical expression of bringing one’s self low in acknowledgement of one’s dependency upon another. It is the physical manifestation of a profoundly deep emotional and spiritual state of awe, fear, and adoration. Where everything is possible. And nothing is impossible. It comes from the heart, mind, and body and engages all the senses. It’s making one’s self vulnerable and exposed. It’s a plea for grace and mercy where neither is merited or deserved. It’s not about reward. It’s not about you at all. 


    I’m a worthless faggot. I have no rights or feelings. I only exist to please real Men. My only purpose is to worship and obey Alphas. My mouth is not for talking, it’s just for sucking dick and drinking piss from superiors. The only words I know are “Yes Sir” and “thank you Master”, never objecting any orders from a God and always following orders because a true Man knows what’s better for me. I know that begging for forgiveness and mercy won’t mean anything after misbehaving, i take the punishment and thank the Master for taking the time and effort to teach me how to be a better slave.

    I’m not human anymore, i gave up my rights when i gave my chastity keys to a Man. I now belong to him, i became his object the moment i called him “Sir” the first time.


    He has been watching you in the gym, the way you look at him and can’t keep your eyes off of his big muscles, how you drool every time you get a glimpse of his hairy armpits. He recognises a faggot when he sees one so he started teasing you and one day he saw you following him to the showers, so he left you his dirty sweaty socks and when to the bathroom. You couldn’t resist and grabbed them and started sniffing. When he came back he cought hypnotised with his smell. He ordered you to get naked and go take a shower, he needed to examine you and when you took your pants off he saw your locked fagclit already leaking. He came closer to you and whispered in your ear with his deep manly voice “you’re my faggot now, you’ll worship me and do what i say whore”. It finally happened, you found your purpose in life. He took you to his place and then that look was on his face, you asked him what’s going on, he told you how disappointed he was because you never approached him before that, he could have used you way before but you’re a pathetic faggot too afraid to speak to Alphas, you apologised and promised him to make up for all the times he didn’t have you as his feet by being his slave 24/7 loyal only to him, ready to do anything he wants.

    When a Sadist locks you away in a private secured space hidden away in His home, just remember…

    At some point You’re going to realize a few things..

    • While He’s gone he’s not thinking about You at all, you’re just put away like just like He puts away the vacuum when he’s done using you.
    • You merely exist to serve one purpose, you’re the food He eats that feeds His Sadistic needs.
    • He is the only Human you’re even going to have contact with ever again. Cutting you off of human contact keeps Him in control of you.
    • He feeds off your misery which is why you live in such conditions now. With every tear that falls, scream you make, and when you beg for release, all you’re doing is ensuring you’ll never leave.

    This is why He is the Master and you are just property.


    Sometimes I like to relieve stress from a hard day at work by smacking my white fat piggy. A great way to relax and also remind my white slave that it’s inferior to me and always will be. My big Arab feet on their face is something they’ll appreciate for the rest of their life.