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you know if you should be here or not. dont break the rules. (f. 21)


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    i want someone to kidnapp me and give me the stockholm syndrom 🥺 like ofc i won’t just run into your arms like that, i’m not dumb, but imagine you finding out i’m scared of the dark and using it to your advantage .. leaving me alone in a dark room at night, not coming to visit me for days, the only person i can talk to is you, and you only come every second or third or sometimes fourth day to feed me, just before it gets dark, and ofcourse i won’t admit to you that i hate being alone in the dark but you already know .. your hand striking me when i refuse to eat or sometimes just for your own amusement is the only human contact i have ..and while at first everytime i heard your steps infront of my room would scare me, after a while i would break.. jump in your arms, frightened you might not come back and leave me in this dark room for the night once again.. and you’d softly pick me up and carry me upstairs in your room.. your little angel .. yours to protect and use


    What if I kidnapped you but instead of forcing you to be naked or to wear lingerie 24/7, I forced you to wear nothing but my old hoodies and t shirts with comfy panties, making you look like perfect devoted girlfriend instead of the fucktoy victim you are.


    That way not only will I be telling you that this is right for you, even your friends and family will tell you that you should be happy too.

    You’ll start to believe it.

    Imagine having roommates that always want to use you, constantly fucking all your holes and taking turns unloading their cum into your cunt. Inviting themselves into the shower with you, into your bed at night, sitting you down on one of their cocks at the table while you eat together. They pass you around on the couch every night, taking turns letting you ride them. Or some nights they all use you at ones, holding their cum in to put it in your cunt where it belongs.

    take me, tie me down, and rape all my holes. whore me out to strangers and make money off of my body. but then when you get bored of it, force me to become your personalized slave. force me to participate. tie me in a way where you can control my movement at the tug of a rope or a chain. make me ride your cock. when that gets boring, start to hurt and threaten me to the point where i do it on my own, out of fear. start to become more specific. keep threatening me and hurting me if i don’t do it right. train me to suck and fuck just the way you like it. turn me into your dirty obedient little whore, knowing i hate every second of it even when you make me act as if like it.