kinky guy
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2022-09-27 14:21:38

    You ready to finally tell us what team you play for?


    Oh still no clear answer. You’ve been out here all night. Well I guess we will have to amplify your situation with some really long edging sessions. I got voted to get you started on your first 12 hours. After a week straight of edging you’ll finally talk plus that’s the only time we will remove the gag anyways.


    What’s that bitch? You can’t speak? Well maybe you shouldn’t try stealing our game plans dressed as a freshman no less. So we’re gonna treat you like a freshman with a full initiation EXCEPT yours will last a week where theirs last only 7 hours. Well I better get to edging your pathetic dick meat, but first I want to get you very secure.

    There we go! Now just got to cut a hole for your dicklet and the first of several 12 hour edgings will begin!!!


    I almost have my self-restraint table fully outfitted. It has taken over a year of gradual customization. I have performed a couple of improvement cycles since I started.

    It includes ankle, wrist, and head restraints, along with foot and hip immobilization. The electromagnetic restraints (maglocks), lamp, and vibrator and enema “tortures” are controlled by custom-built, wi-fi enabled controller. About the only “comfort” items are a padded headrest and the foam puzzle mat to lay on.