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    Tumblr Alternative (SAFE Place for Lewds)

    It’s not new at all. It’s my discord! Get art directly and share all the content you want.


    You DO NOT  need to come just for my art. You can come as CONTENT CREATORS and post your lewds for all to see. I have boards for gay, lesbian, vanilla, and fetish porn- everything you could ever want to post and share and see.

    I also have conversation boards and it’s all wrapped up in a well-moderated 18+ space. Spread this if you like my art or the freedom to post things!

    Open wide for your binky little one, from here on out you only get to suck nipples and butt holes. I know you're cock hungry, but you won't be getting any of that until I've completely reduced you to a babbling, drooling helpless little sissy bimbo. Your big girl days are over, you're Mommy's little doll now. #sissyslut #sissyfemdom #sissytraining #sissification #forcedbi #humiliation #chastityslave #abdl #littlespace #mommydom #mmlg #mdlg #dominatrix #ageplay #infantilism https://www.instagram.com/p/BrATZlIAItMXObZelJ6jtpwN1ovHZ-Ab8BVvR80/?utm_source=ig_tumblr_share&igshid=19xaqh959f75l

    Fuck Instagram, fuck Tumblr, I'm moving most of my activity to Snapchat and Twitter it seems. Any Discord servers I should know about? DM me bbies 💖 #sissyfemdom #humiliation #feetfemdom #dominatrix #sissyslut #forcedbi #mmlg #mdlg #gothicc https://www.instagram.com/p/Bq_ZFaLAtD1XvfV3ufj8Ci2sQkQLxBVIKSIaFY0/?utm_source=ig_tumblr_share&igshid=7n7dmkq870oc

    Good sissies have no gag reflex, so we're going to practice your deep throating with my heels, and make sure you lick them nice and clean when you are done. #sissyslut #sissyfemdom #sissytraining #sissification #forcedbi #dominatrix #humiliation #feetfemdom #shoelicking #footfetishnation #footporn #footgoddess https://www.instagram.com/p/Bq_YMXIAkgFzgwKbgT_sW_DCJVSVhaUX3spR9Y0/?utm_source=ig_tumblr_share&igshid=1i4xg65jw25p2


    I just bought my first chastity cage I wanna b a sissy tell me how long to stay locked up Bc sissy like me don’t deserve erection when looking at women as beautiful as u

    First off, submissive little sissies ask permission for everything. "Tell me" should not even be in your vocabulary. You don't deserve anything. Now if you send me some money or buy something off my wishlist I might tell you. But you're off to a terrible start.

    Everyone pls be careful...I've seen news of this going around, also beware of puppet accounts with no posts or followers https://www.instagram.com/p/BqvHjJQA0C7vwor_1ZTVCrxIkr6VM8Rp7afxV00/?utm_source=ig_tumblr_share&igshid=1dhvhtcyd4ddg

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    really need to start putting out new content, been sick and working for forever but that's over soon, in the meantime here's some summer time sweetfeets featuring Mommy's loving touch😍😍😍 #footprincess #footporn #footqueen #footfetishnation #baresoles #barefoot #smallfeet #cutefeet #footworshipping #abdlcommunity #littlespace #adultbabygirl https://www.instagram.com/p/BqsbbBiA-G45TIU0zvf2XP3ss9ggmqj6JGmAUQ0/?utm_source=ig_tumblr_share&igshid=dgiyyslka7bc

    God, diaper humiliation is such a rush though…

    “Just changed you x amount of time ago and you’re already wet again?”

    “You’re such a little baby, sitting in your wet diaper.”

    “You don’t have potty privileges. You can sit right there in your diaper and go potty like the baby you are.”

    “Show Mommy/Daddy how wet you are baby. Knowing you, I’m sure you’re not dry. You never are for long.”

    “No you’re not allowed to change. You’re just a baby. You’re not to be concerned about your little diapies. That’s Mommy’s/Daddy’s job.”

    “Time for a diaper check baby. I don’t care if you didn’t go. You’re too little to be able to check on your own.”

    “Go put on a diaper, then you can potty. No toilet for my little baby.”

    “You’re so fucking wet and you love it don’t you?”

    “Put some panties on over that wet diaper. I want every inch of that pressed against you so you don’t forget what a little baby you are.”

    “Piss yourself for me, like my little baby.”

    “Tell me how much of a baby you are while you press that wet diapie against yourself.”

    “Mommy/Daddy is going to go potty in the toilet while you sit there in your little wet diapie like a proper baby.”

    “Oh you want to be sassy? There’s goes your opportunity for a change. That’s another hour for you. I don’t care if you leak.”

    “Let’s see how much those can hold. I’m sure Mommy/Daddy’s little one can fill those up in no time.”

    “No big boy/girl panties today. I think today will be a no potty privileges day for my baby. “

    “You’re not a baby? Why don’t you say that to me again but this time press on that soaking diaper between your legs.”

    “Aww you leaked? That’s okie sweetheart that’s what happens to babies that can’t control when they potty.”

    “You wanna use the big kid potty? Alright go sit on it but keep that diapie on. You can pretend you’re a big kid. Oh no, that’s not what you meant? I don’t care. Go. Now.”

    “Go sit on the potty with your diaper on baby. Mommy/Daddy wants to see you try to go like a big kid. Your diaper will hold up, don’t worry.”

    “Go put on a diaper. I don’t trust you to keep those pants clean. You’re just a baby after all.”

    “Aw sweetie did you have an accident in your diapie? Such a good boy/girl for Mommy/Daddy.”

    “That diaper is sagging something fierce baby. Good. Now you look like the baby you are. Sit down.”

    “Since you like to not do what you’re told so much, why don’t you just go and pee your little pants. Show me how much of a big kid you are without your diapers.”

    “If you don’t want to listen, you can put a fresh diapie on over that one. Then we will see how much you feel like being bratty, hm?”

    “I want that diaper thicker. My baby is such a little potty pants, we have to make sure you’re properly protected.”

    “You can’t walk properly? Good. You can crawl.”

    “You’re squishy? Aw darling that means your diapers are working well.”

    “My baby had an accident? Aw aren’t you glad Mommy/Daddy knew enough to put you in diapers?”

    “Today is diaper day. No excuses or negotiation.”

    “Look at my baby trying to be all tough when you’re sitting there in a soaked diaper. You’re cute when you try to be all big.”

    “It’s little time. Diaper on, and pacifier in until Mommy/Daddy says. You talk with it in and you ask permission to take it out.”

    “I said keep your paci in. Ten minutes humping that soaking little diaper of yours. Maybe that will teach you to listen to Mommy/Daddy.”

    “I think you need a reminder of who owns that cute little tushy. Diapered and in the corner. Time out time. Don’t worry, your diapie will catch all your accidents”

    “Yes sweetie, you look very big in those big kid undies. Now stop playing dress up and lets get you in a diaper.”

    “Are you trying to hide that you’re wet? Oh silly, Mommy/Daddy already knew you were. Why do you think we asked for a diaper check?”

    “I know you’re wet. The question is, how wet?”

    “Lay on your tummy baby, and keep your paci in. You need some tummy time.”

    “I love my little potty prince/princess.”

    “You look so good with that paci in your mouth, why did I ever let you take it out?”

    “Is my baby fussy? That’s get that little rush changed and down for a nap. No, you don’t get a choice.”