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    Weird peeve time. Calling lab grown gemstones "fake" is stupid because it's the same shit just not formed naturally. An artificially grown diamond is the same shit as a natural diamond it is the exact same material bro it's all fuckign carbon


    It's carbon it's pretty and it didn't involve slave labor what's not to love??? Hi I'm having geology opinions tonight apparently. And I'm right


    There is so much bullshit in the diamonds industry to be mad about tbh. It also ties into the bullshit of the wedding industry as a whole but we don't have the time to unpack all that


    not even going to lie, the day i learned i could get like 15 lab grown rubies the size of dimes for $20 is the day i spent $20 on rubies, and i have never once said to myself "man, i wish this cost $1,600 and the lives of eight children to produce"


    We are a pro-lab-grown mineral blog here, not only is it massively cheaper but massively more ethical as well in many cases.


    another very cool lab grown gem is Moissanite. It has a 9.25 on the mohs hardness scale where diamond is a 10. Moissanote also has a 2.69 refractive index in comparison to diamond’s 2.419 and here is the difference 

    and the best thing about moissanite? It is all lab grown and it costs only a fraction of what diamond costs. So fuck the diamond indsutry and buy lab grown gems which cost significantly less


    Not only is this true, it’s the reason all those bizarre styles like Elizabethan collars went out of fashion. If you look at the clothes of the lower classes in Europe, there hasn’t been much new under the sun in the last 1000 years. Yeah, the hemlines have changed and women wear pants now/again, but tunic-and-leggings or some variation thereon has been the commoner’s uniform for over a millennium. (And of course for the skirt-inclined, you can still buy that basic silhouette today.) So why the shift in the 1900s toward “no more wild noble fashions, we all kind of dress the same”?

    The sewing machine.

    Suddenly all but the most destitute of housewives could make whatever she wanted at home. And those who couldn’t saw the prices of purchased clothing go way down, because what once took two weeks to sew now took two days. There was no longer a point to wearing huge, ostentatious clothing that showed off how much fabric and sewing you could afford, because suddenly EVERYONE could afford it.

    We see the same thing happening today with easily-accessible gems. Oh, noooo, the plebs can afford it, how can it be a status symbol NOW?


    Surrender, piggy

    I don’t just want you to be “fat”, piggy. 

    I want you to be an obese slob, addicted to gluttony. 

    I want people to look at you in disgust, wondering how someone is able to do that to themselves.

    I want to fatten you up until you’re nothing but a gigantic, shapeless blob of fat that everyone can feed and use for their pleasure. 

    Belly covering up most of your swollen legs, pinning you down under all that weight. 

    I won’t stop at 500 or 600 pounds, no - you, my dear piggy, will make slobs at that weight look small compared to you. So open your mouth for me, fatty. 


    Yes 😍😍😍


    I don’t need to be smart - all I need to focus on is food and cum 😍🤤 Dumb isn’t bad, dumb is good 💕 Piggy doesn’t need to think, piggy just needs to be fed and used by feeders like a dumb toy 😍


    Good little girl, get nice and fat until you can't breathe or remember your name


    I love it when people reblog my stuff, saying some really hot things 😍😍🤤🤤

    You know what I’m really into? People with naturally big appetites knowing they don’t have to hold back because their SO loves them for it. Just eating to their heart’s content (and more, just because they can), knowing that not only they won’t be admonished for it, they’d be rewarded with kisses and belly rubs because there’s no bigger compliment to their SO than someone getting stuffed to the gills on their cooking 💜