Eat up, baby!

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    yknow what trope i fucking ADORE ?? feedee (playfully, of course!) blaming the feeder for their weight. “look what you did to me,” “you made me so soft,” “I got so big for you” like godDAMN smother me already


    I loooooove that teasing back and forth, a feedee playfully blaming a feeder for their weight gain only to have the feeder remind them they are the one continuing to eat and grow…

    A+ 🙏


    Bonus if the feedee grabs, shakes or jiggles their fat and reminds their feeder scoldingly “YOU made this, you turned me into a whale, it’s because of your bad influence that I’ll never be skinny again, that I’m outgrowing all my clothes…”

    And so on.


    I present to you, literally my favorite yelp review at the SmartPet I used to work at. It’s called CLOSING for a reason people


    The person who locked the doors in their faces is my hero.


    If I have to enter a store within 10 minutes of closing, I spend the whole speed run apologizing and trying to get my shit and get out as fast as possible because I used to be that person who needed to finish their close so they could go the fuck home People who pull this shit should definitely have doors locked in their faces

    i just want people 2 be able to look at my blog and feel like the feedist community is a kind, safe space they can belong to and not a fetish e-hell of reposting content w/o consent and fetishizing fat bodies. the core of feedism is all love and respect and i wish more of that was represented within our community. the fact that so many blogs are allowed to operate that are 100% nonconsensual reposts without captions is just disgusting! embaracing feedism esp as a feedee/fat person and ESP as a woman/femme/queer person embracing this kink goes hand in hand w ur journey of self love and confididence w ur physical form and seeing yall constantly degrade and disrespect us just disgusts me so much....

    A lot of this kink for me is about making someone feel comfortable and sated. I want you to relax while I make you food, I want you to enjoy everything you eat and not hold back, I want you to feel warm and appreciated by me. Watching someone else eat lots is so cute to me. It’s just like I want to take care of someone. I want someone to get round off of me doting over them and making sure their belly is always filled, maybe even overfilled at points. I just love the idea of making someone feel so comfortable with eating that they just eat to their heart’s content all the time and always indulge themselves, and get chubbier and softer as a result. If you’re not struggling and heaving to get up after we’ve eaten together, I’m not loving you hard enough. And then, after stuffing themselves to the brim, I want them to rest and sleep off their food coma somewhere warm and cozy.

    A Fattening Holiday, Part 1. contd.

    This is the sexy bit of the audio for those who just want to go straight in to getting themselves off. Enjoy!

    Transcript:The next day, I wake up next to you. You finished the shake and passed out before I came to bed, so I kiss you good morning and reach my hand in between your plump thighs to get you off as a reward. I almost call in sick to work. I want to fuck you and feed you and spoil you now, not later. But I know you have work to do too. Soon, you’re cumming for me and I kiss you long and hard before we go our separate ways for the day. 

    I can think of nothing else but fattening you with the homemade treats I spent hours making yesterday. I hid them well so you wouldn’t gorge on them today before I got home. Or so I thought. 

    I come home, and you’re not in your usual spot by the TV. I peek into the kitchen and realise the pantry door is open. I walk in, and am torn between punishing you and praising you. You’re sat on the floor, belly engorged and clearly more than full, groaning, as you lean against the wall. You don’t notice me as I take in the scene. The cakes and treats I made are mostly gone. I hid them on the top shelves because I didn’t think you would want to exert yourself using the ladder or that it would take your growing weight. I was wrong. Chocolate muffin crumbs scatter the floor, sprinkles cover your naked thighs and surroundings, icing looks so cute on your cheeks and hands. I am amazed. You look like you’re in a deep trance. You are in a shirt that strains almost impossibly over your huge frame, hugging it tightly and showing off your gluttony. Your belly rests on your lap and while your legs are bare, I know you’re wearing underwear. You always do unless I take it off you or demand you take it off. You’re such a good slut for me. And good job, too. This misbehaviour has really unlocked my dominant side tonight. I clear my throat to get your attention.

    “Wow, piggy. Couldn’t even wait until I got home, huh?” I slowly walk over to you as I talk. You start to protest. “Oh, no, baby. That wasn’t a question. That was just an observation. Look at you. This could have been a lovely romantic evening, me tenderly feeding you all the treats I spent hours making yesterday. But no. Now it’s going to be a punishment." 

    I see you squirm, and I know it’s in excitement. I get out my phone and kneel to you to show you a picture of me from last night, naked except the apron. "While you were lying immobilized getting fatter for your own pleasure, I was here, dressed like that, for you.” You groan again, but from an uncomfortable fullness. Your eyes plead, but I’m not letting this gorging go today. I slap your belly, not hard enough to hurt but enough to let you know I’m in charge now. I kiss you dominantly, holding your face in my hands. “You know I need to punish you, don’t you, baby?” I say, gently stroking your cheek. You nod, and as you respond I put my hand between your legs. “I can feel that you know that too, you dirty piggy.” I stand up and whistle, like I’m calling for you on a farm. You slowly sit up and away from the wall, using all your leftover strength to stand up. Usually I’d help you, but you know that this is part of your punishment. I smile as I watch you stand. 

    “There’s a good piggy.” I come back over to you and slap your ass before bending you over the counter. I lean over and whisper in your ear “does my hog need fucking?”  

    In response, you grind your fat ass into me and I slap it again, acknowledging you. You’ve got yourself into situations like this more than you’d care to admit these days, but it means you’ve become accustomed to me taking you from behind. But only good piggies get the strap on. Today, I’ll use our favourite dildo for your tight ass. The dirtier I treat you, the more I treat you like you were designed to live out your days as a piggy slut, the hornier you get. Hell, the hornier I get. I tug your underwear down in one swift motion and I lube up the dildo and slowly, gently, push it in you. You grunt and let out a series of small burps, and I rub your back reassuringly. “I bet that tummy feels a bit better already.” I feel you relax underneath me and smile to myself as I put it all in you. You know that if you are going to cum, you have to put the work in. I lazily fuck your tight ass with the toy as I let you do all the work, riding and bouncing as much as is possible. When I see you’ve slowed, or your struggling, I fuck your ass for you. But you won’t be getting any praise from me today. You know what you did.  

    I’m watching you eagerly. We’ve been together a long time now and I can tell what gets you going and when you’re about to cum. I fondle your fat, call you names, spank your cute ass even as I fuck it, tease you, grab your rolls until I see that look on your face that tells me you’re close. I grin, and take the dildo out of your ass. You whimper underneath me, suddenly realising what has happened. I kiss you, pushing you back down onto the floor. I deserve some praise, some recognition, for trying to stuff you silly on my own terms. Once you’re firmly on the ground, I finally undress for you. You don’t get to enjoy the sight for long as I sit on your face, facing your gargantuan belly. I feel your tongue start to explore me and I can’t help but moan for you. You eat me out like you eat anything: quickly but expertly, hungrily but appreciatively. I can’t get enough. I tease you, grabbing your fat, tight stomach. You eat me out more fervently, and it drives me wild. I lean forward slightly, tucking my fingers in each side of your shirt and pulling it taut until it rips clean off you. Your stomach expands more now it’s not in restraints and I am so close.  

    “Fuck, piggy. You look so good. So fat. Oh- oh! OH!”  I cum suddenly, feeling your hands firmly holding me in place so you can taste every last drop of me. I then stand up, legs weak, and lie down next to you again. "It’s the best time of year again, babe. I can’t wait to make you fatter.“

    A Fattening Holiday - Part 1

    Hi everyone! Back with another audio tease, and this is going to be the 1st part of a little series leading up to Christmas, possibly New Year. There will definitely be a part 2, and ideally I want to do a part 3 too to kind of release something every month but we’ll see

    This first audio was actually over the limit for Tumblr so I have split it into two audios. This first part is short, and the next part is about 9 minutes. I’ll reblog this post with the new audio attached if I can, but if not it will be a separate post. I’ll try and get better at condensing everything into one audio clip, but I don’t have the time at the moment to try and shorten this one.

    As usual, the transcript is below. Enjoy!

    Transcript:It’s the best time of year again, babe. Halloween and Christmas treats are filling the shelves, and you’re eating them the same day I bring them home. I know a lot of your clothes are becoming tight now, baby. I must have shrunk them in the wash. You know what I’m like. So I thought I’d treat you to a new, cosy, oversized jumper. You can wear it when we visit everyone and catch up with our families over the holidays! You’ll look fantastic. Quarantine has really done a number on you, but you can cover it up with this. I know you don’t want your family asking questions, but I know you don’t want to stop being my greedy piggy either. This will allow you to gorge and just look normally full. Don’t worry, I’ll reach under and relieve some pressure for you.

    But first, it’s Halloween. Normally we invite our younger relatives to go trick or treating up and down our street, but it’s just us this year, and I want to make it memorable. I get home from work and find you, gorging in front of the TV as usual. I come over and kiss you, pulling you to me by grabbing your belly, my thumb in your belly button and my fingers grasping as much fat as I can. You blink up at me in surprise and I can tell you’re already turned on. “Hi, piggy.”

    You smile and kiss me back, needily and obediently. I almost feel bad for what I’m about to say next, because I know you want the attention. But I want you to be fatter more.

    “No playing today. I’m going to hook you up to the funnel. Babygirl needs to get busy in the kitchen for you.”

    You look at me quizically but stand up, kiss my cheek, and walk into our spare bedroom which is now, essentially, a funnel feeding room for you. I slap your ass and grin at you before watching you lay down and get yourself comfortable. I jiggle your partially empty belly and smile down at you.

    “You’re going to get so nice and full for me today, piggy. I don’t want any complaints, because I’m going to be hard at work for you.” I bring your hand in between my legs where I let you tease me until I’m a little wet. I then abruptly take your hand away, and turn the machine on, feed pouring into your waiting mouth. “You can play with me when you’re stuffed. Now, drink up. I’ll see you in a bit.”

    Sometimes my strict self control even amazes me. I’d love nothing more than to stand there and get fingered by my fat hog while you guzzle thousands and thousands of calories for me. But I want to cook for you. And I want you bigger.

    I strip off so I’m completely naked, and then put on an apron. I tie my hair up and get to work.