“Pish-Posh” said Keylin’s girlfriend. “You my pretty little boy, can NEVER look too feminine. Off you go now back upstairs. I want you to spritz on WAY more perfume. I want you absolutely dripping in it”.


    Fake Mistress Blogs

    I’ve gotten quite a few IMs from “Mistresses” whose blogs have only existed for a day or two even if they have quite a few posts. Usually pretty crappy posts. Definitely no pics that actually represent themselves. And their come-ons are usually an epically bland “Hey Slave” or “Submit to me.” Nothing approaching a personal touch. Here is a message to any that try it again.

    FUCK THE FUCK OFF!!! EAT SHIT. DIE. You’ll be reported, and you’ll be blocked. Your come-ons are transparent bullshit and you need to quit and go away.


    This needs to be repeated apparently. I’ve had like 5 of these come-ons in as many days, all equally lame. Blogs that only existed since yesterday like this one: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/view/mistressgabbycarter And they approach so impersonally. Avoid. Stay away.