Femdom Family Therapy 013


    Oh, That’s a boner generator.


    Soon they’ll have their step-brother fully feminized in his younger step-sister’s old clothes and doing all of their chores for them. After that they’ll use what used to be his allowance to purchase some pretty maid uniforms for him to do his housework.


    Friendzoning is what made so many of us pussyfree betas.  Reblog if it makes you want to edge and fantasize about what the real men get.


    Friendzoned beta for life.


    When your beautiful best friend said to come over to hers before you went out to the mall, you thought nothing of it..

    Then when she said she needed you to do a really special favour for her, you were nervous but also happy you might get what you’d been daring to dream about.

    Ok, now I’ve explained why I need you to wear this, I’d really appreciate it if you do. I’ll come back in a minute, once it’s on, leave your pants off so I can check it’s on properly, ok?”


    Casually cruel. Heartlessly harsh. Blithely bitchy. Offhandedly offensive. Nonchalantly nasty. Incidentally inhuman. Unintentionally unkind. She’s just telling it like it is, as she sees it. She doesn’t mean to be mean. She’s not trying to hurt your feelings. If you said something about it to her, she wouldn’t understand why you’d object to what she said. And then she’d really start being honest with you.