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2020-07-07 20:49:20

    Please share!!! Repost! My cousin Taylor Blackwell was found deceased at a hotel February 28th, 2020 at the age of 19 years old, less than 3 months shy of her 20th birthday. Taylor was an astonishingly intelligent, self aware, extremely mature, goofy and always had been beyond her years. She was a young lady who was for her people and cared so much about the justice and well being of black lives. My aunties only child, My auntie has not recieved any solid answers from anyone. She wasn’t allowed to identity her own daughter’s body, She never received her autopsy report, We contacted the police before they contacted us since a hotel employee who was familiar with my family identified her by her ID In the hotel room and contacted my sister. The detectives have not gotten back with my auntie since April. There were bruises on her body that she wasn’t told about, and found out upon viewing her body for the first time in the casket.There was absolutely no news or media coverage on this. Nothing is adding up my cousin was the most reposible young woman I knew, and beyond cautious. She was a working college student who was majoring in psychology. She died a walking distance away from her home, and less then a 3 minute drive away from her home. The exact neighborhood we grew up in our entire lives ,our safe haven. She told me she was weary of the person she was with last..... Nothing is adding up. Please share and make this public. The more awareness the more we’ll be able to do something about this. If anyone knows anything I can do to further the investigation or how to go about contacting someone can help us or you are someone with that knowledge please reach out. #JusticeForTaylorB