“You got demoted from the boardroom for failing to please. All you had to do to keep the cushy corner office and the luxury life style was give it up once in a while to the boss man. Now you’ll be fighting to keep your manhood. I can protect you, but my deal is like the boss suit’s offer. You give me that virgin ass, suck my cock, keep my shack tidy, and have my meals ready, you’ll never see the inside of the mine. You also won’t have to worry about no other miner fucking you or getting passed around by the crew. Say no to my offer and I’ll Chuck you into the pleasure shack and announce your virgin status, you won’t survive the gang rape.”

“How do you want me sir?”

“Get rid of the overalls you won’t need them. Keep the boots and the hard hat, those are mandatory safety equipment. Get inside and bend over my cot, I’ll be in shortly to claim my prize.”