Mr. Robert Hamilton, Esq. should have known better than to dip into client funds at his white show law practice. However, a combination of hubris and arrogance rendered him unwilling to consider the consequences should his actions be noticed. Sadly, for the once-respected and distinguished member of the bar, he was unmasked as a fraud. His perfect life crumbled to pieces around his feet. In short order, he faced disbarment, bankruptcy, a humiliating trial during which all manner of sordid personal details were aired in public. His cheated clients and former legal associates reveled in his downfall. With no friends left, and unable to afford even the most incompetent private legal team, he grudgingly accepted help from the first year public defender assigned to his case. Mr. Hamilton tried to mount a valiant defense for himself, but the broken man arguing in the courtroom was little more than a shell of his former self. He looked haunted, aged, defeated. Missing his regular appointments with his upscale barber, he was poorly shaven and coiffed. With all his belongings confiscated and auctioned off for restitution, he dressed each day in a rumpled polyester blazer and pants, pityingly provided by his public defender. Compounding his humiliation were the white jail socks and orange clogs he was forced to wear, for he truly had no other option. Stumbling through the trial, he managed to do little more than stutter and dig himself deeper into a hole of guilt. And when, after just 30 minutes of deliberation, the jury handed down a guilty verdict, Mr. Robert Hamilton (formerly Esq.) collapsed in sobs. One almost felt a pang of sadness for the man, now a convicted felon set to serve the next twenty years in Federal Prison. He was 60, and a conviction likely meant a life sentence. However, at least in this case, justice was served. Perhaps next time, the rich and mighty would think twice before putting self interest and personal gain before ethical behavior. Certainly, Robert Hamilton’s conviction did give some other unscrupulous members of the legal world pause. The day after the trial, on the front page of the city’s newspaper of record, the last image of Robert Hamilton, Inmate 2276895, was published for all to see. If it weren’t for his silver shock of hair and a hint of aristocratic resolve on his face, he would have been indistinguishable from his from his shackeled fellow cons, identically jumpsuited, being herded into a prison transport van, and heading for their new lives.

    The suitedsubmissive's New Look

    “It’s hard to believe that only last year, Andrew was a VP for a major brokerage firm.  When the tats his master ordered him to have done started to show outside the confines of his posh suits, he was given a lecture by the CEO, and when he came into the office one morning with a shaved head, he was finally fired.  It was just what his master had planned.

    That very day, he had Andrew pack up all his suits and preppy, designer clothing, shoes, accessories, underwear into garbage bags.  Master threw him a low cut, yellow tank top, emblazoned with the word "PIG”, a pair of ratty gym shorts with the lining cut out, and an old pair of work boots.  Andrew got dressed in the only clothing he now owned, and was told to carry his old clothes, his old life, really, to the goodwill across town…making as many trips as he had to until everything was gone.  Today, he’s nothing more than a shaved down, inked up and ringed freak, unfit for polite society.  He’ll never sit in a boardroom ever again, but his master has made a pretty penny renting him out to the local leather bars."


    Before and After…..

    Matthew Meyer, Wisconsin Lawyer

    Meyer, a criminal defense lawyer in the summer of 2020, found himself being handcuffed in a courtroom for the second time in less than a year.

    Meyer was arrested at the Criminal Justice Facility on a host of charges related to a bitter, drawn-out exit from a volatile relationship with a former girlfriend.

    A sheriff’s deputy put cuffs on again after he was sentenced to a year in jail for crimes the judge said were made worse by his “energized evil” against the woman.

    The Assistant District Attorney called the defendant arrogant and manipulative and said he used his position as a lawyer to “weaponize the criminal justice system” in threats against the woman. 

    Post 070



    Say goodbye to that law license and those fancy suits!

    Business Call

    “I can’t understand a fuckin’ word you’re saying, boy! Stop fuckin’ crying or I’m gonna hang up. Now what’s so goddamn important you had to call me at work? Why’s there no money in your bank account? Cause it’s my money now, that’s why! Yeah, I drained the entire fucking thing… transferred the last of it the other night. Hey, you were the needy faggot who gave me the info. Begging to serve me, like some little bitch. Guess you shoulda had some self control, but it’s too late now. Yeah, I got your Amex too, all them cards, boy. You oughta see the shit I had shipped to my place. Only problem is now they’re maxed out. I didn’t know it was possible either, and it pisses me off! I thought some big shot like you would have unlimited funds, but I guess the well’s running dry. I don’t know what you’re gonna do boy, but I do know you’re gonna keep making me happy. So what! Take the bus like anyone else would do. I don’t care what people will say. I think it’s fucking funny, a goddamn executive rolling up to the the office in a city bus… fucking pathetic. You’re the one who offered me the keys and told me to take it. That S550 sure looks strange parked in the mud down here at the site, boy. All the guys wanna take it for a spin. Awww, crying again, faggot! I’m about to hang up! What’s that, tonight? Yeah, I’ll be over tonight, boy. I think we have some more paperwork to sign. I’ve always wanted a condo here in the city, and I think yours might be available soon. God, you beg like a fuckin’ bitch! Yeah, if you make me happy, you just might get to taste my cock tonight, boy. Now get the fuck back to work, you got a big down payment coming due soon!”


    Edward VII’s Sex Chair,

    The British King Edward VII had very strong sexual appetites. His whole life was filled with affairs, scandals, mistresses, and lurid brothel visits. His nickname among the Royal Family was Bertie, but many fittingly called him “dirty Bertie” as well as “Edward the Caresser”. As the King grew older, he found more and more difficult to make whoopee due to his increasing weight and arthritis.  However his sexual appetites did not decrease with age. 

    Thus, to accommodate the King, a special chair was made which could position a woman in almost any sexual position, with special supports for the King to use to relief tension on his joints and lesson the effects of his weight. 

    What’s more, the chair was designed to hold two women, one on the upper table, another below, so that the King could have a threesome despite his lack of athleticism. Edward VII kept the chair, called the fauteuil d'amour (armchair of love) at his favorite brothel,  Le Chabanais in Paris. 

    Today Edward VII’s sex chair still survives, and is currently held by a private collector who claims that it is still used for it’s purpose. A replica of the chair is on display at the Museum of Sex in Prague.

    Edward VII also had a champagne bathtub designed to accommodate multiple women. 


    I’ve heard of this ‘chair’ but have never seen a picture until now. Good old Edward the Caresser. 


    “You got demoted from the boardroom for failing to please. All you had to do to keep the cushy corner office and the luxury life style was give it up once in a while to the boss man. Now you’ll be fighting to keep your manhood. I can protect you, but my deal is like the boss suit’s offer. You give me that virgin ass, suck my cock, keep my shack tidy, and have my meals ready, you’ll never see the inside of the mine. You also won’t have to worry about no other miner fucking you or getting passed around by the crew. Say no to my offer and I’ll Chuck you into the pleasure shack and announce your virgin status, you won’t survive the gang rape.”

    “How do you want me sir?”

    “Get rid of the overalls you won’t need them. Keep the boots and the hard hat, those are mandatory safety equipment. Get inside and bend over my cot, I’ll be in shortly to claim my prize.”