Edward VII’s Sex Chair,

The British King Edward VII had very strong sexual appetites. His whole life was filled with affairs, scandals, mistresses, and lurid brothel visits. His nickname among the Royal Family was Bertie, but many fittingly called him “dirty Bertie” as well as “Edward the Caresser”. As the King grew older, he found more and more difficult to make whoopee due to his increasing weight and arthritis.  However his sexual appetites did not decrease with age. 

Thus, to accommodate the King, a special chair was made which could position a woman in almost any sexual position, with special supports for the King to use to relief tension on his joints and lesson the effects of his weight. 

What’s more, the chair was designed to hold two women, one on the upper table, another below, so that the King could have a threesome despite his lack of athleticism. Edward VII kept the chair, called the fauteuil d'amour (armchair of love) at his favorite brothel,  Le Chabanais in Paris. 

Today Edward VII’s sex chair still survives, and is currently held by a private collector who claims that it is still used for it’s purpose. A replica of the chair is on display at the Museum of Sex in Prague.

Edward VII also had a champagne bathtub designed to accommodate multiple women. 


I’ve heard of this ‘chair’ but have never seen a picture until now. Good old Edward the Caresser.