The suitedsubmissive's New Look

“It’s hard to believe that only last year, Andrew was a VP for a major brokerage firm.  When the tats his master ordered him to have done started to show outside the confines of his posh suits, he was given a lecture by the CEO, and when he came into the office one morning with a shaved head, he was finally fired.  It was just what his master had planned.

That very day, he had Andrew pack up all his suits and preppy, designer clothing, shoes, accessories, underwear into garbage bags.  Master threw him a low cut, yellow tank top, emblazoned with the word "PIG”, a pair of ratty gym shorts with the lining cut out, and an old pair of work boots.  Andrew got dressed in the only clothing he now owned, and was told to carry his old clothes, his old life, really, to the goodwill across town…making as many trips as he had to until everything was gone.  Today, he’s nothing more than a shaved down, inked up and ringed freak, unfit for polite society.  He’ll never sit in a boardroom ever again, but his master has made a pretty penny renting him out to the local leather bars."