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2021-03-01 13:39:48

    ok so here’s why the DP remakes look so ..... not good. its not the style of the models. it’s 100% the lighting and shader techniques.

    the biggest issue i have is, objects blend too much into the surroundings (there’s no contrast that your brain inherently registers between what is object and what is environment due to lack of model outlines and because of the way the lighting is). like sure barry here stands out...his hair does anyhow. but the shading gradients into basically the same color of his skintone which makes it difficult to separate where his hair starts and ends at first glance. theres no shadows from his hair covering his face; it’s all fuzzy and pillowed.

    additionally, the color palette clashes too much; everything is too saturated. the brown of the rocks and green of the grass are the same saturation as the orange and green on his shirt.

    and one of the biggest turnoffs from is that the lighting looks like point lights instead of directional light. notice how bright the top of the buildings are but how dark the walls are. also notice how lighting is “spotty”. this might make sense in say, eterna forest, but not in an open city or town. this gives it the effect of being enclosed in a box somehow with a couple of bright light sources on the ceiling.

    and the absolute killer is that there is no global illumination.

    it’s all shaded with black or some really light color adjacent enough to the base color of the object but doesn’t create a “shadowy” contrast. it’s also very uniform like there’s no verifiable light source.

    sorry i just wanted to vent that these are the main problems with the visual aspect of the games, not the models themselves.

    we should more talk specifically about the shaders and lighting instead of the vague “i dont like how it looks” because the models themselves aren’t the problem, in fact it’s very faithful to the originals. lighting and shaders can completely change the way a game looks and that’s just what they have to do here

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