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    Jay Marvel’s Other Pages!

    Sorry I took so long to inform anyone reading this on where to find my work post Tumblr exodus. I’ve been super busy with finishing this semester of school but I’m here now to provide usernames and links:

  • NEW Website (Free): -It’s still in progress so give me a couple weeks to make it look pretty and work out the kinks.
  • NEW Twitter: @jaymarvelart - Chat with me and also see my work here
  • DeviantART: Jay-Marvel - Where I’ll be posting anything that abides by their rules.
  • Hentai-Foundry: Jay-Marvel -I’ll try to post often on here but the submission system can tend to push things back.
  • NEW Newgrounds: JayMarvel- Not much to say, but I’ll start posting recent and new stuff here soon.
  • Discord: JayMarvel#0657 - I’ve been chilling in @sun1sol’s discord lately but I also answer private messages here.
  • jay-marvel

    Rebloggin just cuz there’s still time


    In case my tumblr account getting delete:

    Twitter: noriyukiworks83

    Deviantart: noriyuki83

    book: Noriyuki Works

    PIXIV: NoriyukiWorks83 (18+)

    -I posting NSFW only on PIXIV actually, but if you have any questions or contact me via PMs, also you can send me a email:

    If or when my Tumblr account getting delete, i made an new account, but since its a risk to getting delete again, i just post some preview art of NSFW (full view able to see on PIXIV)


    Also planning to make:


    “When” i dont know but planning soon to join also these websites, i loved the community in tumblr and i had a lot of fun with many artists, i still hope to keep this awesome relationships with everyone in other websites!

    Send me PM, DM, email for reminds me some of your new nicknames in other websites just in case! °A°

    And a big thanks to all my followers! Keep your eyes in my websites! \^w^/


    Hello everyone again.
    Before I say something, I ask you to reblog this post. Yes, there is no hot picture from me or something like that, but it’s incredibly important!

    Some of you have probably heard the latest news, but for those who are not yet - I advise you to read this:
    I think it’s not necessary to explain that this account will not function as well as before after the 17th. 

    I have almost 3,500 followers here and I think that some will want to continue to follow my creative path (which I don’t plan to stop now). So once again, I suggest you follow me in other places. Create accounts there if you don’t have them yet and follow me there:



    Now it will be a very difficult time for me, so I think it will be wise to also remind you that I am open for commissions. My prices, conditions and how to contact me you can read here:


    You can also write to me via Twitter’s direct messages. This can be much more convenient for someone than by mail.

    Well, that’s probably all. I will be extremely happy to see all on my other pages, both old friends and new followers, who may only find out about me now. Once again, please help me with reblogs and see you. Take care ;)


    This is fan art of @sun1sol OC  Delta Soluce  

    We were both streaming on Saturday along with tastofchoklit and it was @sun1sol first time streaming. He started to do a pic of Lola and I just had to return the favor. Beside I’ve been following this guys work for awhile now and I just love what he dose. He has Drawn Lola a couple of times that I will share with you guys soon. I will most likely do more of her and may other of his OC especially lewd with Delta


    Delta the space warrior! 3D!

    Delta’s Duty! H.D. (Hot Hump Day in space)

    Sexy Space Captain Delta staying fit working out her new cadet to help her on her ship, trying to get their sex skills up for intense missions ahead! Basically a quick heads up on me working on more pages involving Delta in her comic which I’ll be posting more soon, right now working hard on it so ill honor it for “Hump day!”!


    High res link

    Sun1sol’s commission

    this char name is   Eliza lightning.

    her’s power level is  maximum !
    on]  [Picarto Stream Channel]  [Tumblr]   [


    Huge thx for @ber00 for this masterpiece! Liz is going to the top! Rockin the Broly clothes as the perfect example of her power! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!