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    Question of the day: How on Earth is Tim O’Hara still alive?

    [Screenschotted scene from the first episode of My Favorite Martian. Uncle Martin is sitting in bed, Tim and some FBI agents are standing next to him. One of them asks: “Who’s this?” Tim answers without thinking: “Oh, he’s a Martian.” “What?” “Ma - ma - Martin! That’s his name. Martin, my uncle.”]

    “I really don’t like when people say that Ladybug doesn’t care about Chat Noir, because she does. She gets mad/angry at him from time to time, but mostly because she wants Chat Noir to take things more seriously. But she still cares about him. She even goes out her way compliment and praise him”

    “to everyone who hides their salt under the name of “constructive criticism”.

    Because that’s exactly what it is : salt. And in the best case : criticism only. You can criticize all you want, everyone can have their opinions, but it becomes “constructive” ONLY when you have the POWER to make the authors change a bit of direction and improve. It works with non-professional artists and writers who will focus entirely on one (relatively quick to make) artwork/chapter at once and will release it when finished, then get started on another after feedback. But this is an industry where each step of production is done in an assembly-line for many episodes at once (and a bit independently of the other steps).

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    I hate reading fics where Ladybug is mean to Chat and finds him annoying cuz like….she loves him??? I mean the show very clearly portrays them as best friends and they’re so comfortable with each other. They joke and banter and I haven’t really noticed any instances in which Ladybug has been rude, yet so many fanfics treat her terrible. Y'all are really out here sleeping on this amazing friendship.

    Reasons Why Adrien is NOT a Poorly Written Character (Adrien Positivity)

    In between the time it’s taken for season 3 to air, and even back during season 2, a lot of the MLB characters have fallen under salt from the fandom, but I’ll be focusing on Adrien specifically. While I feel that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, some of the opinions I’ve seen don’t seem like their coming from legit, self-opinionated thoughts, but rather from what everyone else thinks.

    The point of an argument isn’t to scream at the opposing side that they’re wrong, it’s to try and sway them to see your point of view, with clear and concise evidence. If you truly think Adrien is a poorly written character, than you wouldn’t be afraid to read this and see the other side of things, because then you would have something to argue against. If, at the end, you still don’t agree with me, we can talk about it. Without further ado, here is a breakdown of why Adrien’s a great character.

    Here’s a list of the topics I’ll cover (Skip to Parts you Want to See):

    1. Chat Noir’s Behaviour in Copycat

    2. Chat Noir’s Behaviour in Glaciator

    3. Chat Noir’s Behaviour in Syren

    4. Chat Noir’s Behaviour in Frozer

    5. Adrien’s Behaviour in Maledikator

    6. Adrien’s Behaviour in Chameleon

    7. Chat Noir’s Behaviour in Chrismaster

    8. Is Chat Noir’s Flirting Inappropriate?

    9. Is Adrien playing the ‘Nice Guy’ Trope?

    10. Is Adrien being Portrayed as a Smol bean uwu by the Fandom and the Show?

    11. Are the Writers Catering to Adrien’s Character?

    12. Does Adrien Have Faults/Is Adrien Perfect?

    1. Chat Noir’s Behaviour in Copycat

    The main arguement I see from this episode is not the sole fact that Adrien was jealous and that he did lie, it’s the fact that some people seem to be under the impression he wasn’t held accountable for his actions. Here’s the thing; I can’t deny that Chat Noir lied, or that it wasn’t wrong of him to do so, especially considering it had to do with romantic feelings Ladybug clearly doesn’t reciprocate, but Ladybug was never angry with him. She reacted surprised when she found out Chat lied to Theo (15:50), but she went along with that lie knowing it would aid them in finding out who the true Copycat was. She even praised that lie after deakumatizing Theo, not bothered by his feelings at all because she already knew about them (19:38).

    After, Chat Noir’s ring beeps and he has to go before he transforms back. On the way out, he comments that Theo’s crush wasn’t the only one to get crushed, implying that Ladybug’s rejection has hurt him (19:40). This is by no means bratty behaviour because Chat never said it to Ladybug’s face, and this also means that Adrien learned he was in the wrong.

    The Lie: was that Chat told Theo about him and Ladybug being in a relationship

    How Did he Learn from It?: he knew he was wrong by the end by stating Ladybug doesn’t have feelings for him

    If anyone wanted to argue further and say no one called him out for his lying, I’m here to prove that wrong as well. Plagg sarcastically points out Adrien’s jealousy after Adrien pointed out Theo’s (13:11), to which Adrien responds by laughing dryly and saying ‘very funny’. If Adrien truly didn’t realize he was jealous than he would have responded defensively or by asking Plagg why he thought he was jealous. Adrien did neither, and by laughing dryly at Plagg’s comment, it shows that he did acknowledge the lie and he was the one at fault.

    And as I mentioned earlier, Ladybug, although not angry for his lying, clearly pointed out his lie.


    2. Chat Noir’s Behaviour in Glaciator

    So, most of the time I see people getting after Chat Noir in this episode for his behaviour regarding Ladybug not showing up to the rooftop, and his behaviour later on that may have compromised the battle. I have three things to say about this reaction, but let’s just go one at a time.

    Firstly, I do have to agree that it was wrong of Chat to expect Ladybug’s presence that night. She did outright tell him she was busy, and that she may not be able to make it (01:21). He acknowledges this as well by telling her that he’ll be waiting (01:25). In this situation, I can see why the majority of people think he’s is the wrong, because in this case, he actually is. But let me get something straightened out here;

    • Without the entire scene where Chat Noir waited for Ladybug to turn up and ultimately got rejected, we would have never have gotten the scene where Marinette and Chat Noir spend time together on that roof. That whole entire scene only happened because Chat was trying to cheer Marinette up, and vice versa.
    • I want you all to remember that just before Chat went out and decorated that rooftop, lighting each candle, tying roses to the lamps, and scattering petals everywhere, his dinner with his father got cancelled again. I know a lot of you may not be able to completely empathize, and the same goes for me, but I can only imagine what parental neglect feels like on a regular bases. Adrien goes through this everyday.

    Now, for my last thought about this episode. If you really want to point fingers about Chat Noir’s reaction to Ladybug not showing up, get ready to raise another hand and point a finger at Marinette.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen anybody who acknowledged the fact that Marinette was the one to cause Andre’s akumatization in the first place. Now, I don’t blame Marinette for her behaviour as much as I don’t blame Chat for his, but let me break this down for you:

    • Marinette tells Ivan to ‘lay off’ when he asks a simple, lighthearted question about who Marinette could have a crush on (06:51).
    • She bluntly tells Andre there’s nothing magical about his ice cream (06:59), and while this is probably true, she really didn’t have to say that.
    • Marinette walks away from her friends after that, all because Adrien didn’t show up to the gathering.

    She acknowledges this all a few minutes later too, so she learned from her mistakes. But the fact that Chat is getting blamed for acting like a brat after Ladybug’s rejection is highly hypocritical and honestly a bit biased if you aren’t willing to point at Marinette for her tantrum either.

    In my opinion, they reacted like healthy teenagers who have emotions, and I can’t blame them for something so trivial. Rejection hurts, but they both moved past that incident, and so should all of you.

    3. Chat Noir’s Behaviour in Syren

    I can’t believe people got offended by this episode so much, but here we are. The main problem people have with this episode is Chat Noir having a ‘tantrum’ over Ladybug keeping secrets from him, mainly around Rena Rouge’s identity. While I think that it is Ladybug’s job to keep Rena’s identity a secret, I can understand why Chat would be feeling so down about it.

    He is constantly being swept aside from everyone in his household, and without the company of close friends or family, he has every reason to want to be let in on secrets. Adrien threatening Plagg that he’ll stop being Chat Noir if he doesn’t tell him what Ladybug is hiding isn’t only a way of trying to be included, but it also points out his greatest fear, which is as we know, being isolated from others. Think about it if you were in his place. If you had 3 people keeping you out of something important, talking about it in front of you, and being excluded from the group, you’d probably feel like crap too.

    And, as I mentioned already, Adrien doesn’t have a trusting and loving household. He is probably feeling unimportant and excluded, and for both his father and Ladybug to do that to him probably doesn’t make him the happiest. You can also say that he should handle it better anyway, because he’s grown enough the handle these kinds of situation, but in this case that’s the equivalent of saying a man who’s crippled should be able to walk right. He gets left out of often by important people in his life, and that’s not something you get over right away, just like being crippled isn’t a one time thing.

    4. Chat Noir’s Behaviour in Frozer

    Oh boy. I am headed into dangerous territory. I mean, it shouldn’t be, but this episode seems to get people wild. So, as far as I am aware people don’t like his behaviour because of how bratty he acted towards Ladybug during the beginning of the battle. Let me say this pretty piece of info first; yeah, I don’t think he was completely right in acting the way he did either, but I really don’t think it was bratty behaviour either. To me, it just seemed like he wanted some time alone to sort out his thoughts before they rushed into battle together.

    Also, if Chat hadn’t gone a separate way to scope out the city by himself than he never would have seen Frozer about to attack Ladybug (15:42). Furthermore, Ladybug is not angry at him for being mad about her rejection. Actually she says she understands (14:58). If Chat hadn’t gone a separate way, then neither of them would have been prepared to fight. If Chat hadn’t gone a separate way then neither of them would have settled their differences. However, Chat did go a separate way, and let me tell you, it was the basis for their attack plan (16:27).

    As for Chat’s behaviour, I think it’s actually kind of refreshing. He may not act totally appropriate regarding the situation they were about to be in, but how many of you can say that someone had such a big crush on you that they are devesatated when you say no, but stay loyal to you and your feelings anyway? To sum up, they finished the job in the end, and again, were able to move past that bump in the road. So should all of you.

    5. Adrien’s Behaviour in Maledikator

    I don’t know why everyone took so much offence to this, but this argument will be quick. Adrien was not wrong for not celebrating Chloé’s departure, and he definitely was not wrong for telling Marinette his opinion. Chloé was his only childhood friend, his only companion while he was locked up in his house doing extracurriculars that didn’t really interest him. He has the right to feel upset she’s leaving for good. He knows what it’s like to lose somebody for good. If he didn’t act upset, I’d be more worried.

    And, for the first time ever, I think this episode got me a little mad at Marinette’s behaviour towards the situation. Not because she was happy for Chloé’s departure, no, I think she was totally in the right to celebrate her longtime bully leaving forever. I would be happy too. It’s the fact that she called Chloé useless. Chloé in the show is a lot of things, but useless isn’t one of them. The writers, I think, could have chosen a better word to replace there, because Marinette calling anyone useless just doesn’t seem like something she’d do.

    There again, while I say all of this, I also don’t like to dwell on this opinion for long. Chloé ended up coming back anyway, and Marinette learned a lesson from her mistake, so I was pleased with how the episode ended, and immensely pleased with Adrien’s reaction.

    6. Adrien’s Behaviour in Chameleon

    Okie dokie. So the first scene is of Lila lying about her tinnitus symptoms, thus causing a new seating arrangement. Adrien’s shock in the first scene of the episode is hard to explain, but after watching it a few times, here’s my conclusion; I honestly don’t know what to say about it. I don’t think he was unjustified in reacting that way to Marinette, since he is sympathetic and caring at heart. He may have thought that because Marinette is able to sit in the back, it was odd that she didn’t, thus causing his shocked reaction. On the other hand, he does know Lila is devious for her lies, so I don’t really know how he thought that this also wasn’t a lie? I leave this to matter of opinion.

    At the end of the episode, Adrien’s advice for Marinette to take the high road is great advice. Despite popular belief, Adrien isn’t telling Marinette to be passive and let it happen, instead he’s advising her to wait for the right time. Adrien isn’t stupid, he knows Lila’s lying to everyone and he knows she’s telling harmful lies, but he was right in saying that making a bad guy suffer never turned them into a good guy. If Marinette went after Lila, she would have been met with more deceit from Lila and the class would’ve taken Lila’s side. Adrien was smart enough to see this, and offered Marinette a way out with support. He and Marinette both know the truth, so why make Marinette suffer more by trying to expose Lila further?

    7. Chat Noir’s Behaviour in Chrismaster

    Another episode I’m not entirely sure why the fandom got so mad about. I think the thing that gets people so upset is when Chat Noir acts surprised when Ladybug tells him that she was the best behaved kid in the world; I’m here to tell you that he wasn’t surprised, he was confused by who Santa meant. Santa flew by saying that he wouldn’t let Chrismaster defeat the best behaved kid in the world, and he didn’t know which one of them he met. After Ladybug told him it was her, he side-eyed her but got over it quickly. He didn’t mind that Ladybug was the best behaved child in the world.

    This is why I don’t understand the fandom sometimes. It was a five second scene and people seemed personally offended by the notion that perhaps Chat Noir thought he could have been the best behaved child. He got over it in no time whatsoever and they were able to complete the mission.

    8. Is Chat Noir’s Flirting Inappropriate?

    This is something I had a hard time figuring out, but I’ve separated it into two different categories. Chat Noir’s flirting is inappropriate during battles, but it’s not innaproariate regarding Ladybug’s boundaries. I say that it isn’t inappropriate for two reasons

    • Ladybug is more than capable of telling him to back off or physically stop him if she was truly uncomfortable
    • While Ladybug doesn’t flirt back, she does tease him sometimes and take part in joke making

    If she truly didn’t like his flirting she would tell him seriously to back off. Also, as for the actual flirting itself, nothing had ever come out of Chats mouth that was vulgar, disrespecting, or sexually inappropriate. The stuff he says is flattering, sweet, and heartfelt.

    9. Is Adrien playing the ‘Nice Guy’ Trope?

    Oh lord, I can’t believe this is something that was brought up in the fandom. As far as I can tell, the Nice Guy Trope happens when a guy is nice to a girl over and over again, and expects nothing in return. They guy will respect her and stay loyal to her, but when this guy confesses, they get personally offended when the girl rejects them. The guy will then act bratty and spoiled towards the girl and act like she didn’t ever like him.

    Adrien, in his civilian life, or as Chat Noir, has never acted like this in the entirety of the show.

    You can argue anything against me, but Adrien or Chat Noir has never acted like this. He handles rejection maybe not in the healthiest of ways, but he never believes that Ladybug doesn’t like him or that she has been leading him on. Adrien is so respectful and kind towards Ladybug, sometimes it’s daunting how unreal his love for her seems. If any of you want to complain about something, go after the fact that in real life a usual teenage boy would never act so chivalrous and nice towards a girl. I would be so surprised if any guy in real life acted like Adrien does in the show.

    10. Is Adrien being Portrayed as a ‘Smol bean uwu’ by the Fandom or the Show?

    This is probably the quickest arguement. In the show, no, he is not. There are times where the show will use reversed gender stereotypes to make Adrien the one being protected, or the other guys too, which I think is great. But Adrien has also shown he is capable and worthy of protecting himself and others, even at times where he shouldn’t be (such as when he protects Ladybug from Riposte even with a sprained ankle).

    As for the fandom’s representation, who really cares??? I mean, fandoms are created for fanworks, and it’s not your place to judge how others present a character. If people want to portray Adrien as a ‘Smol bean’ then let them. If you don’t like it, skip by it. Do them a favour and don’t spread negativity on their works. That doesn’t benefit you as a person or them as a creator.

    11. Do the Writers Cater to Adrien’s Character?

    Let me put this in simplest terms possible:

    • You can’t tell me
    • I can’t tell you

    None of us, not me, not you, not anybody in this fandom knows what the writers are thinking. Nobody can say the writers have a bias towards Adrien’s character, or any other character for that matter because nobody can read minds. You can hate the writers for their portrayal of Adrien, you can hate the way Adrien acts on screen, you can even hate Adrien for simply existing on the show, but you cannot say the writers have a biased towards Adrien because you just don’t know. There are things that can and cannot be shown on a kids show, and I’m sorry to say that a bunch of the stuff the fandom requests of Adrien simply wont happen, not because the writers may or may not be too biased to write him tailored to your needs, but because they have a 21 minute time slot to fill in with a fun, lighthearted, entertaining kids show that is aimed towards children.

    12. Does Adrien Have Faults/Is Adrien Perfect?

    This is probably the most arguable thing in the fandom. Let me start off by using the famous quote that nobody’s perfect. This is true for Adrien, for Marinette, for every single character in the show. Nobody’s perfect. However, let me demonstrate in simplest terms what most people are saying;

    Adrien: doesn’t have enough flaws, is too perfect

    Fandom: he needs flaws! why isn’t he faulted for his mistakes? why does he get no character development?

    Adrien: acts out, shows his worse side, shows negative emotions

    Fandom: oh my god, he’s such a spoiled brat! He’s playing the Nice Guy Trope! he should act better towards Ladybug!

    Like??? I am completely confused by this. I can give solid proof of this situation the fandom puts Adrien into, but for now, just take some time to think about this. Adrien isn’t perfect, and he demonstrates that by handling Ladybug’s rejections badly, by being upset with his fathers absences, by trying to manipulate Plagg into telling him secrets. If he was perfect in every sense of the word, he would have none of those traits.

    If you believe Adrien acts too nicely, if he is too perfect, if he is too passive, if he is too kind, I want you imagine him without those traits. What are you left with? Nothing but the brashness, impulsiveness, and brattiness you accuse him of.

    Now, if you believe Adrien acts too bratty, to much like the Nice Guy, too spoiled, too manipulative, imagine if that were gone. Then you’d truly be left with a perfect, kind, nice, and passive teenage model boy.

    He is a developed character, whether you think so or not. And if you don’t think he’s that developed, guess what. It’s a kid show. I know the fandom is 90% salty complaining adults who have nothing better to do then to complain to people who are trying to have a good, relaxing time, but the show is oriented to kids.

    I have a younger sibling who is within the age range the show is oriented to, and you know what my sibling says after a new episode airs? My sibling doesn’t complain about airing times, doesn’t complain about character development, about how Adrien or Marinette are not good characters, about how the show doesn’t have enough plot development.

    At the end of an episode, she looks over at me and says ‘when will Adrien and Marinette get together?’.

    To Sum Up:

    Stop spreading negativity. The fandom doesn’t need it. Most of us are aware that we can blacklist tags and scroll by, but at this point there are two positive posts a day I see about miraculous while the rest are all salt. Everyone is allowed to have their own opinions and whatnot, but think long and hard about what you’re posting, and think about who’s seeing it. I love this fandom. We’ve come up with some pretty great AU’s, fics, artwork, ships, and I think we have a beautiful range of diversity in our content, but when it gets to the point where we are ganging up on the creators for their writing, when we attack a fictional character, something needs to change.

    Don’t agree with something I’ve said? Talk to me, we’ll debate about it! Have another character you want defended? Send me a character and a problem you have with them and I’ll do my best!