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2023-07-29 12:40:08

    i used to be so afraid of starting.  starting a project, a hobby, just anything. it kills me to know the what ifs.

    what if it doesn’t turn out the way i wanted to? what if i ruin it? what if i look stupid doing it? what if i fail? 

    lol im wasting so much time, getting ahead of my thoughts. i guess now, i’ll have to just start with starting. the hell with it. 

    some days, i watched the clouds be drenched in sunshine, some other days, it’d be filled with gloom, heavy and blue. i watched as the cloud drifts into singularity, i watched it when it binds seamlessly with the sky. 

     sometimes its difficult to understand why i am still here, thriving; despite the given uncertainties of the world. 

    It’s not that we have hope — we shelter it.

    John Berger, From A to X: A Story in Letters

    René Wiley/Fire in the Sky//René Wiley/Turquoise House//Jennifer McChristian/Versailles Launderette//Tibor Naggy/A Red Glimpse//Matthew Snowden/A Crashing Wave//Chin h Shin/Rainy day Walkers//René Wiley//Before Breakfast//Chin h Shin/Winter Reflection//Michael O'Toole/Road to Charlevoix

    I only have 12 days to savor.

    12 days before the thought of being an adult finally seeps in. No more of the word "teen"

    Why do I always complicate the idea of having to go into another year, where I'm not getting any younger? hay drama :/

    untitled #4

    I hate my homeland sometimes. Some days, I'd be filled with patriotism, and some days, all I have is anger building up inside of me. Corruption, Incompetency, and Ignorance (pretty much anything encompassing bad governance) I am tired of seeing the government, failing its people.

    My only hope lies in the election of 2022. #oust30

    I need to stop the urge to escape every. single. damn. time