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2022-12-25 11:22:21

    Life path unlocked. He’s a scientist now.


    If your dad is telling you in great detail about something he’s passionate about, you’re going to be hooked even if you don’t understand a word.


    He tells us more

    So now I have to deliver a quiet lecture on the Standard Model every night. He loves lists of things, like all the streets home from daycare, or the train stations between here and Central, so he loves hearing the list of leptons and quarks and bosons.

    Anyway, I made this poster for him, based on the CPEP ones we used to have at uni . 

    Alas I ran out of room for antimatter, colour charge and confinement, but hey, maybe there can be a second poster later.

    It’s funny though — on the surface of it, it seems like it must be far too advanced for a 3yo. But when you think about it, quarks and leptons are no more or less real to him than, say, dinosaurs or planets, and he loves those too. And he recognises the letters on the particles.

    I am absolutely overwhelmed by the kind and sweet things people are saying about this, thanks everyone ❤️

    Addendum: he has really grasped onto the “everything is made of atoms” part of this, so tonight he listed just about every object he could think of and asked if it was made of atoms.

    “And my bed?” Yes, and your bed. “And that wall?” Yep. “And the armchair?” Yes, the armchair too. … … “And… the book case?” Y—

    “And my home?” Yep, the whole apartment block. “And your home? Oh wait, your home is my home.” Haha, it is. … … “But is it made of atoms?” Yep. “And… [best friend]’s home?” Yes, it is. And [other friend]’s home, and [third friend]’s home.

    “Is [yet another friend]’s home?”

    Update from the other night:

    “Is my… is… [extremely long pause] is my atoms poster made up of atoms?” —Yes! Yes it is.

    I have never heard such a contemplative silence. I think the next poster will have to be on the philosophy of referential language.

    Update from this morning: after listing everything in sight (mummy? daddy? fridge? milk? cereal? table? etc.) he asks “is [baby sister] made up of atoms?”


    *runs over to her on the floor* *puts face up real close to hers* “HI! YOU’RE MADE UP OF LOTS OF ATOMS! DID YOU KNOW?”


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    This is so pure and good.


    27th december 2020, aka the great italian shitposting about nicia, the most famous bottom from pompeii

    how it started:

    context: the insult was “nicia cineade cacator”, “nicia the inverted shitter”.

    the memes that followed:

    spoiler: they did, in fact, end up finding a dead body next to the cavern. rip to nicia, the gay from pompeii. rip bottom king 


    I have to stop finding out about the news via Tumblr