<>beccafaulken<>  BILL F'ING MURRAY CAME TO @groundhogdaybwy AND LOVED IT!!! When someone has created such an iconic film, and they come to see it reinvented - you never know what to expect, you’re just hoping that they like it. Well, he adored it. He held court with our cast for a long time afterwards, talking about how important and meaningful the story of our show is, the community we’re creating onstage. The more we connect, the more the audience will feel it. He was not shy about announcing he was giving us notes too :-) AND to top it off, at the end of #playingnancy last night, there was an audible WOW, which made me giggle (inside of course:-) because if you’ve seen the show, that’s one of Nancy’s favorite words… and then to read in the NYtimes it came from the man himself (thanks @abbydephilips for the 📷) - pretty cool. So glad the Original was in attendance and we got to meet him, and his wonderful brother Brian (who played buster in the film) was there too, AND the man whom none of this would be possible without - @dannyroohoohoo . Yay for #Broadway , it can be pretty #magical sometimes. #moviemusicals #proudlynancy#notesfrombill #wow #hefinallycame !!! #comeseeourshow #billmurraylikedit#WhatWouldBillDo

    This is a beautiful graphic but it doesn’t explain the pros and cons of each fire type.

    The Swedish torch is good for an efficient and contained fire, it’s controlled and good for cooking over and produces less light and heat than other fires. It can be difficult to keep going once you burn through the original log

    The teepee is your traditional campfire. Good for heat and light not great for cooking, burns through fuel fairly quickly

    The star fire is one of the slowest burning and not well protected but provides an even heat good for slow cooking and is excellent if you have limited fuel and need the protection a fire can provide

    The lean to is a compact and efficient fire that evolves into a dense and hot bed of coals. The structure creates a good source of air flow which can help damp wood burn. A slightly better cooking fire that isn’t as bright. It also provides protection from wind on one side

    The platform fire is incredibly hot and will create a very thick bed of coals but it doesn’t have a lot of air flow and is a little harder to get started.

    The log cabin is big and bright and has lots of air flow which again is good for damp logs. You can also use this structure to start a smaller fire in the middle while drying out bigger logs. This fire will crumble into a messier bed of coals that don’t produce particularly even heat for cooking.

    The modified leanto is excellent if you need it to perform multiple functions. The side with more fuel will burn bright and hot and the side with less fuel will burn less hot but more evenly and controlled, this gives you different cooking options.

    i gotta hand it to zoomers bc while my high school experience in the early 2010s was not all sunny and rosy if i had to go to high school with a bunch of geeks who were obsessed with hamilton i would have beat bitches in the face and ass