Superclit Partayyy

A bi guy showing the things that make me cum. Here's hoping they make you cum too.

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2020-08-28 13:39:59

    “We need to talk now Aria”

    “Ok, Daddy…you’re angry…do you need some relief?”

    “Fucking take it out and stroke it…and I want some answers”

    “Are you mad Daddy? About the picture? It was just a one off thing…he didn’t mean anything.”

    “Who the fuck was it? Actually, scratch that. Did he fuck you?”

    “No! I wouldn’t…I just thought…”

    “Thought what? Thought you’d be a little fucking whore?!”, I raged, even as she stroked me.

    “You call me a whore all the time Daddy. And you won’t even fuck me! Did I do something wrong?”

    “Am I not good enough for you? I tried to get better. Some guys like it when I…”

    She pushed herself onto my cock, till I was hitting her throat. Still she bobbed and gagged. It felt delicious and wrong at the same time.

    I tried not to think of all the guys she would have done this for and started to get angry.

    “You fucking whore…fucking stupid little bitch, this is what you want?!” - my hands on her head became more insistent.

    “Take off that shirt”, I told her, my minds made up. She got up but I shoved her face back down, my sock back into its warm home.

    “Slut like you should be able to do it without stopping. Take it off”

    She complied but she was too slow - I pulled her off my and stood her up so I could tear her clothes off. She wanted to be a whore? She wanted to get fucked? I could do that.

    The moan she made as I pushed into her was like nothing else. It felt like heaven too.


    “This is what you wanted? To get fucked by your own father? Well this is it you perverted little girl, you’re getting what you want. You happy? Happy you turned us both into this? This is your fault!”, I ranted.

    “You belong to me now, understand?!”

    “Yes Daddy!”

    “No-one gets to touch your body but me, understand?!”

    “Yes Daddy!”

    “That’s it, you fucking cunt, you ungrateful little cunt. Sucking off guys when your poor dad was at home, needing you.”

    “I’m sorry Daddy!”

    “I never meant to upset you Daddy, honest!”

    “Shut up and be a good, quiet little cock-sleeve, ok?”

    The way we looked at each other had changed again - forever.


    Daddy’s good little slut 😈


    Daddy and I had a party a while back… ordered pizzas and had a few of his family and friends over. Music was playing and everyone was pretty lit so I went to the kitchen to grab the food. Right behind me was one of daddy’s older cousins. Before I could ask if he needed anything he lifted me up to sit me in the counter, pushed my legs back towards my chest and pulled my jeans and panties up to my feet .. he was too strong to fight.

    He buried his face in my pussy and ate me out right there in the kitchen. His hand covered my mouth to keep me quiet. He kept saying how daddy told him I was a slut.. The shock of everything had my pussy soaked. Luckily I came hard all over his face before anyone caught us but later I met up with him in the guest bedroom to let him dig my married pussy out. His fat dick had me creaming all night 🤤