<>israel shamelessly announced its decision to continue digging for oil in lebanon without the lebanese government’s permission, without paying the $850 million it already owes us for illegal gas spills and regardless of the immense health violations and consequences it will have on the lebanese population.

    <>nobody is talking about this and there’s nothing lebanese ppl can do with our corrupt government and the us backing up israel. the only thing we can do is sign this petition to stop the corrupt subsidiaries from digging on lebanese territory. do not ignore this.

    another compilation of links from black trans women in need of help. if you have any links please don't hesitate to add them <3

    Frida Kahlo disliked white capitalism intensely, so I would recommend not buying images of her on socks or whatever from big box stores especially if you’re white.

    What I would recommend instead is make your own art and design inspired by her. She taught underprivileged teenagers art in the years leading up to her death. Her class was multicultural due to Mexico accepting refugees from WW2 including Jewish people(she herself was half German Jewish). She was very pro DIY and I think would’ve been flattered by fan art that’s not sold for money. 

    And I also wanna say that it’s totally 100% okay to be like “I agree with the writing on prison abolition but I don’t know how we should deal with these social problems”

    That’s where most abolitionists are, to be honest! The first step is acknowledging that the systems we have in place right now are not preventing harm, and then we can work together to figure out what would. The work of abolition involves the creativity of imagining other systems of justice, of imagining what it would be like to live in a world where conditions enabling harm are reduced and where harm is addressed in a holistic sense.

    It also involves some trial and error! One book I know I’ve recommended before on here is The Revolution Starts At Home. It’s a collection of essays by activists and organizers in marginalized communities who could not and/or chose not to involve the police when dealing with sexual and interpersonal violence and harm, and explaining what their communities tried to do outside of the carceral system. They talk about what worked, what didn’t, and why, in their personal experiences. This work is vital.

    We also must learn from and with criminalized people, especially sex workers and undocumented people, who have always had to create their own safety, accountability, and justice practices outside of the legal system.

    There isn’t one answer to look up in a book, there is only a vastly complex world that needs your help in creating cultures of community care and accountability.


    [video description: The mayor of Louisville, KY is speaking at a podium when Black Lives Matter protesters show up behind him with signs reading “fire fire gentrifier”]

    Reminder that Breonna Taylor was murdered in her sleep by pigs carrying out Louisville’s plans to gentrify the neighborhood she lived in. 

    heres some random updates so you can get a grasp on whats happening here in the philippines:

  • professors are urging their students to let them know if theyre not gonna come to class so theyll know that theyre still alive
  • parents are telling their kids not to come home late, or if they will, to take an uber even though its priced like 5x more
  • people are sharing constitutional rights on twitter, to teach everyone what to say to the popos just in case
  • nobody trusts the police anymore
  • police have a QUOTA of “drug addicts” they need to kill
  • almost 13k dead without due process, but chines drug lords and presidents son who were involved in a drug smuggling worth 6 billion are still walking free
  • all it takes is a facebook rumor to put you on the hit list
  • politicians who are criticizing the administration are being impeached
  • politicians who love the administration admit that their duty is to the president, NOT to the people
  • theres been talks in extending the presidents term
  • It literally feels like an unofficial dictatorship
  • please help us
  • travelingmindlostsoul

    does anyone have any news sources and dates for people to be better informed??

    in what ways can we help? like. this is a pretty bad situation yall are in and we’d love to help out any way we can

    @crystalthecool for the most part just keeping awareness up helps. Making it a big deal and pointing out just how fucked up it is actually does help put it into perspective for the Filipinos who have no idea just how serious the situation is (mainly because awareness and education are so lacking that most Filipinos don’t even know what the CHR does and will just parrot Duterte when he says he doesn’t like it)

    The budget hasn’t been finalized but with Duterte’s well documented vendetta against Human Rights and his friendship with <>the Marcos family<> <>aka the reason the Human Rights Commission was created in the first place after Ferdinand Marcos stole billions during a two decade Martial Law era which saw the torture, disappearance and death of thousands of Filipinos we’re not very optimistic about it. 

    This “God Creating Things” series by @lonnieiiv on TikTok is HILARIOUS!

    <>God: Now listen to me Gabriel, these are going to be really fun because some go on pizzas.

    <>Gabriel: Yeah, okay, okay.

    <>God: You like that? And then some will make you see things.

    <>Gabriel: ...’Kay?

    <>God: And some, Gabriel, some just... kill you.

    <>Gabriel: [Long pause] You doin’ okay, pal?

    I love how he turns off the stove to give this the attention it deserves

    “In this critical time, when scarcity is a reality, you see the hierarchy. Certain groups are valued over others. This is the world that so many disabled and chronically ill people already live in. Our lives are still seen as expendable.”

    [image text: “The pandemic has brought about changes to accessibility for things that disabled people have been advocating for forever. You see artists streaming performances. You see people working remotely. When disabled people asked for those very reasonable accommodations, we’ve been told, “You can’t do that. It’s too hard.” Twice I was invited to be on a panel at South by Southwest, and each time I said, “I don’t travel. I want to do this via Skype.” Both times I was told no. “There are too many issues.” That was the excuse!”] 

    In the last four days, a lot of you might have seen the video of Mr. Philip Banks catching a baby boy that was thrown out of a burning building - the baby was saved by both him and the mother who sacrificed herself to help save her kids. In the video, you can hear neighbors pleading with her to jump down herself, but she didn't. She was completely engulfed in flames by the time she went back in to try and save her daughter. There are three heroes in this story, and all three of them are angels, one in Heaven now, and the other two here on Earth. Mr. D'Artagnan Alexander is the name of the neighbor of the Longs who kicked in the door of their apartment, went inside the fire and saved the little girl, who the mother managed to carry as close to the exit as possible before succumbing to her horrific injuries. The final sacrifice of a loving mother and the selflessness and bravery of these two amazing men are incredible. Words aren't enough.

    Both of the children made it, but sadly it was too late for Mrs. Rachel Long. She leaves behind a little girl that will need more surgeries to start her recovery, a baby boy that is getting better but is extremely traumatized, and a husband who is now heartbroken and left homeless with their two children.

    I implore you, if you cannot donate yourselves, I completely understand, but please at least share the donation link, that helps too!

    Mr. Phillip Banks is a true hero. The way he sprinted to catch the little boy, throwing himself with everything he got to save him - without a doubt, the boy would have been severely more injured or gone if it wasn't for him. Mr. D'Artagnan Alexandar is another true hero. That little girl would not have made it without him. He ran inside a burning apartment, risked his life, all to save a child and he tried saving the mother too, but she was already impossible. Can't imagine how traumatic all of that is for the two of them as well, and for all the neighbors and family members affected. A lot of people helped in this tragic situation.

    And Mrs. Rachel Long? I can't even begin to describe how horrifying it is what she had to do to save her children, and how brave she was in her final moments. She was such a strong woman and amazing mother. No one should ever have to go through that. How do you recover from something like this? It seems impossible. She and her family are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Rachel Long, an angel in Heaven, rest in peace.