It’s odd

    It’s interesting to see the blogs that have made sad messages about closing down after the announcement and are just re-blogging the last of their queues, contrasted with the people frantically posting about regrouping or making a new SFW page... and the people who are just reblogging the same stuff as if they are totally oblivious, like a cat looking at a detailed diagram of a turbojet engine. 

    Like two of the blogs I follow now are just reblogging the same kind of video clips they always fucking reblog. It’s bizarre. Is it all timed on their queue? Have they got nothing to say about the end of blogs they’ve poured literal years of their lives into? Are their blogs in fact being run by a small cat?

    Difficult to say.

    RIP Tumblr

    So it looks like Tumblr has finally decided to bite the bullet, perhaps literally. Given this blog’s sole purpose was to collate some of the porn I like on here, as well as make my own small contributions, I don’t really see a future for it if this policy goes through. Given the announcement, I think it’s likely that it will.

    The amateur couple’s blog scene has already been diminishing under a deliberately unfriendly policy from the site for a while. @seattle255, one of my favourite amateur couple’s blogs on here in terms of how well written and real their posts were, have written eloquently about that already. For those with eyes to see, the writing was on the wall for a while. It felt to me for a while like even this scene was fading slightly; I remember a number of blogs who I enjoyed talking to, who left or faded off, and not the same number of new blogs replaced them. My activity over the last year or so was less that it used to be. 

    My abiding feeling is one of regret. We had some fun times here, and a lot of weird little horny communities based around flourished. Also given that this is a kink blog, and given some of the stuff I’ve seen on the borders of this kink, I can perhaps understand some of the motivation for this decision. Some of the stuff in the circumcision kink scene specifically did seem to edge fairly close to fetishizing acts being done to children. In a very small number memorable cases, it did more than “edge”, and I avoided those blogs like the plague. Perhaps I should have done more than avoid them. Perhaps we all should have.

    The cure, though, seems to do a disproportionate amount of harm, especially to all the far more wholesome sex blogs, gentle femdom blogs, couple’s blogs, blogs for cam girls and artists who rely on Tumblr visibility for their income, and so on. It’s a sad moment, and whilst I’m sure things will come to replace it, the times that we shared, the specific feeling of porn Tumblr in that golden era of around 2010-2014, and that long glorious autumn into 2016, will never come back. It will live on only in our memories. 


    Which is why the awakened man is happy to be circumcised for his woman.

    He knows that without the overly sensitive foreskin his penis will be harder and smoother and better able to stimulate her. He will last longer so he can pleasure her for longer. And he’ll be less tempted to indulge in selfish activities alone, instead focusing all his sexual energies into her.

    Circumcision the natural choice for the awakened man.

    Wake up.


    His blog tends to have a lot of posts with themes that are really not my jam, but on circumcision @eternali-famishiis is just the gift that keeps on giving. He perfectly articulates what I find hot about it within the context of a consenting, loving relationship, backed up my his own real-life experiences. Everything is tagged properly, as well. 

    If there was a feature on Tumblr to only follow certain tags for a blog then I’d do so in a shot, but for now all I can do is advise you to shower him with likes and reblogs. 


    Does your wife still tease you about your circumcision? What were your first few times together like after you'd healed?

    Definitely. I’m mentioned this many times before. My circumcision, my lack of a foreskin, my loss of sensitivity, my scar, my permanent exposure to her gaze, my dependence on her for real satisfaction – they’ve all become permanent fixtures in our sexual dialogue.

    Just the other night we were in bed leading up to sex and I whispered in her ear to “grab onto what’s left of my foreskin.” She giggled, wrapped her little hand around my tight shaft, and pulled the immovably tight skin so hard I thought it was going to tear away from the glans. Seeing me writhe with the painful pleasure she whispered back in my ear, “see, much better without all that loose skin, isn’t it?”

    Another recent occasion where it came up was when I was in the shower and she was in the bathroom talking. She randomly paused, finally breaking her silence with, “you know, I really do like you better this way…”

    Without looking over at her, “what way is that?”


    I smiled, still not looking over at her.

    “It’s just… better this way. I like the way the water runs over the head. I like that I can see all of it all the time. It’s just… mine.”

    “It sure is babe, it sure is…”

    We waited quite a while after my foreskin was removed before having sex again; a few months at least. It was important to both of us that I be completely healed and our first time be a demonstration of just how great sex with a circumcised penis truly is. That was the whole point of having me circumcised, after all.

    The first few times were great. There was huge build up and excitement on both of our parts. She was like a kid playing with a new toy on Christmas, I felt desirable like never before. We fucked intensely, she ground herself up against me relentlessly, and I came buckets into her every time. The biggest surprise for me was that I was actually more sensitive immediately after having my foreskin removed than before and had to work very hard to control myself. This settled down over the next year or two but when your glans has been sheltered your whole life it takes time for it to toughen up into the masculine organ it ought to be. Of course, it didn’t help that she was merciless with her talk and teasing during those first few times, telling me what a good boy I was for getting it cut off for her, how much better she likes me now that I’m not intact, asking me if I wished I could have it back and then taunting me that I never would, asking me if I could even feel her anymore, and so on….


    Amazing to read.