Just a she/they bisexual who kinda wants to naturally die earlier then supposed to and own a yakko, wakko and dot :/

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2021-05-30 01:17:31

    start of quarantine vs now picrew tag game


    original thread

    ty for the tag @tree-reading-a-book! starting a new post bc the last one was getting pretty long :>

    technically the pink hair has all grown out but my hair is still pink in spirit <3

    tagging: @simonsnow-and-i-share-a-birthday, @moirinx, @opossums-are-groovy, and @starshipviolet :D


    before vs after! my hair’s grown out sm from the short bob I had it in last May (I cut it to a pixie cut later in June shhh)


    tagging: @that-kid143 (look I actually tagged you this time lol), @lilly-aliyah (CONGRATS ON STARTING UR WRITEBLR BABE IM SO EXCITED), @wellfuckmegentlywithachansaw (any and all of you are welcome to participate <3), @ash-the-gay-phroggie, @good-luck-snail, @swanimagines, @thebipotterhead, @goldengoddess, @iambecomeyourvillain​ and anyone else who wants to join!



    Before quarantine on the top and rn on the bottom

    Tags: @xmicrophonyx @rindomness and anyone else can join in!


    hey thank for the tag!

    physically, pretty much just my hair got longer pffff I need to cut it againnnn.

    tagging @rhythmsmith, @stary-night​, @ anyone else who wants to ^^


    Hair just grew out- oh also I’m genderqueer :0 still not sure about labels for my sexuality tho

    Im tagging @pepperimps01 and @junipermoon

    Have fun!


    Thanks for the tag!


    I wanted to join in bc this picrew is deadass so cute-

    I didn’t do this with a timestamp in mind, I just couldn’t pick one alskfkkssk

    I tag anyone who wants to join in!


    Yo, this one looks wicked! I wanna hop on this train!

    My hair grew that was it, and my sense of love for myself i guess

    Didn’t have braids so i did what i could.

    Tag: whoever sees this


    Dyed my hair darker and cut it shorter. That’s about it other than a massive shoulder tattoo that I had done.

    Tagging: @supershiny-raven , @hagelpaimon , @exovapor , @angelcatlowyn , @nittleboo , @tmntspidergirl , @angelicdavinci


    Yeah, it wasnt a great change


    Saw your Donna x gamer reader post and raise you this, Angue has a kids kindle tablet with the rubber case and everything and god damn it as a new follower I've gotta draw it

    Lmao I can totally picture Donna putting the rubber case on and Angie being like ‘YO WHERE’S THE FANCINESS AT ? WHERE’S THE SWAGG ? IM NOT A KID I DON’T NEED THIS GIVE IT BAAACK’ but throwing the tablet across the room every time she’s so much as slightly inconvenienced by something (like the Internet lagging or loading for a second too long for her liking) and Donna is so glad rubber cases exist 😂

    Oh yeah please do 😂👍🏼


    Sorry the picture is blurry but here you go 😭😭


    Freeze! You’re under arrest for being so lovely. Copy this message to 10 other blogs that you think are beautiful and deserve it. Keep the game going and make others feel beautiful!!! 💕💕

    Sniff thank you 😳😳😳🥺🥺🥺🥺❤🧡🧡❤🧡



    Commissions!! Yay!

    Hey fam I finally have a means of getting money through online and now have decided to open a commissions page. It's just for sketches right now but hopefully in the future I'll decide to let people buy bigger stuff. I use Cash app, we can talk about payment over dms though so right now the rules!!

    What I wont do:

    •Gore, NSFW, crude imagery, abuse (mental or physical) against child or adult, incest (tcest), bizarre stuff

    •Anything that is transphobic, lgbtq+ phobic, racist or fascist. You will be blocked if continuing to ask after seeing not to

    •I let people give me prompt dialogs but will proceed to ignore them if they trigger or disturb me in any way

    What I will do:

    •Fluff, little angst, limes (thirst traps? *checks slang list), romantic and platonic

    •I draw the following

    -undertale (aus)

    -Tmnt (I'll try with more verses)

    -Gta V

    -The office (not too great but its fun)

    -I'll try with Sonic the hedgehog, no promises though. Last time I drew them were back in 2013

    -Steven universe! (Future too)

    -Oc's(singular or with characters), self insert art, f/o x s/i

    I AM REBLOGGIN THIS AND USING IT ON MY OTHER BLOG @ray-jaykub that is my tmnt blog so if you do not care for turtles do not bother with it

    I just wanna have fun and draw while also making a living so hopefully you guys will try me out?


    Just finished my first commission and exchanged it! AH! THANK YOU @happytheoristdreamer !!! It was really fun to draw!!