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2022-05-18 22:02:03

    for some reason the idea of a caveman stubbing his toe and going “oh fuck oh shit” is so funny to me, like people have been experiencing little agonies like getting hangnails or burning their fingers while stoking the fire for hundreds of thousands of years, a dude 40,000 years ago rolling his ankle chasing a mammoth and absolutely eating shit and falling face first in front of all of his buddies and then standing up and trying to play it off…..so embarrassing


    everyone is like “is gorg…..okay”

    and gorg stands up with mud on his face and goes “don’t look at me right now”


    The idea of ancient children going to play with their parent's tools and breaking one only to panic and set it back in place like it never happened? Amazing. Dude getting a bruise from hitting the ground too hard after falling from a tree and lying about it? Incredible.


    This is a bit more recent but I’m reminded of the archeological find of a 3000 year old pot somebody burned cheese to the bottom of and they just threw the whole thing away. Were they worried their mama was going to be upset they fucked up the pot? Was cleaning it too much work? Were they really embarrassed? I’ve totally been there. I’ve thrown away a pot I scorched too badly in the past year.