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    An Exotic Dancer Demonstrates That Her Underwear Was Too Large To Have Exposed Herself, After Undercover Police Officers Arrested Her In Florida

    Dorothy Counts – The First Black Girl To Attend An All-White School In The United States – Being Teased And Taunted By Her White Male Peers At Charlotte’s Harry Harding High School, 1957

    Austrian Boy Receives New Shoes During WWII

    Jewish Prisoners After Being Liberated From A Death Train, 1945

    The Graves Of A Catholic Woman And Her Protestant Husband, Holland, 1888

    A Lone Man Refusing To Do The Nazi Salute, 1936

    Job Hunting In 1930’s

    German Soldiers React To Footage Of Concentration Camps, 1945

    Residents Of West Berlin Show Children To Their Grandparents Who Reside On The Eastern Side, 1961

    Acrobats Balance On Top Of The Empire State Building, 1934

    Mafia Boss Joe Masseria Lays Dead On A Brooklyn Restaurant Floor Holding The Ace Of Spades, 1931

    Lesbian Couple At Le Monocle, Paris, 1932

    The Most Beautiful Suicide – Evelyn Mchale Leapt To Her Death From The Empire State Building, 1947

    The Remains Of The Astronaut Vladimir Komarov, A Man Who Fell From Space, 1967

    Race Organizers Attempt To Stop Kathrine Switzer From Competing In The Boston Marathon. She Became The First Woman To Finish The Race, 1967

    Harold Whittles Hearing Sound For The First Time, 1974

    Nikola Tesla Sitting In His Laboratory With His “Magnifying Transmitter”