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    Happy Halloween i not done offical halloween model before i figure i make niece of Michael Myers i hope u all enjoy she comes with her halloween 4 clown outfit the mask is removable hope u all enjoy and safe halloween please tell me what all think in comments below have great day and better tomorrow :nod:

    Download her Uncle if u darehttp://faytrobertson.deviantart.com/art/Dead-by-DayLight-Halloween-Michael-Myers-SSPD077-642774401

    Download Links

    MEGA: https://mega.nz/#F!XVADwLbJ!rhk-cBC9248zK8SVFfaldg

    MEDIAFIRE: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/bv8oga22gr3ba/(Halloween%20Models

    Jamie Lloyd by me :iconfaytrobertson: All Re-textures done by me :iconfaytrobertson

    :iconshadowninjamaster: FOR MY AWESOME LOGOPoses by :iconssbbnessfan:

    ———————————————————BASE MODELS————————————————————————————————–

    0.base model

    DOA5 Marie Rose Costume 19 Premier Sexy

    by @rolance

    1.shoes and soxs

    DOA5 Marie Rose Costume 11 Training Gear

    by @rolance


    DOA5 Kokoro Costume 13 School Uniform 2

    by @rolance


    DOA5 Leifang Costume 17 Bikini 1

    by @rolance


    Dead by DayLight Halloween Michael Myers SSPD077

    by @faytrobertson

    5.clown nose and balls lol

    DOA5U Hitomi Clown costume

    by @zareef


    TERA - Masks Pack01

    by @Tiffli

    copy my friends words here thank u :iconzareef:  ^w^

    - Use or Dont Use  "Always force culling" and “Back-face culling”.


    Wet textures

    were added as optional files. To use them, load the wet version of the model via XNAlara/XPS.

    u may port to sfm,gmod and make pictures or anything else all i ask is to credit me

    (Big Grin) (Big Grin)

    I don’t own anything, All credits go to the original creator and owner of the model:: Tecmo/Team Ninja  

    Dead by Daylight

    I do all this for fun

    Halloween and Michael Myers is own by

    John Carpenter


    Hey, love your works! It's nice to find another armpit fetishist. I'm wondering which Illusion games that you use for your background though, i can't recall one with armpit licking.

    thank you, glad you like it ^^

    it’s called real play