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    Journey at Night

    A last scion of a nearly extinct race is kidnapped from his home by a mysterious human woman with a secret agenda–and now it is a race against time to keep him alive through the night.

    This one was interesting to write. The characters all knew what the story would be long before I did. I Hope you enjoy it!

    Excerpt below :)

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    We do not survive captivity well, those of my ilk. Few truly know how to properly care for us. I bitterly doubt this woman truly cares whether I survive this or not.

    So I will make abducting me as difficult for her as I can.

    But she has accomplices. With their aid, she is finally able to load my struggling tightly-wrapped form into her truck. I want to scream…except, I know no one would hear me. There’s no one left to rescue me. The steel floor is hard and unyielding beneath me, as they lay me on my side. There is a blanket or tarp between me and the shock of cold metal. A small kindness that makes me wonder. I’m shivering, cringing at the thought of being shut up inside this dark, cold metal box, cut off from the sky. I squeeze my eyes shut at the thought of suffering more.

    Must they take everything…even this last little bit of my existence?

    A loud noise causes me to open my eyes, which widen immediately. Because my captor has hopped up into the truck with me. So, when the door is shut and locked, I am not to be left alone in the dark.

    In fact, there will be no darkness. She has a little light clipped to her belt. It must have a magnet on it because she sticks it to the steel wall above her.

    Then she lays down behind me, beside me, hugging my bound body to her own. A teardrop hits my face—and I realize it has fallen from her eye to my cheek.

    “I’m so sorry. This was the only way to save you.” She whispers. “Please survive this trip. I need you to, we all do.”

    I can hear the tears in her voice. To say I am shocked is an understatement. I struggle to turn around in her embrace until I am gazing up at her. She takes her hand and strokes the locks of my hair from my face. Her touch is gentle, her expression, kind.

    “You mean to save my life, not end it?” I ask her, shaking my head. “This is a harsh manner of doing so. My kind rarely survive violent abductions of this nature. Do you not already know this about me? You clearly know what I am.”

    Her eyes are intent. She hears me; she understands me.

    So, I continue.

    “And you do not seem ignorant of the effect all this,” I glance down at my bonds, “will have upon me physically. I am already ill. I’ll not survive a too-long journey imprisoned within your metal box. Again…why this?”

    The truck is moving. Her one arm cradles me so I don’t roll around helplessly. Her other hand, warm and soft, strokes my face.

    “We only had tonight to get you, to save you. They are going to level your little hill to put up another strip mall. Your people die when they lose their homes. I knew you were there, and didn’t want to see you killed. My friends and I…this was the best we could do on short notice. We have a new home for you; and we know you’ll be safe there.”

    Her voice is gentle and sincere. I instantly know when someone is lying, and this woman’s words ring with the clear knell of truth. It’s a valuable talent folk of my ilk have. Most useful when one has been kidnapped from one’s home.

    My heart is pounding. I feel cautiously hopeful.

    “How far must you journey to take me there?” I ask her.

    “This late, there’s no traffic…so, less than four hours. We’ll be there before sunrise.”

    I swallow. Her eyes hold mine. I am afraid, and I do not attempt to hide it. The transport time is long enough for me perish, away from the Earth and the sky.

    “I am Arre. May I have a name to call you?” I ask her, trying to keep my breathing calm.

    “I’m Lacey. Lacey Stonemason.” She has given me her true name, including the title that connects her to her ancestors.

    It is an invitation for connection, communion. I nod my head in understanding.

    My body moves like a wave, as I push against the constriction of my bindings. I am not fighting against her, anymore. I look at her, and I am too curious not to ask.

    “I will no longer fight against you, Lacey. For the time being, I accept my captivity—but only by you. Must I remain wrapped and bound in this manner for the entire journey…?”

    Lacey’s eyes are sad. “I truly wish we’d had more time. An older truck with an open back would have been better and safer for you, Arre. Even with the tarp we tacked to the floor, there is the danger of shock. There is no nature here, nothing to feed you. No matter how unpleasant it may be for you…without them, you will not survive the trip.”

    She shifts her body, pulling me along with her. I sigh, my head cushioned upon the warmth Lacey’s shoulder. She has given me the answer I expected. My kidnapper is my rescuer. Such a strange thought. It would seem almost whimsical if my situation weren’t so deadly serious.

    Because she is right: There is nothing, absolutely nothing here for me to absorb. And I cannot help my worried thoughts. As ill as I have been and still am, I wonder how long I can go without nourishment before perishing, despite her care.

    Perhaps my question shows in my eyes. Because my captor answers my unspoken thoughts.

    “You need energy, child of nature.” Her voice is soft and beautiful. “And I have energy to spare—to share.”

    I am once again astonished by this woman. I pull myself up into a shaky sitting position, just to stare at her, to take in her face, commit it to memory. I cannot hold the position for long—I fall back into her arms.

    Lacey bends to press her lips to mine. I accept her kiss softly at first…then more insistently as we forge a connection and the power of her passion and sincerity begin to pour into my being.

    Energy to spare—she has not lied to me even once.