Anyone wanna sponsor a weekend stuffing for me?

    i really wanna sit on my fat ass and not move and try to push the amount of calories i can handle

    if you wanna contribute to my gluttonous binge eating:

    venmo - @tcgsmd

    cashapp -$tcgsmd

    i’ll be posting pictures and videos of the aftermath 🐽✨

    i'm kind of in the mood for belly worship. i know people don't realise how sexy a big fat tummy is, so let me give it the love it deserves. just lay back and let me adore you, kissing and rubbing that big part of your body that's been so neglected. i'll massage lotion into your stretch marks, my hands slippery on your rounded gut, sticking out so beautifully as you melt under my touch. all your inhibitions gone. i don't mind if you want to be my cherished little piggy or the goddess i revere- all i care about is making you feel good.

    i love the type of feedism that is like "i love you so much i want there to be more of you"

    "i love you so much i want to feed you well and make sure you never go hungry again"

    "i love you so much i dont want you to have to work ever again and you can rest. be lazy, you deserve it"

    "you deserve good, filling food. you deserve delicious, indulgent foods. you deserve to be spoiled"