Are you open to just chat and chill in dms

    honestly it depends. i get a lot of creepy and invasive dms and i have a hard time getting to all of them. if you wanna message me and you seem fairly normal i’ll respond lol but i won’t reply to something that’s weird or just says hi i hope that makes sense


    Your hair is your most underrated quality! The color is perfect and the way it drapes down over your heaving breasts abs onto your belly is so sexy! Also I feel like your eyes are always saying “help me, idk what happened to me!!” 🤤

    aw thank you so much! sometimes i’ll see myself in the camera and i’ll think that exact thing lol


    Goddamn did you actually swallow pac man whole at some point or you just taller than you appear at first glance in these photos? Your body type is pretty much a rare anomaly among feedees because despite how much you gain you never seem to get any 'flabbier' if you know what I mean? For some odd reason you gain exactly like an anime character would.

    um i’m not sure about taller i’m not super tall

    but thanks! that anime comment is funny lmao