SWYM : Son With Young Mom
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2020-05-16 22:08:09

    “Let’s go to my room baby….you can bend your mommy over the bed and drain your sexy balls in my pussy. Your dad’s out with his friends… so you can pump as much sperm as you want… Mommy needs it too, Son.” 👄


    She need much healthy and stronger sperm to inseminated her ripe egg and why waste time to go out and search for stranger and risk of being caught when there is a healthy young man living at the back of her house, her beautiful son.


    “Come on, son, don’t pretend you can resist us. Sis and I used to do this all the time back in college, and we never got turned down once. You aren’t gonna break that streak.”


    Mom and aunt forgot something very important that day, and 9 months later they were reminded of their little mistake


    It was actually a month in when they started having morning sickness, and apparently it wasn’t really a mistake, I had removed their IUD’s a few weeks prior to the breeding threesome session