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    good morning everyone have an absolutely furious mongoose


    It’s cuter when you recognize that the lion with visible spots is a juvenile. There’s a very high chance the other lion that runs over to investigate is the MOTHER.

    The first lion is asking for comfort because she was given a big spook!!! and she needs mommy to tell her it’s safe and ok!!!! (What’s cuter is that mommy clearly reassures her, and goes on to take the parent role of ‘deal with the scream rat in order to protect my large and easily frightened daughter’)

    this is all in all an adorable video 10/10


    actually you’re completely right that the original lion is a juvenile, but it’s a male! his size and the fact that he still has some baby spots left also indicate that he’s a very YOUNG juvenile, equivalent to a human preteen!

    so really what’s happening here is a fantastic mother dashing outside with a broom to defend her 13-year-old son from the angry opossum that he just found in the trash can while taking out the garbage.


    And quite clearly neither know what to do, really.


    shit my criminal justice professor has pulled

  • On the second week of class wore a baseball cap and sunglasses and attempted to go undercover within the students before class started just to “catch wind” of the latest gossip
  • wore a maternity dress over his regular clothes and then another layer of regular clothes on top of that just to make a joke in the middle of class by stripping down to the maternity dress
  • This thing called “Mowen dollars” which is just a piece of paper with his face on it that counts as extra credit if you turn it in with a test or paper
  • Called us his “little ducklings” on multiple occasions
  • Told us to flip off the class in the hall as we were leaving because they interrupted the middle of his lecture
  • Also has this thing called “infinite generosity” where if you ask him to do something he won’t say no
  • For example, we can now use notes on every exam
  • Constantly photoshops his face onto pictures on his powerpoints
  • Got a speeding ticket and went to court to argue it with science about inclines and how it artificially adds speed to a car when they’re going down. 
  • Lost the case and had to pay the ticket anyways. 
  •  Used his infinite generosity to grant us the option of actually turning in our final term paper without repercussions
  •  Bargained with us that if 84% of the class responded to the teacher survey sent out by the university we could basically take the final test as a class
  • Has had the highest rate of teacher survey response in the department for 4 years running and considers it a personal victory
  • Took multiple pictures of the armored trucks that our local police department has purchased from his home while only wearing underwear
  • In his infinite generosity, he made the final term paper optional because some kid asked him to like a week before it was supposed to be due
  • apollochrist


  • He got the 84% of response on the survey and we can now take our final as an entire class and he can remain the champion of teacher survey responses in the department
  • Sent out an announcement saying “I had a lunch that consisted of sour gummy worms and various snack cakes. It was fantastic and totally calorie-free”
  • In that same message linked us an informative video for us to watch before taking the exam
  • He rick rolled us. 
  • No one rick rolls me, so i sent him an email asking if I could include a link in my final power point slide and wanted him to check it to make sure it was informative
  • https://youtu.be/lXMskKTw3Bc
  • I rick rolled him right back
  • Literally 2 minutes later he emailed me back saying that “the student has become the teacher”
  • apollochrist

    Final Update:

  • On the day of our final as he was passing out the tests he repeated that our class was just like “one big party” and that he was going to play a song that represents how much of a part our class was
  • That song was “I’ve Got Big Balls” by ACDC
  • He continued to play said song throughout the first half of our test
  • When he asked if we had any questions about the test one kid asked what the answer to the first question was, and he actually told us.
  • He realized how much of a mistake he had made by agreeing to let us take the test in groups when one girl became the “ring leader” and sent out scouts from her group to collect the answers from other groups so they could consolidate answers and decide which ones were the right ones
  • As soon as the girl started reading down the list of answers to each question, he followed along in his own test and once she got to the end of the 2nd page said, “You guys are such assholes”
  • When I handed in my test he told me that he was so proud of my email rick rolling on him that he showed all of his friends in the department
  • stuck-in-hawkins

    You know what’s some crazy $hit?

    This fabulous bitch


    She makes a shit ton of poses (like 16,000 or some crazy nonsense).  I used this lovely lady to draw so much as a teen.  Whether it was some nerdy pose for my Mary Sue as fuck OCs


    or for full on fight sequences


    or for tragic deaths of my OCs in the arms of a totally OOC main protagonist.  


    this bitch hooked me up.  

    And with the wildest, craziest stuff that you could see in your head but had no way or resources to reasonably draw like


    or this


    or this


    DUDE!  INASNE SHIT!!  So I was using her for a pose reference and decided, you know what, I owe this bitch some cash.  Lemme dole it out for her.  BUT then, I looked and saw she only has 286 fucking patrons!!  This chick gives out free shit and spends countless hours arranging these shoots and setting this stuff up.  

    I’ll fork up the cash, SenshiStock.  You’re worth it.  

    Check out this amazing woman’s stuff, and get knowledged:  https://www.deviantart.com/senshistock


    I have been following her for years on deviantart.

    Highly reccomend checking her out. She’s the best. If I had any money to throw I’d throw it at her for providing such a big help in my life.


    This hero doesn’t wear capes, she instead wears (and looks utterly flawless) in tank tops(?)


    Interrupting my regular Star Wars BS to reblog this because @senshistock is amazing and beyond worth the follow and support!  I first started using her refs gosh I want to say back in maybe 2008, and I’m happy to be a supporter of her over on Patreon.  If you’re an artist please go find her stuff on all the platforms, you will not regret it!


    Yessss, she is so awesome! Been following her for years. My favorite stock artist is jademacalla, who is, incidentally, in the last two images above. He has a lot of great angles, costumes, gear, etc! I love his hands, too.


    rb to save an artists life


    Just so everyone knows, she recently stopped using the name SenshiStock and switched to AdorkaStock! All her links and socials have switched to that. Also she has a TikTok of her doing the poses live, which is stupid useful because you can pause it at any point in the pose for just the right reference.


    Literally just used a Adorkastock reference the other night, god bless them


    Also a reminder that Adorkastock Sketch exists, which is essentially timed poses to draw (including a class mode, that replicates a life drawing session), which you can even filter to focus on what you need to work on.



    Sitcom about a immortal (and rather antisocial) wizard who lives in a great stone tower several miles outside of the local village, except that’s only the establishing prologue.

    The meat of the show takes place a thousand years later, when the village has become a modern city and urban sprawl has resulted in it expanding to entirely surround the wizard’s tower, which is now sticking out like the proverbial sore thumb in the middle of a suburban housing development.

    The inciting incident of the present-day plot involves a local kid who’s read too many of Those Kind Of YA Novels persuading the wizard to take them on as an apprentice, prompting the wizard to become involved in the community after centuries of relative seclusion.

    The result is a sort of reverse fish-out-of-water comedy where it’s society at large that keeps getting tripped up by the out of place character’s strange expectations. The wizard isn’t unwilling to adapt, but their default attitude of “explain to me in detail how any of this is reasonable” is something most other characters don’t really know how to respond to; this is exacerbated by the fact that the wizard’s first contact with many of the foibles of modern life is filtered through the aforementioned kid apprentice and their bizarre YA-media-driven misconceptions about what being a wizard actually entails.


    I think it’s really important to talk about how different people have different power fantasies.

    For example:

  • For some people, the idea of someone redeeming a villain is a power fantasy.
  • For other people, the idea of a villain being defeated is a power fantasy.
  • And for other people, the idea of a character owning their villainy is a power fantasy.
  • I would argue a lot of fandom conflicts re: villains come from people being unable to see that their fantasies, which put them in control of a narrative (and all three of these are designed to give the author or reader control of the narrative in different ways) are someone else’s horror stories.


    ….this explains SO MUCH.


    “Hero redeems villain” and “villain corrupts hero” are arguably both the same power fantasy. Power of Seduction. Power to influence others.