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    just because a woman posts sexual content does not mean you are sexually entitled to her.

    just because a woman posts sexual content does not mean you are sexually entitled to her.

    just because a woman posts sexual content does not mean you are sexually entitled to her.

    just because a woman posts sexual content does not mean you are sexually entitled to her.

    just because a woman posts sexual content does not mean you are sexually entitled to her.


    Well Said


    “Your Grace, I present you my latest invention…the 2K22 Tunguska.

    The missile (NATO designation SA-19 Grison) has semi-automatic radar command to line-of-sight guidance, weighs 40kg with a 9kg warhead. It is 2.5m long with a diameter of 1.7m and wingspan of 2.2m. The missile’s maximum speed is 900m/s and can engage targets travelling at speeds up to 500m/s. Range is from 15 to 6,000m for ground targets and 15 to 10,000m for air targets.

    Two twin-barrel 30mm anti-aircraft guns are mounted on the vehicle. These guns have a maximum firing rate of 5,000 rounds per minute and a range of 3,000m against air targets. This extends to 4,000m against ground targets.

    It is designed to provide day and night protection for infantry and armored regiments against low-flying aircraft, helicopters, cruise missiles and of course, dragons in all weather conditions.“


    Perfect taghet for AGM-65 maverick or Hellfire.


    Starship Troopers Friend or Foe?

    To answer the ? “should any government emulate it and why (militarily speaking.)”

    Yes unaquivicably yes.

    Militarily this book is as it should be. The recruiters are specifically designed to scare off anyone who isn’t ready, motivated, or dedicated, the exact opposite of modern recruiters who will take almost anybody provided they are above the age of 18 and have a pulse…

    Basic training lasts 5 months and has a 90% fail rate, making training as hard as possible on purpose and allowing for only the best to pass into the ranks of the military and from there combat or service. Meaning that those who partisipate in military sevice are not only volunteers of dedication and ability they are also the best that the nation has to offer.

    As the book says “There are no dangerous weapons; there are only dangerous men. We’re trying to teach you to be dangerous — to the enemy. Dangerous even without a knife. Deadly as long as you still have one hand or one foot and are still alive.”

    To become and officer you have to serve enlisted, show apptitude, be selected and then pass through another even more rigourous basic training. So that the officer corps is agian the best of the best and you know or can rightfully assume that because its a meritocracy that your chain of command is the best of the best of the best… And that the officers are required to do and be able to do everything their troopers can, or better…

    The Chaplain Corps also fights along side the troops blessing as they fight, fighting as they bless, experienceing everything with their troops. Unlike current Chaplains who are noncombatants, who often times have little to no practical experience in regards to the trials of the troops in the field.

    They also believe in a true no joke NO MAN LEFT BEHIND POLICY, to the point where for a single prisoner they would go to war because as i have previously stated Its about brotherhood and strength. As a trooper those captives are your brothers and sisters and their freedom is priceless. As a government a prisoner is an insult and a weakness, and cant be tolerated. If people can take or keep your people that will lead others to believe you weak which will lead to more of the same. Besides especially since in order to be in government you had to serve they are your family as well.”

    The entirety of the book is about the social responsibility of the individual for and to the community, and how by serving the community you are inherently rewarded. They further enforce the inherent reward of community service with social incentives (the ability to vote and hold public office) and punishment for destructive and criminal behavior through things like public punishment, and depending on the severity of the crime Corporal punishment. The book bases everything on the indiviual voluntarily assuming responsibility for the common good. It encourages service, but does not punish or stigmatize lack of service.

    I also like that governmentally they put forward the idea that only those who had volunteered to serve could really be trusted to appreciate the responsibility of governing, having sacrificed personally for the nation and society, and intimately understanding the sacrifices that can intail. That ONLY those who have served and sacrificed inherit the appropriate moral and social authority to lead, and that, that service need not be military in nature, but that military service is the ideal. That only full Citizens (those who have served) can vote or hold public office but that all Civilians (those individuals that are part of the nation but have not served) still maintain all other rights (freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly…) and that they only lack the abiltiy to vote, hold public office and recieve selected government aid.

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    We’re you a recruiter?


    The MI is the tip of the spear. Read Heinlin’s Starship Trooper.