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2020-10-26 13:03:25

    I started following you because of the mv x aesthetics series! never looked back, no regrets. one of my fave blogs/people on my dash ♡

    djaka damn i need to update the series!! thanks for reminding me and actually liking these series!! when I stared i felt like no one paid attention but i am glad to see you liked them ❤️❤️ i need to start doing the "prequel" which will be the series but the intros and sequel which will be the Japanese mv and every other mv ❤️❤️

    thank you for following me!! i will work harder!! stay safe ❤️

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    Because I am an older BTS fan who doesn't have the search abilities so I love that you do the searching so that I can just the oooing and amazing. Thank you for making my day BTSbetter.

    jdkaak it's an honor to help you!! i am glad you enjoy the content!! i will try to update as much as i can ❤️❤️ stay safe ❤️

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