what she says: I'm okay.

    what she means: Why is Kim Namjoon rapper of BTS not getting any love. Why do they not like him? He is such a great human being who deserves love and kindness and does not deserve hate. he has done nothing wrong for people to treat him like this. He's such a kind, clumsy, adorable dork who is too good for this world. #LoveNamjoon


    three internet trends i will (regrettably) probably never grow out of:

    • typing in a cresCENDO TO EXPRESS EXCITEMENT • …………..unnecessarily……. long……….. ellipsis’ • puttinfh a typo in eveyr other word to shwo u dont really give a fukc but u actually do

  • also unnecessary!!!! punctuation marks??????? like…… ??? what is going on here????? i!! am!!! so!!! excited!!!!
  • fihli
  • and™ totally™ unneeded™ trademark symbols™