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2021-06-14 04:01:01

    Not a vibe: when your cock slips out of her while she's bouncing on it, and it doesn't quite go back in right and just bends in half.

    A vibe: when she slides back down on it, grabs your neck, and just rides it sooo fucking slowly until she cums all over it and makes her pussy just squeeeeze your cock, forcing all that cum out inside her.

    your partner telling you what to do with a gentle hand around your throat, not really squeezing but just holding, a little firmly, loving the way they can feel the rise and fall of your breath, your throat pushing against their hand when you swallow. there’s no where else you’d rather be, and you let your head fall back, eyes closed, and that’s when their grip tightens, thumb rubbing across the center, and a thrill goes through you, knowing they love your submission as much as you love their dominance