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2021-05-23 20:23:52

    What a crazy year, with the pandemic and so much tragedy, it’s beyond heart warming that everyone to came together to support the charity art sale like never before. This year we raised an insane amount of $40,000!!! And with MSI Gaming’s generous offer to double all donations raised, a total of $80,000 will be donated to various environmental charities! 

    Without further ado, here are the receipts from the 8 wonderful charities that your money supported! https://www.yuumeiart.com/blog/2020/12/31/2020-charity-sale

    MSI is still working on getting receipts from their 3 charities and those will be shared as soon as possible.

    Thank you all so much again for an incredible end to such a difficult year. Let’s keep doing our best in 2021!!! Happy New year!!!

    A lot of people asked me to show more of my office, and my two floofs, so here it is: A short tour of my small office and all the equipment I use to make my art :D

    Luna and Nova says hiiiiiiiiiiii~~~

    If you want to learn more about the monitors and pc I use to paint, check out MSI Gaming’s Content Creation Prestige Monitor (PS341WU) and Desktop (P100X) in the links below!