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    Pete thought he’d hit the jackpot when he arranged a meet with a guy who said he could try some of his wardrobe. As he arrived at the flat, the guy had said he’d taken the liberty of laying an outfit out for Pete. As horny as Pete was, he slipped into the trans suit and couldn’t believe how it appeared to adjust to his exact size.

    “Oh yes boy, you look perfect. The suit really becomes you!”

    “Thanks” said Pete, who was beginning to feel overwhelmingly horny, and before he realised it, the suit started to feel like it manipulating Pete’s body.

    “Hey, what’s happening… why is it doing this?” asked a confused Pete as he seemed to positioning himself onto his hands and knees.

    The guy smiled as he unzipped Pete’s arse and began to mount him, “all part of the process, mate. Like I said, the suit really becomes you. I should clarify however that you’re about to become the suit.”

    Pete’s panic was short-lived, as the guy’s cum flooded into him, almost instantly numbing Pete and starting the changes. He laid on his back in position occasionally twitching and moaning, hearing the faint moans and voices of all the others who’d came before, as the suit claimed its latest victim.

    The guy watched as Pete transformed from flesh to rubber joining the others who’d gone before him, now in a permanent ecstasy as rubberflesh. He’d seen this happen so many times now, but he knew he had to serve the hunger of the suit that commanded more and more men to feed on. One day, the suit will command him to wear it, and he too will become as one but until then, he fired up his dating app ready to entice the next sacrifice.


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     Bobby was offered 200 dollars for working on Saturday, he quickly accepted the cash.

    Bobby reported for work, the locked the door behind him, he could not leave.


    his ‘coworker’ quickly got him into his ‘protective uniform’ safety yellow rubber, slipped the ‘communication’ earbuds in his ears, pulled the hood down over his head, turned on the projector lenses, and before bobby could think twice about what the hell sort of work he’d gotten into, the ‘coworker’ locked the metal collar around his neck and pushed his head and torso through a hole in the wall, locking the collar to the opening with and locking his arms and legs to the floor.

    Bobby would work his shift…and perhaps a wee bit of overtime.