Women Are Superior
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2020-06-30 01:32:27

    Femdom within the family!


    As all families should be, Mother and Daughters are the rulers and the only ones who have authority in the household, dad and sons should be subservient to Women therefore should be taught that all Women are their superiors. Mothers pass to their Daugthers the power, wealth, and authority over males, Only Daughters are heirs while sons can't inherit anything. That's the way to build a strong Matriarchy through generations seruring peaceful, prosperous, fair societies.


    Knowing the Rules of the Gynarchic Matriarchy!


    Excellent set of rules! The family is the nucleus of the Matriarchy, all men must be totally subservient to the Women of the house, father and sons obey instantly with absolute respect to the orders that Mother, Daughters, Wives give them. Women treat men abruptly, demanding, with stern authority so that they do not forget where they are inferior to all women.