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    This part about the Midnights timeline always kills me. This further cements that Glitch is not about Joe. 2190 days from any date in 2021 is 2015! She didn’t know Joe yet… but she did begin a long blackout with someone since sometime in 2015… (Met Calvin in February, dating in March, May BBMAs…) Sorry not sorry.


    “Five seconds later, I'm fastening myself to you with a stitch and I'm not even sorry”

    This song is so Haylor coded.

    And if anyone remembers the interview with Ryan Seacrest in 2014 when she said she should’ve just named ‘Style’ , “I’m not even sorry” ?

    We already know they use stitches and the number 20 in their lyrics as a symbolic/metaphorical way to describe their chaotic relationship.

    The Lakes

    The lakes is about escaping the challenging aspects of Taylor Swift's life with her muse to form an artist community like Wordsworth and Keats had in the Lakes district in the 19th century.

    Above, the Lyric video shows wildflowers, LK has referenced this song and Harry also has for a Pleasing campaign. In the vertical video Taylor is on a swing, reminiscent of the swing in Seven, possibly about Harry. Finally a photo with a swan in The Lakes District.

    In the Long Pond Session Taylor said (I've shortened it)

    'The Lakes is a testament of what I wanted to escape from and where I saw myself escaping to. We'd gone to the Lake District in England a couple years ago. In the 19th century you had a lot of poets like William Wordsworth and John Keats. There was a poet district. They had their own community of other artists, which I've always in my career.' Jack: 'it's not just I've found something worth escaping to it’s a person to escape with.” Taylor agreed "That's a huge sincere statement of hope, everything I'm naming is completely small compared to this love.” “Hoax as the ending song was interesting for a couple weeks but then I wanted the real last song. The Lakes shows you exactly what the overarching theme of the whole album of trying to escape and having something you want to protect, protect your own sanity and saying look they did this hundreds of years ago, I'm not the first person who's felt this way.

    Taylor said they had gone to the lakes "a couple of years ago", and she described a poet district with an artist community, meaning fellow songwriters. She had been to the Lakes with a couple of years ago with on her first trip there with Harry Styles on her birthday in 2012. At the time Taylor said it was her best birthday since she was 6. Like Taylor, Harry has a similar experience of fame and is a lyricist. Harry has also sung about being in an artist community with Taylor, in Canyon Moon, which has a very similar idea as The Lakes.

    I have seen people refer to the Invisible String Lyric "Our three-year trip / Getting lunch down by the Lakes" to point to Joe. While not photographed, their 3rd anniversary was October 2019, or 6 months before this song was recorded. 'A couple of years ago' rather than 'last year' implies the earlier trip. Joe is also not a lyricist, she spoke about an artist community. He is credited as a producer on Folklore. Taylor described how William Bowery wrote the melody's not lyrics.


    Is it romantic how all my elegies eulogize me?
    I'm not cut out for all these cynical clones
    hunters with cell phones

    An elegie is the speech at a funeral, her songs, particularly those she is reclaiming are like diary. She lost her eulogie, the story of her life.

    The last line refers back to 'I Know Places' "They are the hunters, we are the foxes" where she and Harry ran from paparazzi, now they hide from every person with a cell phone.

    Take me to the lakes where all the poets went to die
    I don't belong, and my beloved, neither do you
    Those Windermere peaks look like a perfect place to cry
    setting off, but not without my muse

    Taylor is saying she is not cut out for the music industry life, she lost the rights to her diary, constantly photographed. In the Long Pond she referred to having this plan for years, which she foreshadowed for Lover, and I think Harry's Peace ring. I think they may have shared this plan when they first visited for when she turned 30 and into 2020. Folklore is about communication and how life differs to what a 23 year old planned.

    The final line is so lovely, her muse is Harry Styles. No other partner has inspired so much work or so much success, they have inspired and encouraged each other to do their best work. Even when they are with others for years they still write about each other. When they see each other they are prolific. Harry has even sung about how he writes too much about her. I could list what proportion of awards and hits are about this relationship, but let's stay in the Windermere peaks.

    Despite their success Taylor does not think they are cut out for this life. Taylor has sung about Harry's anxiety in New Years Day and Now that we don't talk, it's also apparent watching him at award shows in his solo career. This song and many (Mirrorball, I know places, Slut!, You're on your own kid) are about how fame impacted Taylor.

    What should be over burrowed under my skin
    In heart-stopping waves of hurt
    I've come too far to watch some namedr
    opping sleaze
    Tell me what are my words worth

    The first line I think could have 2 meanings, one that the relationship should be over but it is not and the waves are hurt of not being together. Or, and I think this because of the second half, Taylor cannot let her masters go. The last line is a pun on the worth of her words and the poet William Wordsworth.

    I want auroras and sad prose
    I want to watch wisteria grow right over my bare feet
    'Cause I haven't moved in years
    And I want you right here
    A red rose grew up out of ice frozen ground
    With no
    one around to tweet it
    While I bathe in cliffside pools
    With my calamitous love and insurmountable grief

    I want auroras and sad prose, refers to Harry Styles. She describes his eyes as aurora borealis green in Snow on the Beach. She also describes him as sad boy in Question..?, he does write sad prose.

    In the Long Pond Session Taylor said "I could see this you know you you live in a cottage and you've got Wisteria growing up the outside of it and you just why you know of course they escaped like that." William Wordsworths cottage (below) has wisteria growing on the side, which is a slow growing purple plant, almost a lavender haze!

    I love the imagery of 'Red rose grew out of rose in frozen ground', because it refers to Rose, which is a Haylor theme. But also because it refers to the track before Hoax: "My winless fight, this has frozen my ground" It also refers to a theme of hiding their love, "I would die for you secret" in Peace, that something beautiful and no one needs to know about it.

    The last lines are so poetic and dramatic I love them. Calamitous love refers to a love that’s “built to fall apart (and back together) in OOTW or "a crooked love in a straight line down” in IWYW. Taylor used a similar word discussing SOTB, calling it cataclysmic love. Taylor describes her dramatic and passionate relationship with Harry rather than staide and safe one described with Joe.

    Her insurmountable grief is all she’s lost, her masters, the things she gave up in your own your own kid and things she has to pine about.

    Take me to the lakes where all the poets went to die
    I don't belong, and my beloved, neither do you
    Those Windermere peaks look like a perfect place to cry
    setting off, but not without my muse
    No, not without you

    Love this chorus, such beautiful poetry about poets and love.


    That timeline makes me wonder where HS fit into it all or if he even did during those years outside of writing songs about each other.

    I don't think they seemed that close in the 2021 and 2023 grammys. To me, the interaction looked like they hadn't talked in a long time but that's just the feeling I got from it.

    I also remember when he wore the midnights coded outfit I think the same night she wore the midnights dress during the 2022 VMA's afterparty. Not sure if that was a coincidence or if they had gotten in contact around that time.

    The most confusing thing was what happened once her breakup became public. He was single then and instead she got with MH? With them both being available for the first time in years, you would've thought they would've jumped at the opportunity based on all the songs written throughout the years.

    Hi Anon

    That timeline is about her break up with Joe, Harry stuff is in this timeline. I don't think she left Joe for Harry, or that they even dated in 2021.

    My pure speculation is that 'The 1' and 'Late Night Talking' did happen while they were both in LA in the pandemic. She didn't want to break up with Joe, so H went back to Europe. In California Harry refers to a 'Summer's death left to breath'. Love of my Life is about letting her go, it was written early 2021.

    He approached her, in public, at the 2021 Grammys, (which is unlike him) it was maybe an olive branch and it was the first time they spoke in public since 2012 - who could blame them for being tense.

    In May 2021 they were both at the Brits, no photos together, Joe was in Belfast. Seems like nothing - were it not for for Glitch.

    By October 2021 he made heart eyes high in the crowd in Nashville, changed that setlist to include TBSL. It was the day after one of their anniversaries. She was in Nashville. While there, he wrote Satellite at Cave Studio - the song says 'I can see you're lonely, don't you know that I am right here'. Then matching outfits for re-records started.

    Then 'You're losing me' written in December. HH came out in March 2022, Joe interacts stopped. I also assume she was at the NY ONO show, she was in NY. H touring and dating OW until October 2022. Midnights has songs on it that imply they had spent time together.

    The 2023 Grammys was even more public because it was a full audience, she came over to him, knowing it would be on the internet. They touched, fist bumped, hugged, held eye contact. He touched the bare skin on her back. Which.... he 'should think about the consequence of touching her hand in a darkened room'.

    That timeline has Matt Healy on it too. .... Taylor and Tree would have had the Joever announcement well planned, Invisible String on the setlist and all, and considered who she publicly dates first after. People were really invested in Joe, that announcement was for the fans, not Taylor.

    Again speculation, but I think they think of each other as End Game and maybe aren't ready for that. But if they were, she wouldn't go public with a very famous, very divisive relationship lightly, quickly or as the first after Joe. Although I do think think in 1989 vaults and media tested given an updated fan temperature on it.


    Did Wildest Dreams happened while they were in Cannes? I always got that vibe from their instagram posts but never knew for sure (even that we CAN'T know for sure lol)

    Actually I lowkey think Wildest Dreams was written around 22 June 2013 when both Taylor and Selena were in Rhode Island because Selena once said to a fan that she was there with Taylor when she wrote it and know who’s it about and it’s her favourite 1989 song. I doubt Taylor wrote it after the VMAs because Selena wasn’t with Taylor at the afterparty, Tay hung out with Ed and Harry until 2am and then she took a flight back to LA that night.

    Taylor said during the acoustic set of Wildest Dreams last year in Australia that she wrote the song when she was in a bad mood, and I recall June 2013 was when Harry was hanging out with Paige in London or something lmfaoaoaooa.

    Also makes more sense that Taylor wrote it during their Rhode Island extended sleepover, Selena would have been with her the entire time instead of the limited time at the VMAs.


    Also I deadass think she took the name ‘Wildest Dreams’ from 1D’s ‘Best Song Ever’ that came out around the same time Taylor wrote WD – there’s a line in ‘Best Song Ever’ that goes “She said never in your wildest dreams” – since Taylor said she wrote the song when she was in a bad mood I’m GUESSING she decided to adopt that line for her own.

    (At the 2013 VMAs 1D’s song won Best Song of the summer after all…. and Wildest Dreams has a very summerish feel to it)

    This is all just speculation though, feel free to argue!


    (As for when the events in WD happened…. I’m also guessing somewhere in April/May/June 2013. We’d probably never know if they saw each other privately but it seems like they were still hooking up in 2013 so…. idk. But I do know they met up in LA in August a few days before the VMAs…)


    I completely agree, I’m reblogging an old post because I’ve seen people say it’s about AS because of the video. Which makes no sense for the lyrics which include “And his voice is a familiar sound” which… AS’s wasn’t familiar they just met and never seemed to see each other again.

    And Someday when you leave me / I bet these memories / Follow you around” literally if AS even happened it was a short fling, compared the person she wrote The 1 about 8 years later.

    The video is set in Africa because it is about finding the “Burton to this Taylor” (Same reference is in Ready for it..) Like Harry likens them to Joni Mitchell and Graham Nash; Taylor likened them to Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor who remarried in Africa.

    Here is Taylor in the MV and Burton and Taylor:

    It was filmed in August 2015, 3 months after the 2015 bbmas, the same month she had Kendall on stage at the 1989 tour.

    And in the leaked Him Harry makes it clear who he thinks it’s about, the title is even in a 1D Best Song Ever.


    I will never get over the secret message in Shake It Off being “She danced to forget him” yet it has the lyrics “To the fella over there with the hella good hair won’t you come on over baby we can shake, shake” like she is clearly asking the ‘him’ in question to dance with her. Oh the irony


    I think the guy in the secret message is different from the guy with the ‘hella good hair’.


    I always thought that was “my ex-man brought his new girlfriend” (John Mayer and Katie Perry)


    Yeah, this is what I assumed too


    I will never get over the secret message in Shake It Off being “She danced to forget him” yet it has the lyrics “To the fella over there with the hella good hair won’t you come on over baby we can shake, shake” like she is clearly asking the ‘him’ in question to dance with her. Oh the irony


    I think the guy in the secret message is different from the guy with the ‘hella good hair’.

    As a Taylor fan, there were many songs that didn’t quite make sense when I viewed them from a casual lens. I would think, “How is this about Joe?” and I’d shake my head and move on.

    Same with Harry. “What is he talking about?” I even thought his lyrics weren’t great when I didn’t get them.

    Maturing is realizing that all of those songs were, it turns out, either Taylor writing about Harry and vice versa. And then it all clicks effortlessly, lol. Once you see it once it becomes SO obvious.

    I don't wanna live forever

    In the video Zayn arrives in a classic convertible, similar to Blank Space. She 'called out' Harry's cars in KoMH "'Cause all the boys and their expensive cars / With their Range Rovers and their Jaguars"

    Then the hotel looks a lot like the Bowery Hotel where Harry stays in NY. Also, not to sound flippant... but it's Zayn and Taylor.

    Harry and Taylor refer to Hallways in 10 songs and in the Perfect MV.

    There are white roses throughout which Taylor pulls apart. Since Red, TS Roses have been about Harry, he has a rose tattoo. On their May anniversary in 2013, she posted roses saying she thought something would grow. She threw white roses in the Blank Space MV.

    The people in the background are dressed like Harry and Taylor at the Victoria Secret show, which is also the subject of So it Goes.

    They trash the hotel room, which mocks Perfect's MV. 1D's made a mess, Taylor and Zayn smash a mirror and a lamp.

    i don't wanna live forever came together very quickly. wrote it with taylor and sam dew and produced it at home mostly on paper sounds. recorded taylor at my house. zayn sent parts from LA – we did it in a week basically. i've never had something come out that quick — jackantonoff (@jackantonoff) December 9, 2016

    Zayn said that Jack approached him, then Zayn spoke to Taylor who already knew the track. I think given the importance of Jack and Taylor's relationship it's more likely Taylor choose Zayn and Jack was an intermediary than Jack raising it.

    The collaboration itself is enough to confirm who it is about and caused a directioner-swiftie Twitter fandom storm. Many viewed it as a way for them both to mess with Harry, I think in part it is a response to Perfect. To suggest it's not about Harry for either is... a choice.

    When was it written

    Jack and Taylor were in the studio recording the bulk of Reputation in September 2016, Zayn was was in LA then, so maybe. But Fifty shades wrapped in April 2016 and it was likely wanted then.

    Live performances

    Taylor performed it 7 times in promotional events and then only twice in concert, interestingly both times was it the first week of June:

  • June 9, 2018, Manchester's Reputation Surprise Song. They were in a good (and maybe more) place then. Also Harry's hometown (he was in Florida)
  • June 3, 2023, Chicago Eras surprise song. It is sadder that above, the MH split announcement was 2 days later so maybe related. Haylor relations seemed warm before and after that.
  • Taylors split from CH and Harry left to shoot Dunkirk in June 2016. From I did something bad / High Infidelity / Ole we know CH was over earlier and they had spent some time together in February and April 2016. Playing this in June, when Harry left for Dunkirk and his IG going colour after the 2016 Met Gala has me side eyeing the end.


    [Verse 1: ZAYN]
    Been sittin' eyes wide open
    Behind these four walls, hopin' you'd call
    It's just a cruel existence
    Like there's no point hopin
    ' at all

  • Eyes wide open is a reference to Eyes wide Shut, the Stanley Kubrick erotic psychological drama. Like Fifty shades is features a masquerade party.
  • Harry and Taylor refer to waiting for calls in: AYHTDWS "Here you are now, calling me up, but I don't know what to say" August "Cancel plans just in case you'd call". Maroon "the rust that grew between telephones" FTDT "Even my phone misses your call, by the way"
  • Cruel existence is a theme of referring to their relationship as something they are trapped in. Cruel Summer "It's a cruel summer with you", MMIH "Cause once you go without it / Nothing else will do" and others. Taylor also had no hope in Treacherous "This hope is treacherous"
  • [Pre-Chorus: ZAYN]
    Baby, baby, I feel crazy
    Up all night, all night and every day
    Give me somethin', oh, but you say nothin'
    What is happenin
    g to me?

  • Taylors pre-chorus is the same but "I gave you somethin', but you gave me nothin'"
  • IWYW has a similar line "You always knew how to push my buttons / You give me everything and nothing" and Say "don't go" "I said, "I love you" (I said, "I love you") / You say nothin' back"
  • [Chorus: ZAYN]
    I don't wanna live forever
    'Cause I know I'll be living in vain
    And I don't wanna fit wherever
    I just wanna keep calling your name
    Until you come ba
    ck home x2

  • Taylor has referred to not wanting a life without Harry in Is it over now? "Oh, Lord, I think about / Jumping off of very tall somethings" Hoax " Stood on the cliffside / Screaming, "Give me a reason"" This is me trying "Pulled the car off the road to the lookout / Could've followed my fears all the way down"
  • In Where do broken hearts go "Now I'm searching every lonely place / Every corner calling out your name / Tryna find you but I just don't know / Where do broken hearts go?"
  • I don't want to fit wherever seems a response to Perfect "Or the arms that hold you any time you want them / But that don't mean that we can't live here in the moment / 'Cause I can be the one you love from time to time". HS had not been available because of the band, but wasn't in 2016 when Taylor wanted someone there for her but I expect was focused on his solo career and Dunkirk so not in the band or available. To me this line could be why it still didn't work out.
  • [Verse 2: Taylor Swift]
    I'm sittin' eyes wide open
    And I got one thing stuck in my mind
    Wonderin' if I dodged a bullet
    Or just lost the love of my
    life, oh

    In second Verse Taylor has let it go, dodged a bullet/lost the love of her life is pretty straight forward - but it's an interesting link to Love of my Life on Harry's House which was still 6 years away. (yes I know his only 13th track on the album he released on their 10th anniversary is about England.... ....)

    [Bridge: Taylor Swift, ZAYN, Both]
    I've been looking sad in all the nicest places
    Baby, baby, I feel crazy
    I see you around in all these empty faces
    Up all night, all night and every day
    I've been looking sad in all the nicest places
    Give me somethin', oh, but you say nothin'
    Now I'm in a cab, I tell 'em where your place is
    What is
    happening to me?

    Looking sad in all the nicest places reminds me of:

  • This is me trying: "And it's hard to be at a party / When I feel like an open wound/ It's hard to be anywhere these days / When all I want is you"
  • Hit's different "Freedom felt like summer then on the coast / Now the sun burns my heart and the sand hurts my feelings"
  • Take the cab to his place is also similar to other times they go to each others house:

  • DBATC: "I Take the long way home"
  • Wish You Would. "It's 2 A.M. in your car / Windows down, you pass my street / The memories start" and "It's 2 A.M. in your car / Windows down, I pass my street / The memories start"
  • [Outro: Taylor Swift, ZAYN]
    I just wanna keep callin' your name
    Until you come back home
    Until you come bac
    k home

    Finally, home is an important concept to them. Generally, they refer to each other as home. However in this song and Sweet Creature, "Wherever I go, you bring me home Sweet creature, sweet creature When I run out of road, you bring me home"

    Sweet Creature and IDWLF were both written in 2016 they refer to HS coming home to her.

    The lyric 'And I don't wanna fit wherever / I just wanna keep calling your name / Until you come back home". Is a hope that eventually they will be together, but accepting not yet. This idea is in several songs:

  • HYGTG "Broke your heart, I'll put it back together / I would wait for ever and ever (I want you for ever and ever)"
  • Suburban Legends " When you told me we'd get back together / And you kissed me in a way that's gonna screw me up forever"
  • Someday "Someday maybe when we're old and gray / We could be in love once more / Till then I won't give my love away / Darling, I'm forever only yours"
  • Something Great: "One day, I'll come into your world and get it right / I'll say we're better off together here tonight"
  • Happily "We were meant to be but a twist of fate / Made it so you had to walk away."
  • Satellite "Spinning out, waiting for ya to pull me in / I can see you're lonely down there"
  • Sunflower Vol 6

    Sunflower is a sweet romantic song. It references HYGTG and Clean, reminding of her how it used to be to suggest dating again.

    My Vol 1 - 5 theory

    My theory on Vol 1 - 5 are times they dated or hung out. I have playlist grouped into possible volumes. There is more in the dates and timelines.

    To me, Sunflower is contemplating a Vol. 6 (Fine Line/Lover).


    My eyes, want you more than a melody
    Let me inside
    Wish I could
    get to know you

    I wanna get to know you is a reference to the Everything has changed "I just wanna know you better" which Taylor and Ed wrote the week after 20 May 2012.

    Love 'I want you more than a melody' which reminds me of HYGTG “say you want me”

    Keep it sweet in your memory
    I wa
    s just tongue-tied

    Wildest Dreams: "Say you’ll remember me standing in a nice dress, staring at the sunset, babe" and OOTW "I Remember.."

    Harry describes Taylor as sunshine and butterflies and all things summer in many songs:

  • Olivia “You live in my imagination / The summertime, butterflies”
  • Watermelon Sugar: “summer evening”, “summer feeling”, “end of June”
  • Adore You: “your wonder under summer sky”
  • Canyon Moon: “sky never looked so blue”
  • They are tongue-tied in:

  • Two Ghosts "Tongue-tied like we've never known"
  • Sushi "Blue bubblegum twisted 'round your tongue"
  • Message in a Bottle "And I became hypnotized by freckles and bright eyes, tongue-tied"
  • I don't wanna make you feel bad
    But I've been trying hard not to talk to you
    Sunflower (Sunflow
    er, sunflower)

  • Taylors Gorgeous has a similar line “You should take it as a compliment / That I'm talking to everyone here but you (but you, but you)”
  • I couldn't want you any more
    Kiss in the kitchen like it's a dance floor
    I couldn't want you any more tonight
    ht, tonight, tonight)

  • Lover (feat. Shawn Mendes): "We could light a bunch of candles and dance around the kitchen, baby"
  • Wondering headshake
    Tired eyes are the death of me
    Mouthful of toothpaste
    ore I got to know you

    The toothpaste line puzzled me, then I remembered Harry brushes his teeth before performing, there's a few photos and even a vine of him dressed to go on brushing his teeth. He met Taylor backstage at the kids choice awards, I take wondering headshake to mean acknowledging each other when they first saw each other.

    I've got your face
    Hung up high in the gallery
    I love this shade
    Sunflower, sunflower)

    To me the picture line is not a literal gallery, but a symbol that this person is his person. I think this song and line a response to HYGTG "Remind her how it used to be, be / Yeah, with pictures in frames of kisses on cheeks, cheeks" and You are in Love and has "he keeps a picture of you in his office downtown"

    Your flowers just died
    Plant new seeds in the melody
    Let me inside, I wanna g
    et to know you

    Plant new seeds in the melody is the nicest line. It is a reference to:

  • Clean "The drought was the very worst / When the flowers that we'd grown together died of thirst".
  • Call it what you want: "All my flowers grew back as thorns / Windows boarded up after the storm" (more thorns and roses)
  • Chronologically then Harry says to plant new seeds and try again.

    I don't wanna make you feel bad
    But I've been trying hard not to act a fool
    Sunflower (Sunflow
    er, sunflower)

    Harry has called himself a fool many times, here he is trying to be nonchalant and cool but before he's been all kinds of fool:

  • I just wanna love you "We can whisper, we can talk about these things / Reconsider my foolish ramblings"
  • Just a little bit of your heart "I know I'm not your only / But I'll still be a fool / 'Cause I'm a fool for you"
  • Fools gold "But I'm not done yet / Falling for you / Fool's gold"
  • Boyfriends "You love a fool who knows just how to get under your skin / You, you, you still open the door" and "You feel a fool / You're back at it again"
  • In the Long Pond Sessions Taylor later emphasised how James had been foolish, saying fool/foolish 7 times.


    A new Harry song from 2016 leaked called “I’m not happy.” I think it’s about Taylor. Find it on HS News on twitter. Lyrics include “it’s been a year and several days” and general theme of “if I took it all back and said I’m sorry would you say you love me”

    Thanks anon, sounds very HS1. A year and several days is interesting, it could have been early 2016. Otherwise it would have sounded more fine line.

    I wonder what the fire in the muses favourite part of town is a metaphor for…

    Also it has the same count in as MMIH, so I guess it was written before MMIH, or at the same time and they only kept MMIH

    After listening to sweet creature and this I think it was recorded at the same time, February 2016. About a year and a fortnight after hunger says they broke up and they stopped being seen at the same places. They were both at Clive Davis’s pre-Grammy party before 1989 won AOTY. Photos from that night below

    H is entering his rep leak era. …..